/ / David Rigert: biography, photo, height, weight. Family weightlifter David Adamovich Riegert

David Rigert: biography, photo, height, weight. Family weightlifter David Adamovich Riegert

The idol of many boys, one of the greatestweightlifters of the world, the "god of the bar" David Rigert has seen many things in his life: high and ordinary, tragic and ridiculous. He had to triumph in moments of unprecedented success, and it was worthy of accepting defeat, rising and recovering from a crushing fall. March 12 this year veteran of the bar David Rigert met his 69th birthday.

David Rigert

"A lion with the muscles of Hercules," Western journalists called it. The legend has something to tell beginning weightlifters.

The pride of domestic weightlifting

David Rigert - weightlifter, his achievementsglorified domestic sport. Repeated champion of the USSR, Europe, the world, champion of the Olympic Games. Head coach of the Russian team. On the account of his pupils, many glorious victories.

rigert david adamovich

About achievements

Rigert David Adamovich bears the title:

  • "Honored Master of Sports".
  • "Honored coach of the USSR" and Russia.

In addition, it is:

  • the Olympic champion (Montreal-1976);
  • the world champion (sixfold);
  • champion of Europe (nine times);
  • champion of the USSR (five times).

David Rigert enriched native weightlifting with records set at various times. On his account:

  • 64 records of the USSR;
  • 63 world records.

David Rigert

About awards

For his huge contribution to the development of Russian sports, Rigert David Adamovich has awards:

  • Order of the Red Banner of Labor.
  • Medal "For Labor Valor".
  • Honorary badge "For merits in the development of physical culture and sports"

David Rigert: biography. Start

The future champion was born on March 12, 1947 in the Kazakh village of Nagorny (Kokchetav region), in the family of Russified Germans. In addition to David, she had six children.

From the history of the family

David's parents belonged to different social strata.

Rudolf Horn, the future sportsman's grandfather along the linemother, brilliant tsarist officer, managed to accept the revolution, began to help the Soviet government as a military specialist. But this did not protect him from the massacres of the Bolsheviks.

His father was the son of the "bollard" Adam Riegert, the manager of Baron Horn. Their children, Elizabeth and Adam, grew up together, and when they became adults, no one would marry the lovers.

David Riegert relates to the history of thetremblingly, honoring the memory of his ancestors, he likes to talk about the family traits of his relatives: about how wonderful the father was, what amazing power his brother had.

growth of David Reegert


Before his birth, Rigerts lived in the Kuban.His father, Adam Adamovich, worked as a machine operator on the collective farm. When the war began, he, along with all German specialists, was taken out of the Urals. His family, Elizabeth's wife with five more children, was sent to the virgin lands of Northern Kazakhstan. There the future record holder was born.

As a child, he had to get acquainted with the collective farmwork: drove grain, worked as a stableman, electrician, tractor driver, blacksmith. Early started to get involved in sports: he showed excellent results in running, fell in love with boxing. Little by little I pumped up the force.

Introduction to the pole

David Rigert (weightlifter) began his ascent tosuccess and glory, being a tenth grade student, when he first manages to touch the real bar. Then he independently studies in the army, having studied the book of A. Vorobyov in advance.

After winning the competition was sent tosports in Sverdlovsk. In 1968, the standards achieved earned him the title of Master of Sports. In Sverdlovsk, he was lucky to train alongside outstanding athletes: R. Sheyerman, A. Vorobyov, N. Saxonov, and others.

On becoming a master

Demobilized, David Rigert for a whilelives and trains in Armavir. At the training camp in Tuapse in 1969, he was lucky: he met with an outstanding coach, R. Plukfelderom, at the invitation of which he moved to Shakhty.

Here, for a year and a half, working in the mine, he slept on the coach couch in the gym, in which he was engaged, as he said, "as possessed." And he achieved the expected results.

David Rigert Height Weight

His then success with Rigert connects withskill and dedication of his coach and never tires of thanking "Pappy Plyuk" for all the best that he put into it. The stunning progress that the young athlete was able to achieve (in the 11 months of training, he grew in triathlon by 110 kg), of course, would not have been possible without his own persistent systematic work. Anyway, he won many competitions and was invited to the USSR team.

The first international

About what a young country athlete has experienced,For the first time, having got abroad, he knows only himself. Many did not expect that he would be able to recover from the abundance of impressions and gather. But in the eyes of jubilant spectators "Mershon Auditorium" in 1970 in the world of weightlifting a new hero was born! His performance brought the team "bronze". This was the first international victory.

"Waterfall" of records

Since 1971, for Riegert, the period begins, on which the real "waterfall" of records has fallen. This year there were as many as 12! The history of sports did not know that.

But 1972 brings disappointment, with whichthe young sportsman could not cope at once: despite the considerable physical advantage over rivals (the growth of David Riegert - 177 cm), overestimating his strength, he lost at the Olympics in Munich.

