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New tattoo of Rihanna

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Hollywood stars do everything to ensure thatstand out among their "colleagues." It can be a hairdress, style of clothes, plastic operations. But there is one more way to stand out and be remembered - it's a tattoo. We have seen more than once how they decorated the body of not one famous person. For example, Rihanna's tattoo on the neck, which for certain many people know and, perhaps, even made themselves the same. But similar pictures of this star have a lot on different parts of the body, sometimes even very unexpected.

Tattooing is a way of self-expression, becauseeach of them, as a rule, has its own meaning, its history or is a symbol of an event. For example, one of the images represents a number in Roman letters, denoting the date of birth of Melissa Ford, who is her best friend.

Rihanna. Tattoos (photos)

Recently, Rihanna surprised her fans with a newtattooing. Right under the chest, you can see the image of the goddess Isis, who appeared after her grandmother's death. So, each tattoo symbolizes an event or serves as a reminder of something meaningful.

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Such tattoos, as I already said, from Rihannalots of. Many are frightened, but the fans only do that they put the same signs on their bodies. Of course, only the brave and self-assured girls go for this. This, of course, fully characterizes Rihanna. But you will agree, it decorates it. Now it can no longer be imagined without the accumulation of stars on the neck. Why not? It's so beautiful.

But this coin has a flip side,stopping other girls who are categorically against tattoos. And this, of course, is health. Many simply do not know how anyone can scoff at their bodies like that. But you are mistaken, because a tattoo is a long time ago art that makes a person an individual. But still, these pictures are harmful, and this can not be denied. It is not excluded and the disease with cancer with a fatal outcome. That is why before you do them, think about what you value: beauty or health.

tattoo rihanna on the arm

Now you will surprise no one with a few earrings inone ear, a pierced navel and, of course, tattoos. It is possible that modern fashion forces young people to do this to themselves to express themselves and not be like others.

The tattoo of Rihanna symbolizes her faith in herself,confidence and courage. One of her first images is two symbols located on the ankle. These are notes that reflect the love of music. Another of her tattoos in the form of the sign of the Zodiac of Pisces is located under the right ear. There is also a gun in the chest area, which she did during her complicated relationship with Chris Brown, which caused a lot of controversy among the public. Its meaning lies in its strength and courage and in that it can always stand up for itself. "Shhh ..." is also Rihanna's tattoo on her arm. It is located, to be more precise, on the finger, with the help of which they ask for silence. This tattoo of Rihanna helps the singer to restrain the trembling of her fans, who understand everything by gesture, and by inscription.