/ / Pregnancy Xenia Sobchak: details and photos of the star

Pregnancy Xenia Sobchak: details and photos of the star

Pregnancy Ksenia Sobchak has become one of the mainshow business news in 2016. Openly announcing earlier that she would never have a child, Sobchak changed her attitude towards children after the wedding with Maxim Vitorgan. Now a couple of stars brings up a boy, born November 18, 2016.

Pregnancy Xenia Sobchak: photo of the star

Sobchak is a famous workaholic. Xenia starred in films, leads private parties and events at the MUZ TV award level, is the editor of the magazine "L" officiel Russia ", which leads the radio, writes articles and books.

Supermam repeatedly stated that for manywomen "interesting situation" is akin to a disease, but this is not applicable to it. During the last month, Xenia did not refuse to hold a solemn event or a trip to fashion exhibitions.

what month of pregnancy is ksenia sobchak

Journalists and fans agreed thatKsenia Sobchak’s pregnancy to face - the leading one “walks” beautiful couture dresses with chic and glossy Hollywood star. Fashionable images with a rounded tummy prove that the expectation of a baby adorns any woman.

In 35 - it's time to give birth!

The excitement around the star did not fade until November 2016, when Xenia first posted a touching photo of the first walk with the baby.

Xenia Sobchak's pregnancy photo
But the presence of a stroller, family and loved ones did not convincehaters that the couple Vitorgan-Sobchak decided to have offspring. In social networks, haters and provocateurs openly accused the star of falsification: wearing an artificial abdomen, photoshop and black PR.

Spouse leading - Maxim Vitorgan - courageouslydefended Ksenia Sobchak’s pregnancy and rejected attacks from ill-wishers. The actor laid out in his malicious message to those who allow negative remarks in relation to his beloved.

Sobchak steadfastly responded to criticism, ridiculingonce miserable attempts to call her a "cuckoo mother". She said that raising a baby is her own and her husband's business, and the "star" life in no way affects the love and care of the newborn.

But even negative PR has its advantages. Despite the long gestational age, Ksenia Sobchak received proposals for event management, including a trip to the maternity hospital.

How was the birth of Ksenia Sobchak

Star mom and one of the most talked about women in Russia, Ksenia Sobchak, November 18, 2016 posted a message about the birth of a child on social networks. Xenia did not hide the joy that became a mother.

gestation of kseniya sobchak

Maxim also left a joyful post about becoming a dad again.

Рожать Ксения Анатольевна решилась в звездном the center of the Russian celebrity village of Lapino (twins Galkin-Pugacheva, as well as daughters Kharlamov and Urgant were born in the walls of this medical institution). Most domestic stars prefer to give birth abroad: in America, Great Britain, France. For example, Zavorotnyuk younger son gave birth in the United States, Orbakaite two out of three children - also abroad (in London and Miami).

To the journalists' questions about why the child should be born in Russia, Sobchak answered simply: "I want him to be tied to his homeland."

In the delivery room, the closest mom was supported by the closest ones: spouse Maxim Vitorgan and mother Lyudmila Narusova.

Xenia voluntarily refused to use anesthesia during childbirth, arguing that she wants to experience severe pain that all women endure when they become happy mothers.

How Sobchak raises his son

About how the birth of Xenia, neither she nor the husband norLyudmila Narusova not tell. In the private center of Lapino, medical care, technology and professionalism are top notch. Ksenia Sobchak's pregnancy and childbirth cost the family 1.5 million rubles.

Now happy parents Vitorgan and Sobchaksettled in a country house, located in 15 minutes. drive from the medical center in Lapino. Fresh air, minimal fuss, nature and tranquility are the perfect setting for a young mother with a stroller.

Although Xenia is difficult to attribute to homebody:star performance rolls. Journalists and gossipers vied with each other in what month Ksenia Sobchak was pregnant while watching her photos from events. The leader herself did not hide the fact that she continued to work "to the last."

Xenia Sobchak's pregnancy

Super-famous mom has already chosen a nanny and had timeto mention this to everyone: "I always laughed at the stories of girlfriends who were looking for a nanny for their children. But as soon as I was lucky enough to be in their place, I realized that choosing a nanny is a real nightmare."

Lyudmila Narusova admitted that she wants to raise her grandson “in the old manner”: “Knowing Ksyusha and her desire to work 24 hours a day, I hope that I will meet with my grandson more often”.