/ Scandinavian mink. Fashionable fur coats from Scandinavian mink

Scandinavian mink. Fashionable fur coats from Scandinavian mink

With the approach of winter, we are increasinglywhat will warm us in cold weather. Fashion trends are changing, new materials are appearing, but clothes made from natural fur will always remain a favorite of the winter season. But how to choose from all this diversity? After all, the types of fur, as well as the producing countries, are many, but I want the thing to be of high quality and long to please the fashionista. The answer will be one: Scandinavian mink. And this is due to a number of reasons, which will be discussed later.

Scandinavian mink

The most popular fur

The fur coat from the Scandinavian mink keeps the leadingpositions all over the world. It accounts for 80% of sales of fur products. The main reason for this is the impeccable quality of fur. A great variety of pile lengths and a wide range of colors also play an important role. Noble luster and luxurious appearance led to the fact that the Scandinavian mink was called "black diamond".

World trade center for fur

Finland is the only country in the world whereFur production is taught in high school. And it is not surprising that the largest auctions for the sale of fur are held not far from Helsinki, in Vantaa, Saga Furs Oyj. Scandinavian mink, the price, which varies from 40 to 60 dollars per skin, is the main subject of bidding. The main buyers are Russia, China, Greece and Turkey. All the fur, produced in the Scandinavian countries, passes 12 stages of processing. Its quality is tracked at the state level at all stages - from cultivation to sale. So a fur coat from the Scandinavian mink is not in vain considered a commodity of the highest standard.

Unique breeds

Do not think that the mink - has onlyone kind and shade. The Finnish mink is distinguished by a great variety of tones, because it was from there came the types of furs that have no analogues in the world. Frantic demand for fashionistas uses the Scandinavian mink of a rare species, which everyone is accustomed to calling "polar". Its long and dense fur, reminiscent of sable, is especially appreciated among ladies from high society.

fur coat from Scandinavian mink

No less popular are "crosses" - mink with brightpronounced stripe, located along and across the ridge resembling a cross. The uniqueness of this fur is that it does not lose the strip during painting. There are several types of such mink:

  • Sapphire Cross - the band has a bluish-gray tinge.
  • Silver Cross - a bright gray bar.
  • Pastel Cross - a dark brown strip along and across the ridge.

The cost of such a fur is quite expensive,because production is limited. No less valued Scandinavian mink called Finnjaguar, which in translation means "Finnish Jaguar". The animal has a white color with distinct black spots.

The most common species

Brown mink is the basis of the Scandinavianfur industry. At the same time, the color palette is quite wide: from almost black to pale yellow. Inexpensive types of brown fur are Scanbrown, in shades of which there is a purple tint, and a lighter Scanglow. A bit more expensive is Pastel, but the most expensive and appreciated is Mahogany. Less common is the gray mink, which can be of such varieties:

  • normal gray color - Sapphire;
  • Dark shade with pale undercoat - Blue Iris;
  • light brown tide - Silverblue;
  • gray-beige mink - Pearl;
  • pale gray color - Violet;
  • natural white color - White.
    Scandinavian mink how to distinguish

More attention should be paid to the rareScandinavian mink fur called Scanblack, the black color of which is valued more than the usual brown. At the same time, the average hair length and dense volumetric underarm of this breed make the products made of such fur favorites by the last seasons.

Length and quality of the undercoat

Scandinavian mink is distinguished by a variety of varietiesand can be not only short-haired or long-haired. There are also many transitional species that differ in the density of the undercoat and the length of the coarse hair. They came about thanks to the long and hard work of breeders. Thanks to greater endurance and resistance to humidity, in conditions of our winters the most practical option will be the Scandinavian mink. How to distinguish it from the same American? First of all, pay attention to the fur. It should be equal, of medium length. At the same time, the Finnish mink has a higher coarse hair, and the Danish one has a lower pile.

Scandinavian mink reviews

Often on sale you can find products fromshorn or decorative tweed fur. Try to avoid such purchases, because such treatment is subjected only to low-grade and even sick mink. At the same time, the wear of the product is significantly reduced. It is not necessary to believe the seller that it is unfashionable to take an unstripped mink. All these tricks are created only in order to hide the defects of the skin. A natural look - that's what a Scandinavian mink is valued for.

How to distinguish a fake?

Such popularity could not but interestfraudsters of all kinds and dishonest dealers. So before you buy a Scandinavian mink, you should take a closer look at the purchase. Of course, it's best to go to a company store, because the percentage of fakes there is much less than in an ordinary boutique. Before buying it is worthwhile to conduct some simple manipulations that will tell you a lot about the quality of fur. First, slide your palm against the wool - the quality mink returns to its original position within a few seconds. If this does not happen, and the fur is disheveled or broken, then you want to sell not a mink, but a product from cheaper raw materials.

Scandinavian mink fur

Careful attention to the cover of the product cansave from buying a fake. Take a closer look at the length of the villi, they should be exactly the same. If the hairs differ in length, then under the guise of Scandinavian mink you want to sell marmot. Also try fur to the touch - it should not be prickly.

But even if you know how to distinguish marmot skin frommink, this does not guarantee the purchase of a quality product. After all, the fur coat can be handicraft production. You can distinguish quality goods if you slightly pinch or shake fur. The product of the highest test will not lose any wool. Also, you should look at the texture of the fur. A quality mink does not have a splat, a fat gloss, and the villi do not stick together.

Scandinavian mink price

Do not forget to look under the lining, because theresometimes hide unpleasant surprises. Correctly made skin of Scandinavian mink should not be white, and even more so yellow. The color of the skin should be even, and the texture itself should not have holes or any damage. It is also important to know how the parts of the product are connected. Accurate and even seams speak about the quality of the product. While the details, glued together, can say that before you the goods, which are much cheaper.

Scandinavian mink. Reviews

A huge annual sales volume speaks for itselfyourself. Two of the three fur coats and manto in the world are made of this fur. And there are a number of reasons why the Scandinavian mink occupies a leading position in the world. Customers' reviews speak of such advantages:

  • moisture resistance of fur;
  • wear resistance;
  • quality due to strict control;
  • huge selection of colors and shades;
  • relatively low commodity cost.

Finally I want to say:Do not save too much on buying a fur coat. After all, this product is bought not for one season. So it's better to take a more expensive model, which will please more than one year, rather than buy a counterfeit from the tray and long regret about this purchase.