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Shevchenko Maxim Leonardovich: short biography

Even among the critics Maxim Leonidovich Shevchenkois considered one of the most popular journalists in the media space of Russia. He is not afraid to raise sharp questions. The journalist conducts the author's program on the NTV channel and aired on the radio station Ekho Moskvy. In addition, Shevchenko is a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and is considered an expert in the field of interethnic relations.

Shevchenko Maxim Leonardovich

Childhood and Education

February 22, 1966 in Moscow was born ShevchenkoMaxim Leonardovich. His father's nationality is Ukrainian, mother - Russian. Maxim's parents traveled extensively throughout the Soviet Union. His father worked as a geophysicist and supervised facilities in Turkmenistan, Siberia and Kazakhstan. According to political convictions, his parents were Communists, which in many respects influenced Maxim's worldview.

The future journalist was trained in a special school,where he studied the German language in depth. In 1990 he graduated from the MAI and received a diploma in "Designer". Immediately after the training, he began to attend Oriental studies at Moscow State University, but did not finish them.

Early career

While still studying, Maxim Leonidovich Shevchenkobegan working in the field of independent journalism. From 1987 to 1991 he was a special correspondent for the "Christian Democracy Bulletin". After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he begins work in official publications, writes notes on religion and culture in the magazines "Solid Sign" and "First September". In a short time, he managed to win the fame of one of the most qualified experts on Christianity. In parallel, he teaches history in the gymnasium "Radonezh-Yasenevo", in which Orthodox children were taught.

In 1995 he was invited to the Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper.Here he becomes a special correspondent, writes articles from hotspots (Afghanistan, Chechnya, Pakistan) and is the responsible editor of the NG-religion application.

Shevchenko Maxim Leonardovich Nationality

Center for Studies of the Geopolitical Situation

The career growth of the journalist was facilitated bythe creation of a center for strategic studies of religion and politics of the modern world in 2000. Maxim Leonardovich Shevchenko himself became the director and founder of the organization. He united experts in various fields, who gave comments to the press and advised politicians on the pressing issues of geopolitics and interethnic relations. It was this activity that brought the journalist fame, he was invited to the leading TV channels. Moreover, Shevchenko soon joined the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation as an expert.

Shevchenko - TV presenter

Shevchenko Maxim Leonardovich, biography which changed greatly in 2005, becameone of the most popular TV hosts in a short time. He began to lead the author's project "Judge Yourself", which was published on Thursdays on the First Channel. During 4 years of existence the program gained high ratings. The journalist raised sharp questions and discussed them with invited experts. In 2011, the broadcast of the program was stopped. The reason was the appeal of the Jewish diaspora of Russia to the leadership of the First Channel. Shevchenko Maxim Leonardovich on the air allowed sharp anti-Semitic statements, discussing the situation in Palestine.

In 2015, the journalist was invited by NTV. He became the host of the weekly talk show "Tochka", in which he analyzes the newsline.

Shevchenko Maxim Leonardovich Biography

Political career

The journalist's public work is closely intertwinedwith politics. He himself calls himself an ardent fighter for freedom, internationalism and multiculturalism. At the same time, Shevchenko is a deeply religious person and a statesman.

Back in 2004, Maxim was a member of the Victor teamYanukovych during the elections in Ukraine. In 2008 he joined the Public Council of the Russian Federation, which enabled him to influence some political decisions. He showed himself as an expert in resolving interethnic and inter-confessional conflicts. In 2010, he headed a group on the development of civil society in the Caucasus. It is noteworthy that a year earlier, for his explicit pro-Kremlin views, he was banned from entering Georgia as part of a peacekeeping group.

maxim leonardovich Shevchenko biography nationality

Family and personal life

Shevchenko Maxim Leonardovich, private lifewhich did not last long, met his wife in 2009. His chosen one was a journalist who worked on issues of interdenominational cooperation, Nadezhda V. Kevorkina. Soon after the wedding they had a son.

Among other facts about Maxim is not known so much. The journalist himself admits that in his spare time he is fond of football, and his favorite team is the Moscow CSKA.


The journalist often became an object of sharpcriticism from the public and colleagues in the shop. It is worth noting that sometimes Maxim himself gave reasons for this. So, in 2009 the Russian Jewish Congress was outraged by the anti-Semitic statements of the journalist on air. Shevchenko described the actions of Hezbollah in Palestine as justified and compared their world view to the principles of Christian democracy. The latter, by the way, was deeply analyzed by the well-known philosopher Alexander Dugin.

Shevchenko Maxim Leanardovich personal life

Some statements were put to doubtjournalist during the aggravation of the crisis in Ukraine. Skeptics argued that Maxim Leonidovich Shevchenko, a biography whose nationality is well known, can not subjectively analyze the situation. That is why many representatives of the intelligentsia, most of all adherents of the liberal opposition, turned their back on him.

One way or another, one of his eternal opponents, Alexander Dugin, admits that today Maxim Shevchenko is one of the most popular experts on domestic television.