In the next, 1973, he is rehabilitated: the athlete manages to win in all competitions and set 8 world records!

In the years 1974-1975. Rigert is the winner of the World and European championships.

1976: victory in Montreal brings him the title of Olympic champion.

David Rigert biography

Over the next few years, he sets new world records, gaining new victories. Up to the Olympics in 1980.

David Rigert: height, weight

It is with the physical parameters of the athleteIts failure at the Moscow Olympics in 1980 is connected. With a height of 177 cm and weight of up to 100 kg (second light heavyweight), he was in great shape and confidently prepared to participate in future competitions. But the leadership offered him to go into the category of up to 90 kg, motivating it with the interests of the national team and the country. To convince officials was not possible: Ригерту it was necessary to dump weight urgently. As a result, the water-salt balance malfunction has begun, it has weakened. The hamstring of the hip on the right leg began to tear. During the performance, the bar dropped three times from the hands. In the end, he bowed to the audience and left the dais.


So loud sports career ended so ridiculously. It was not his fault. Through the fault of officials who were more expensive than their own ambitions and career.

From Shakht, he moved to Rostov, and then toTaganrog. Enters into the Moscow Institute of Physical Education, works as a coach. To go through had a lot. In the difficult 90's had to leave the sport. Opens a cooperative on the production of rods and sewing belts for them. He builds construction sites in Taganrog. But it's time - and weightlifting again called the veteran.

david rigert weightlifter

Academy of Riegert

Today Rigert leads the team.He realized the dream of the teacher: at the Academy, which he opened in Taganrog, young athletes receive both general education and opportunities for sporting improvement.

The Academy was opened in 1999 - in those days,when many sports bases were closed. This is a huge center, with a comfortable hotel. They come here to prepare for international tournaments, members of the Russian national team - weightlifters, handball players, etc. - the sports future of the country. In the center created by Riegert there are stars, to which the head coach of the national team has high hopes.

David Rigert photo

"The great artist of the platform"

Familiar consider Rigert very unusualman. He is called "the great artist of the platform". And it's not that in his guise, there was always a resemblance to the screen idol of Soviet boys - the legendary performer of Chingachgook's role Goiko Mitic.

Rigert is a very emotional person, the presencethe public was for him always a source of energy and courage. By his exclusivity, he conquered many hearts. Fans remember his remarkable crowning trick: after a record breakthrough, when the weight is already counted and many athletes in his place try to get rid of the projectile, Rigert did the trick - slightly springy crouched and caught the projectile on his chest. Viewers at the same time it seemed that the athlete not only managed to raise the bar, but he still threw it!

On numerous photographs in newspapers and magazinesUSSR times, the smiling sportsman is completely engraved with a barbell in a hand stretched over his head, which he holds as if it were not an incredibly heavy projectile, but ... a bouquet of lilies of the valley!

David Rigert photo

Above you can see the title "Winner - David Rigert!" photo from the personal archive of the athlete.

A family

And yet there is a value in life, which values ​​andDavid Rigert is proud, - family. With his wife Nadezhda Viktorovna, they lived for thirty-seven years, raised two sons. They had a big, passionate love, "predetermined in heaven." Both are by nature generous people, with a broad soul. Both are endowed with makings of leadership, which often complicates the solution of problems. But, however, he has learned both joy and bitterness together. We shared the fate of the families of the sportsmen of our generation. Together we stood in the 90s, being, like many, at the edge of the abyss, when a sport that does not pay dividends turned out to be of no use to anyone in a country obsessed with a greed for profit.

Much has been in their lives, like everyone else, weirdly intertwined everything. But they learned to rely on their own strength, to be able to win. With this slogan and go through life. So they brought up their children.

 David Rigert Height Weight

"Noble metal"

The book written by him is addressed mainlyyoung. It contains both memories and thoughts of a veteran about the fate of sports, to which he is endlessly devoted. But most importantly - it can find advice from Riegert, recommendations concerning training, preparation for competitions, the regime and general preferences of a beginner weightlifter.

In the opinion of an outstanding trainer,it's best in the morning. But this is not always possible: in the daily routine of each athlete a large place is occupied by his work, studies, etc. The young athlete must be engaged for a week 4-5 times about 3 hours. Warm up before the appearance of sweat. It must necessarily contain exercises for the joints, which will have the biggest load: knee, ankle, wrist. Training must include slopes, "jerk", lifting the projectile on the chest, "pulling", squats, etc.

If the training is conducted in the evening, to the endit is necessary to reduce the intensity of the load, to relieve the joints and spine. This will help a projectile, like a crossbar. At the end of the training you need a light jog in the fresh air and walk on foot, which well relieve the overexcitation of the body and restore working capacity.

David Rigert family

"I do not like such scores"

Often journalists ask him what gave him a sport? David Rigert invariably replies that he does not like such scores. Sports gave him a lot. And I did not take anything at all.

And again: he envies the guy who comes to the gym in the evening ...