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Ak Orda Residence in Astana

After the capital of the Republic was transferredKazakhstan, in the city of Astana appeared a beautiful, fairytale structure, which by order of the president of the republic is not a closed object.

There are regular sightseeing tours around the remarkable unique halls of the palace. Only when the head of the republic is in the building entrance to it for citizens-tourists is closed.


Ak Orda Residence in Astana: general description

In the amazingly beautiful Asian city of Astanais located not less magnificent presidential palace - a residence with a beautiful historical name Ak Orda. It was built in just 3 years using the latest modern technologies. The height of this building is 80 meters (with a spire), and the ceiling height of the premises on the first floor is 10 meters. The total area of ​​the building is 36,720 square meters. m.

During the excursion in the palace you can visit andTo see the beautiful central front hall, occupying 1800 square meters of the Palace Square, the Winter and Solemn halls. Among other things, you can visit the hall, where press conferences are held.

Presidential residence of Ak Orda has a huge variety of unique (each in its own way), magnificent in its beauty halls.

All of them have magnificent exclusive furnish, magnificent furniture and chandeliers. The floors are decorated with artistic parquet, marble and granite.

When building this luxury buildingapplied the most advanced advanced engineering equipment, created by the world's largest manufacturers. The residence of Ak Orda has been reconstructed in monolithic concrete. The facade is faced with Italian marble (20-40 cm thick). In total, the building consists of five ground floors and 2 underground floors.

Layout, accommodation of halls, destination

In the basement there are subsidiaryRooms: kitchen, technical services, garage and dining room. On the 1st floor there is a central hall with an area of ​​1,800 sq. M. m, halls for solemn official presidential receptions, press conferences, etc. On the second floor are premises of offices. The third floor is designed for a variety of international events.

Presidential Residence

There is also a guest room in the palace, a room for broader negotiations, the East Hall, the Security Council Hall, etc.

The territory of the fourth floor is occupied by the DomeHall. It also hosts meetings of heads of various states and countries, a meeting hall (meetings with the government), a library and many other premises.

The residence of Ak Orda has a wonderful exterior and interior decoration of all halls.

A little from the history of construction

Ak Orda began to be built in September 2001 at thethe new territory of the administrative center of Astana. The official solemn presentation (opening) of the new palace of the President of RK took place in December 2004.

Ak Orda Residence in Astana

Halls of the third floor

Ak Orda is a residence, each room and hall of which attract interest with its grandeur and beauty. On the 3rd floor there are the following rooms:

• Eastern, represented as a yurt, but finished with granite and marble.

• Marble - is intended for summits, official visits with the participation of the president and heads of foreign states, for conferences with journalists, etc.

• Gold - for negotiations and meetings of the head of Kazakhstan with the presidents of foreign countries in a narrow circle, with delegations and ambassadors from abroad.

• Oval - for negotiations between the delegations of the republic and foreign states, etc.

• Security Council Hall (for meetings of the Security Council of Kazakhstan).

• Guest room - for the conversations of the President of Kazakhstan with the ambassadors of states after various ceremonies of presentation of letters.

• Other meeting rooms and office facilities.

Halls of the fourth floor

The fourth floor (Ak Orda, residence) has the following premises:

• Dome hall - for meetings at the highest level, as well as with representatives of ministries, parties, creative intelligentsia, etc.

• The meeting room is designed for presidential andgovernment meetings, meetings of the president with the heads of various divisions of the presidential administration, oblast akims, heads of ministries and representatives of business and creative circles of the republic.

• A meeting room for meetings of either the head of the presidential administration, or an assistant to the president with delegations from abroad, etc.

• Library.

• Premises for offices.

residence of the Ak Orda

Surrounding area of ​​the residence

Ak Orda Residence is located on the bank of the r.Ishim at the beginning of the Water-Green Boulevard, 300 meters from the capital Baiterek monument. Close to the residence are the Government House, the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan and the House of Ministries.

In conclusion about interesting facts.

It should be noted that the building of the residence is depicted on a banknote of 10 thousand tenge. In addition, the presidential palace Ak Orda entered the list of the 10 most beautiful presidential buildings around the world.