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Types of dresses: brief description

In the life of every woman, solemn, romantic, formal and business events and meetings take place, on which she must look irresistible, stylish and feminine.

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But even outside these events, a woman must remain a woman - fragile, tender and mysterious.

Such an image will undoubtedly help to create such aa wardrobe, like a dress, because it gives the lady exquisite charm, unique style and special chic. Depending on what kind of dresses a woman prefers, you can tell a lot about her.

The fashion industry offers a wide variety of dresses: each woman will be able to choose her own style, the one that will make her irresistible.

The classical model refers to the dress in the style of "Empire". This style assumes an overstated or three-dimensional waist, and also a flowing bottom.

The Vamp model clearly outlines the figure of its owner with thin, draped silk fabrics. It is snug against the body.

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Also, to clingy models is a dress-combination. It is suitable for an evening out, because it has delicate exciting straps and, very often, an open back.

Considering the main types of dresses, you can notforget about the costumes on their basis. They usually consist of a dress or sarafan and a jacket, but without a lining. Cover this set is strict, simple. This style is ideal for work.

Also, the upper garment can include light dress-coat, which are sewn unlined denim, knitted fabric or plush. Often they have a clasp.

Very popular now is the dress-shirt.Its silhouette is free to the waist and narrow in the hips. These dresses are sewn with a man's collar. They must have a belt, cloth or leather, located at or below the waist. Overhead pockets may be present.

It should be separately said about such a category asdresses for weddings. The main types of wedding dresses are ball gowns, models in Greek or imperial style (Empire style). They can be sewn on the basis of A-silhouette, in the style of a column, year (mermaid). Recently, very bold short styles are very popular.

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For dynamic women designers have invented the original style - dress-sweater. This is a knitted dress that resembles a tunic with a collar from a sweater. The length of this model is mini-retro.

To the category of "concert dresses" include models,with various embroidery, drapery, lace, other decoration items, designed to draw attention to this person. The fabric is bright and saturated.

The dress is also included in the main types of dresses. This model has a buckle to the middle of the chest, a turndown collar on the rack. Sometimes there are pockets on the chest.

Particularly feminine is the dress-case, whichjust sits on the figure. Its length is just above the knee. The dress-skirt expands downwards from the chest, has no sleeves and collar. The baby-dollar model is a wide dress with sleeves-lanterns and an overstated waist. Drapery at the bottom of the hem, tilted inward - a distinctive detail of the dress-ballon.