/ / Is it possible to swim in swamps with tampons?

Can I swim in swamps with tampons?

When summer comes, each of us seeksyou can end up boring things more quickly and enjoy yourself. Some prefer to relax in the family circle at the cottage, others take permits to the Black Sea. In any case, in summer all people swim and sunbathe. However, many girls would agree with the statement that it is much easier for men to live - they are not tormented by some "deeds" that happen every month and sometimes break all plans. Yes, it is about the menstruation in question, because in the summer they are really really out of place! We'll discuss what to do next.

Is it possible to swim with tampons
So, to postpone this "joyful" momentin almost no way, it is not, and therefore it is necessary to get out of the situation somehow differently. You can, of course, wait a week, and only then book tickets or go to the pool, but it's already lost seven days of long-awaited vacation! We offer a more radical option - to bathe with a certain hygiene means. However, here there is a logical question - is it possible to swim with a tampon? Many girls are afraid that he at the most inopportune moment can slip out or with him anything else will happen. That is why most of us do not bathe like that, but prefer to wait a week, and then with a calm soul climb into the pool. However, we declare that tampons for girls not only do not interfere with swimming, but also protect against the entry of various microbes, so do not underestimate this option of swimming in swimming pools and lakes. And especially this applies to the very second option. After all, lake water is not cleaned with chlorine, that is, it can contain a huge number of different microorganisms. Therefore, we answer the question of whether it is possible to swim with tampons, positively, and further explain - why.

Is it possible to swim with a tampon
It should be noted that in the early daysmonthly it is really possible to swim neither with the "protective element", nor without it. This is primarily due to the fact that in any pond there are microorganisms that can get into the mucous membrane. As a result, there may be a strong tumor or something worse. Since the period of the monthly vaginal mucosa is inflamed, it is very vulnerable even with the presence of a tampon. Take into account the fact that it has absorbing properties, it will happen with some water, which will be completely inopportune at such a time. That's why girls who ask themselves whether they can swim with tampons must remember these properties of such personal hygiene products and know which day of the cycle they are currently having.

However, not everything is so categorical, if you are very cautious and follow the following rules.

tampons for girls

  1. Asking about whether it is possible with tamponsbathe, you should remember about their ability to absorb liquid fast enough, so do not bathe for a very long time. Otherwise, you will have to change after each exit from the water, and so do too, is not recommended, as this will cause dryness and discomfort.
  2. If you are going to spend a long time in the water, insert the swab immediately before beginning the bath and take it out immediately after the exit. If there are bacteria in it, you will quickly get rid of them.

As you can see, there are several opinions about how,whether it is possible to swim with tampons. What exactly to adhere to - you decide, but finally advise you to always be accurate. Then you can pleasantly spend the long-awaited rest, swim and have fun without harm for your own health.