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Shopping centers in Hanoi. What can I buy in Vietnam. Shopping in Hanoi

The capital of Vietnam has always been famous for its quality andcheap goods. Tourists from all over the world come here for shopping. Shopping can be not only productive, but also very interesting. In Hanoi, a huge selection of shops, shopping malls and major shopping centers. Here you can buy almost everything.

shopping centers in Hanoi

Why in Hanoi for shopping

Many well-known brands have placed theirproduction facilities in Vietnam. In this country, very low wages and high demands on employees. People are ready to work for a minimum of 12 hours.

There is widespread market trade, which meanstourists can boldly bargain and bring down the price. And this is another way to buy your favorite thing at a very low price. Another plus of shopping is the innovation of 2012. Any tourist can refund the amount of VAT on purchases, provided that the check amounts to 2 million dong (Vietnamese money).

Such a refund is made at the airport, in special terminals. Thus, the authorities attract tourists and agitate to make purchases in shopping centers.

Shopping centers in Hanoi

In Vietnam, progress does not stand still and the marketTrade is gradually replaced by the sale of any goods in large stores. Previously it was believed that in Hanoi you can make successful purchases only in the markets. Now the situation has changed dramatically.

Shopping centers are gaining popularityHanoi. Often such stores are also the sights of the city. Usually they are built with observance of new technologies, and walking along them is already an interesting excursion.

For example, Vincom City Tower is considered to be the largest shopping and entertainment complex in the capital. Here the center occupies 6 floors in a unique building with twin towers.

Vincom city tower

In this hypermarket you can not only buy any thing, but also relax in such places as:

  • cinema;
  • amusement park;
  • children's zones;
  • restaurants and cafes;
  • Beauty Salons;
  • spa salons;
  • GYM's.

The number of boutiques here is just off scale.In the shops, branded things and local goods are sold. Household appliances for every taste is also a popular commodity in this mall. Small departments for the sale of souvenirs can satisfy the wishes of any tourist.

Other shopping centers

In Hanoi, there are several large stores thatspecialize in individual product groups or manufacturers. Thus, the Parkson shopping center sells imported products. Here you can buy products of famous brands for a very affordable price:

  • textile things for the house;
  • quality cosmetics;
  • all sorts of jewelry.

Parkson shopping center

On the third floor there are restaurants withtraditional cuisine. In the same building there is a large grocery supermarket. Inside the premises everything is decorated taking into account the latest trends in the decor of large shopping centers of the world.

Savico Megamall is located on the outskirts of the city.There is a chic choice of locally produced goods. Dozens of small boutiques with sportswear and other textile goods are located in the shopping center. Very happy customers the price of appliances.

Savico megamall

Also here you can find clothes of famous brands byaffordable prices. In the hypermarket, discounts and promotions are often held. To make purchases at any shopping center, you need to change dollars at the airport or exchangers for Vietnamese money. In other monetary units, payment is not accepted. In some shops, you can pay by credit card and with American dollars in your account.

Shopping centers in Hanoi are only gainingpopularity. Tourists and residents of the capital gradually find their advantages of going shopping not to markets, but to large stores where you can buy the same goods and even with a greater assortment in comfort and purity than in small shops.

What you can buy in Vietnam

In this country you can buy almost anyproduct. Among tourists, pearls and jewelry are in demand. In this country there is an artificial cultivation of pearls in rivers. But also there are products from marine species. Buy an original and high-quality jewelry from pearls in Vietnam can be 30-40% cheaper than in other countries.

No other tourist left this country withoutsilk things. Only here you can buy clothes from this natural fabric at a miserable price. Near Hanoi there is a village where silk is produced. Here you can buy clothes or fabric at the lowest price.

Leather goods in Hanoi are of high quality andin a good assortment. Bags, belts and shoes are the most popular goods among tourists. After all, for the average price of one pair of shoes, for example in Moscow, you can buy 4 pairs in Vietnam with the same quality.

What can I buy in Vietnam to commemorate the trip? The answer is very simple and obvious:

  • alcoholic drinks with alcoholic snakes and insects;
  • cosmetics;
  • medicinal tinctures and balms;
  • Coffee and tea;
  • national clothes.

What you can buy in Vietnam

All products are presentable and of high quality. They can be safely brought as a gift to friends or relatives and to themselves as a souvenir.

Where else can you make profitable purchases?

The most popular place for shopaholics in Hanoiis the Old Quarter. There are many streets with shops and markets. Each quarter is designed to trade a certain type of product. It can be a Silk Street or a site for the sale of fashionable clothes.

In the other part of the district, only precious jewelry or souvenirs made of paper and cardboard can be purchased. There are streets where furniture or cosmetics are sold.

There are several large markets in the suburbs.Here you can easily negotiate with the seller about a substantial discount. And there are places in Hanoi, where they sell goods in bulk. Here small businessmen come to buy goods for sale.

Night shopping

In Hanoi, you can make a successful acquisition and at night. The night market works here. From Friday to Monday, from evening till morning, shoppers go shopping in the bazaar area of ​​Dong Xuan.

Vietnam money

Здесь можно купить за смешные деньги качественную clothes or jewelry. Famous fakes for household appliances fly away in an instant. All kinds of spices and traditional products are sold at this time with good discounts.

After successful purchases you can sit in one of the restaurants and enjoy oriental dances and performances of other artists, including the circus.

Shopping Reviews in Hanoi

Tourists celebrate a huge range of all kinds of goods. In the markets, according to reviews, you can bargain well, but you have to walk under the scorching sun and sometimes in the mud.

In the malls of Vietnam operate air conditionersand shopping is a pleasure. The only negative - the market color is clearly not enough. The guests of Vietnam note that gradually the capital is becoming more civilized and clean.

Souvenirs from Vietnam are always in demand in any country due to the quality and originality. Shopping centers in Hanoi help you get everything you need in one place.