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Stephen Hopkins: biography of the director

Stephen Hopkins - famousThe Australian-American director (also the producer) of cinema and television. He made such films as "Predator 2", "Swept by Fire", as well as a resonantly successful film titled "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers". In the arsenal of the producer of more than 20 works, among which there are also several episodes of the film series "Prudent California", the film-action movie "Willpower" and the television series spin-off for the film "24 Hours" - "24 Hours: Heritage" (political thriller / espionage action).

Stephen Hopkins

Biography of Stephen Hopkins

Hopkins was born on January 1 in 1958 in Jamaica,but grew up and brought up first in Australia, and then in England. He received his secondary education at the Sutton Valens School. In his childhood he loved to watch cartoons and superhero movies ("Wonder Woman", "Fantastic Four" and others). With age, the interests of the guy did not change much, he also still loved superheroes, but sometimes "spiced" his leisure with thrillers and thrillers.

Soon, Stephen begins to take an interest inthe cinema industry. At the age of 15, he leaves home and begins to work in the field of art and design - he was engaged in storyboards of commercials and music videos. A few years later, he begins his directorial career in Australia and has been working there for six years.

Stephen Hopkins Biography

Stephen Hopkins: filmography, awards

In Australia, he made the film "Dangerous Game" (1987)year). This work helped him to get a new project - to remove the fifth part of the film "Nightmare on Elm Street" under the title "Child of Sleep". Later, Stephen withdrew the sequel to the movie "Predator", that is, his second part "Predator 2". The most "cash" film Hopkins - is "Lost in Space" with a total sales budget around the world of 136 million dollars. In the period from 2012 to 2016, Hopkins removed the "Abode of Lies."

In 2002, Stephen Hopkins was nominated for"Emmy" prize in the "Best series of the genre drama" category. Here he presented his film "24 hours". Two years later, Hopkins received another Emmy award. This time he presented the world with the movie "Traffic".

Stephen Hopkins filmography

In 2005, Hopkins was named the best directorfor the film "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers". In the quintessence of this picture, the creativity of Stephen Hawkins' son was revealed. The film is able to touch the heart of every person who has ever worried about their loved ones. The film tells that the young extravagant star actor Peter Sellers, with all the existing benefits, remains for the rest of his life an adult child.

Hopkins Features

Directed by Stephen Hopkins is very unusualhuman. In his works he tries to realize such genres as thriller, drama and action movie simultaneously. Sometimes he tries to combine things that are simply incompatible. Surprisingly, it often happens. Hopkins movies are filled with colorful special effects, which truly convey the whole atmosphere and dynamics of what is happening.

Stephen is the director who overnightcan seem like a genius and an eccentric. His work can be showered with waves of applause and admiration, and sometimes can cause mockery and bewilderment on the part of the audience. It is between these things that Hopkins is balancing in his works.