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Exotic animals of equatorial forests

Equatorial forests are also called the lungs of ourplanets, and this is really so, because they produce a lot of oxygen, purify the air from harmful substances for the human body. In this natural area of ​​focus is the richest flora and fauna in different tiers is home to about 2/3 of all kinds of insects, mammals, birds and reptiles in the world. The animals of the equatorial forests are characterized by an unusual exotic appearance and unique ability to survive in the most extreme conditions.

animals of equatorial forests
It is difficult to list all species of fauna,living here. In the tropics, one of the largest representatives of insects, the beetle-goliath, lives. Here lives a huge number of butterflies, there are armadillos, anteaters, arachnids, sloths, bats, chameleons, tench-tailed porcupines, llamas, many species of birds. In the terrestrial tiers of the forest, you can meet representatives of reptiles, and the most venomous snakes in the world are hiding in the trees.

Animals of equatorial forests possess predatorycharacter. The most striking representative of mammals is the jaguar. It is one of the largest representatives of felines, it hunts mainly in the dark, eats turtles, birds, ungulates, monkeys. Jaguar easily climbs a tree, thanks to a spotty color, it perfectly camouflages, it swims perfectly, its jaws are able to crack the shell, in rare cases attack sleeping alligators. This predator is fully adapted to life in this natural zone.

animals of equatorial forest
Animals of the equatorial forest survive not onlythanks to cunning, resourcefulness and violent disposition, but also to its size. For example, not everyone will venture to attack the elephant. This innocuous creature will fight for life to the last, and if it gets overclocked, then under the powerful feet, not one predator perishes. It is worth mentioning the skill of the leopard. Animals of equatorial forests should be able to do everything, and this large representative of felines is the embodiment of a hunter, who can cope with almost any victim. The leopard easily climbs on branches of trees, attacks monkeys, is able to drag a victim far beyond his weight several times.

Animals of moist equatorial forests differhis restlessness. The most fun and interesting mammals include monkeys. In this zone there live monkeys, gorillas, crocus monkeys, gibbons. Some of them live at a height of 50 m above the ground, on the crowns of trees. The largest representatives of this class are gorillas, they reach a height of 1.5 m, gaining weight up to 260 kg. Not every predator will dare attack them, because adults have incredible power and will not hesitate to rebuff the enemy.

animals of moist equatorial forests
One more interesting animals of equatorial forests- this gibbons. Their uniqueness lies in the length of the legs, the forelegs are longer than the rear, which allows monkeys to easily jump from tree to tree and swing on branches. The fauna of the equatorial forests is very rich and interesting for study, although it is impossible not to note the increased danger to which a person exposes himself, being here. It is in the tropics that the most poisonous snakes, insects and predatory mammals live.