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What is a longsword, and with what to wear it?

Those who do not know what lonslish, lostlots of. After all, this thing is one of the most convenient. This is a long sleeve T-shirt, which is made of very nice and soft jersey. Such a thing is universal, it can be combined not only with shorts or jeans, but also with trousers. In addition, it can be either monotonous, low-key, or with a screaming print. Such a thing as a longsleeve t-shirt is indispensable at a time when the sweater is still hot, but in a T-shirt it's already pretty cool.

what is longsliv

A bit of history

Many may object that before we did not know,what is longsliv. However, it is worth noting that this thing has been known since the middle of the twentieth century. Previously, these t-shirts were worn only by sailors and soldiers. They played the role of underwear. But today this thing is very popular at any time of the year and should be in the wardrobe of any person. Such things are popular now both among men and women, because they are quite beautiful and comfortable.

What is longsliv?

In fact, lingslive is called an ordinary cardigan, which is made of a thin fabric. It can be both synthetic and natural.

longsliv male
The fact that they are considered youth clothing, onIn fact, not so. After all, quite often they can be seen in older people. Usually the neckline of such a T-shirt is round, and the sleeves are rather narrow. Today, the imagination of designers knows no boundaries, and often you can see contrasting sleeves, which are very popular both in Europe and in America. Often contrast fabric and finish the neck. It is often enough to see a polo-collar, a hood or some other details that decorate linglish. Therefore, very often they are worn as an independent part of the wardrobe.

Variety of models

Determining what linglish is, should beto understand the models. And there are a lot of them. Variants for women are often decorated with beads or rhinestones, youth models depict cartoon characters, music stars or movies. Such clothes can always be made unique. It's enough just to buy an ordinary linglish and apply your favorite image to it in the workshop, which specializes in it. Such things can be home and sporty, keen and classic.

T-shirt linglish
Models for girls usually perform with some ornaments, and men's lingleslive, as a rule, has a sufficiently restrained print.

Convenience and practicality

Quite often T-shirts with long sleeveschoose because they are very comfortable and do not fetter the movements. One of their main advantages is that they are quite warm, but at the same time light. Young people prefer to wear lingsweet, because they are simple and universal, and older people go to their dachas or carry them at home. Such a thing is very simple to care for, it's easy to take off and put on, and you can combine absolutely with any clothes. Having learned that such a lingslive at least once, many simply do not want to change it to something else. There is nothing strange about the fact that it is enjoyed by workers, schoolchildren, students, sportsmen, hunters and others. A variety of models allows everyone to pick up a thing for themselves.