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"Marco Polo" - clothes for stylish

"Marco Polo" - a brand of clothing in the style of kazhual,which is produced exclusively from natural fabrics. In its market segment, the company is among the top 20 manufacturers. "Marco Polo" - clothing for connoisseurs of quality and stylish things.

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History of the brand's birth

The trade mark appeared in 1967 in Stockholm.The creators of the brand are American Jerry O'Shit and two Swedes: Goethe Huss and Rolf Lind. On the idea of ​​their own brand, they were pushed by a Hindu who suggested buying simple cotton shirts sewn with their own hands right on the street. Designers liked a simple breathable fabric, comfortable to wear. So the idea of ​​the brand "Marco Polo" was born - clothes for people, not a man for her.

The young company used exclusively natural fabrics in the production of things:

  • linen;
  • cotton;
  • wool;
  • silk.

While the market finally took overclothing from synthetics, the brand "Marco Polo" quickly gained popularity. The first collection of the trademark consisted of men's shirts. And yet it sold out completely. Soon young designers went out to the German market.

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Dynamic development

After that, the whole Europe started talking about the company"Marco Polo". Clothing began to be issued with the logo of the brand. In the beginning they were T-shirts with an inscription on the left shoulder, later there were hoodies with a brand name. The last type of clothing became popular precisely because of the Scandinavian brand. Before that, almost no one knew about it. Another trend - homespun shirts from Indian cotton.

"Marco Polo" - clothes that are aimed at middle-aged consumers. In 1972, an event occurred: the company launched a line for young people from 16 to 25 years, called Campus.

Style kazhual also appeared thanks to the company's designers. The urban image for every day meant simple shapes, naturalness, emphasized individuality and high quality of things.

A new round in the development of the trade mark was formed in 1979, when the first franchise of the brand in Dusseldorf appeared.

1981 was marked by the firstfull-fledged advertising campaign. In 1997 the company left Sweden and moved to Germany. The brand has a new co-owner, who gradually buys 80% of the shares of Marco Polo. In 1995, the brand expands and begins to release not only clothing, but also accessories, shoes, perfumes, underwear, hosiery.

In 2006, the brand began to produce business men's suits.

Brand "Marco Polo" today

To date, the company sews clothes for children and adults, as well as accessories. The company produces annually seasonal collections:

  • spring Summer;
  • summer;
  • autumn winter;
  • winter.

The brand models are dominated by blue, brown andwhite color. Things are well integrated among themselves, creating stylish and laconic images without excess. On the products you can find embroidery and appliques. Branded brand stores are open all over the world. In 20 countries, the company's factories operate.

Trade mark "Marco Polo": addresses of stores in Moscow

Although under the label and produce perfume, shoes and accessories, the main direction of the brand "Marco Polo" - clothing. Shops in Moscow can be found at the following addresses:

  • B. Ovchinnikovy Lane, 16;
  • 23 km of the Leningrad Highway;
  • 5 km from MKAD;
  • Varshavskoye Shosse, 9;
  • Zemlyanoi Val, 33.

marco polo addresses of stores in moscow

Here you will see women's and men's clothes and shoespremium class for every day. Shoes are made of natural materials: high-quality leather, canvas. Accessories for the stronger sex are watches, elite wallets, purses, belts. In addition to stunning wardrobe items, women like underwear and swimwear, perfume, glasses and other accessories.

Clothing "Marco Polo" - is the choice of holistic individuals who do not fall under the dictates of fashion. At the same time they like status-based quality things without any frills and tend to look respectable every day.