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Shopping in Europe. "Gallery Lafayette" in Berlin

Berlin has long become a favorite shopping place formany residents of Russia and neighboring countries. And this is not surprising, because here you can find fine items at prices several times lower than in domestic stores. One of these favorite places is the "Galeries Lafayette" in Berlin. This is a kind of corner of France in the heart of the German capital.

The building of the "Gallery"

In addition to the fact that in this place you will find interestingshopping in Berlin, Galeries Lafayette is also an architectural landmark of the city. This is a whole shopping complex of three buildings, made in one style and located on an area of ​​9 thousand square meters. Buildings of glass and concrete were created by the French architect Jean Nouvel, and the artist Patrick Blanc came up with the idea of ​​decorating the facade with unique vertical gardens. Also, the building is given a zest inside the giant cones and cylinders of glass, which create a unique sensation of a building floating in the air.

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"Gallery Lafayette" - a French network of largedepartment stores scattered all over France. But in the 90s management decided to enter the international market, and the first "Gallery" was opened in Berlin. The fall of the Berlin Wall, the opening of the country for everything new, gave the company an excellent chance to express itself. The success of the Berlin branch inspired the French, and today the sign "Lafayette" can be found not only in Europe.

Today "Gallery Lafayette" in Berlin is a shoutFrench way of life for residents and guests of Germany. Many French brands are represented here, and in general the assortment is at least international, but still more French. The "Galleries" respect the traditions of their homeland and celebrate such French holidays as the Day of Young Wine and Mother's Day. All of them are accompanied by interesting events and offers for buyers.

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Despite the fact that most brands,presented in the sale, belong to the category of luxury, there is also a mass market, which attracts the middle class. Despite your income, you can be sure that you will definitely be helped with the choice. This is achieved largely thanks to an international team of managers and consultants, in the Gallery are representatives of 35 nationalities.

Here you can buy everything: from accessories and clothes to electronics, home decor and products. But about what to buy in the Galeries Lafayette, it is worthwhile to tell in more detail.

What you can buy

On the ground floor of the "Gallery Lafayette" in Berlinoffers cosmetics and accessories: bags, glasses, scarves and scarves. Brands represented the most famous: "Barberry", "Chanel", "Michael Kors", "Fendi." Here is a large selection of perfumes, especially niche with nice prices.

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Second floor - women's clothing.There are well-known brands for wealthy customers, and affordable youth jersey. But be prepared for the fact that there are few places here, and in some departments things are rather chaotic. On the men's floor, the choice is not very large: mostly clothes, shoes and accessories offer a strong floor "Gallery Lafayette" in Berlin.

Reviews note that the choice of colors and patterns,presented in the sale, is very conservative and attracts mainly people of the older generation. If you are a fan of fast-fashion and youth brands, then you will not particularly like it.

The ground floor of the "Gallery" is a gastronomic paradise. Here you can buy French desserts and sweets, cheeses, oysters, snails and much more, and in the wine cellar pick up the best French wine.

Secrets of shopping

As elsewhere in Europe, the best shopping in the department store"Gallery Lafayette" in Berlin on sale days, then the prices even for eminent brands do not bite so. The main sales of the year are the period after Christmas, namely January and February (or, more precisely, the start of the sail - last Monday in January), as well as the summer months of July and August, when shops rush to release shelves for fresh collections of the new season.

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If you do not speak German, be guided byinscriptions Sommerschlussverkauf, which translates as a summer sale, and Winterschlussverkauf, that is winter sale. And not to get lost among the departments, remember that the words that begin on Damen, denote women's clothing, Herrenkonfektion - clothes for men, and Kinderkonfektion - for children. In the departments with the Schuhe signboard, look for shoes, Spielzeuge - toys, and Schmuck - these are ornaments.

В остальное время магазин привлекает туристов, rather, as a tourist attraction. Here you can drink coffee or dine in one of a dozen local restaurants, if you are not ready to shop. But be sure to visit the ground floor, try local delicacies and look at the dishes - this is a real work of art.

If you do not seek to get a sale,we advise you to familiarize yourself with the activities planned by the department store for the coming months. So you can receive a special gift in the form of discounts on certain brands in the form of a gift set or a regular customer card.

"Gallery Lafayette" in Berlin: address

Three buildings "Galleries" are on the mainshopping street of the city Friedrichstrasse 76/78, in German look for the inscription Friedrichstraße. Here you can take the metro, if you go to the station Französische Straße, then you will get directly to the main entrance.

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For arriving in Berlin for shopping it is usefulbe aware that several direct buses run from Tegel airport. You should leave at the stop Unter den Linden / Friedrichstraße, it's very close to the "Gallery Lafayette" in Berlin.

Opening Hours

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The gallery is open every day, except Sunday, without lunch, from 10am to 20pm. The department store is always glad to its visitors.