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What to give to the christening of a child?

Being godparents for a child is veryhonorably, and on the other hand, very responsible. The main responsibility of the godparents is the spiritual upbringing and support of the godson throughout his life. If you have not yet attended the rite of baptism, then you will certainly have a lot of questions, one of which is what to give to the christening?

There are a number of traditional gifts necessary for church traditions.

First, we'll figure out what to give to the christeningmust godmother. According to church customs, she must buy a kryzhma (it is also called "rizka"), a special cloth (usually a regular towel), into which the child will be wrapped after being taken out of the font. According to the tradition, after the baptism, the rat is not erased and the child is wrapped in it when he is sick. Also, the godmother for the baptism of the baby should give a christening shirt, as well as a bonnet with ribbons (the girl - with pink, the boy - with blue). The shirt in which you were baptized, as well as the kryzhma, should be kept throughout life. Now you can buy a ready-made baptismal set.

Now find out what to give to the christening of a childshould the godfather. The godfather for the same church customs should buy a chain and a cross-stitch. Many believe that the cross for the baby should not be made of precious metal and should be worn on a tape or string. However, now the tradition of giving to small children for baptism a cross-stitch and a chain of silver or gold is spreading more and more. And quite often children are given "adult" jewelry, with which they can walk all their lives. The Godfather also must pay for the baptismal ceremony and must cover the festive table.

There are other traditional gifts for christeningchild. One of them is a small silver spoon. This gift is called "on the teeth." This is a symbolic first spoon, which will feed the baby in the future. To make this gift special, you can use the engraving to write on the spoon the name of the child. According to custom, they also give an icon with the patron of the child, which is then hung on the wall or placed near his crib, so that the holy spirit protects the baby. At the christening, the child is also given the gift of a children's Bible and the Gospel.

Now, with regard to "optional" gifts forinfant baptisms, which family relatives and friends can give. And for a girl, and for a boy, a jewelery can be a good gift, which they can wear when they become older. A girl can be presented, for example, an earring or a ring, a boy with a medallion or a bracelet. Quite often they give clothes and baby bedding for the baptism of children. However with a choice of clothes it is necessary to be cautious. Children grow very fast, therefore it is not advisable to give suits and a dress of the size that the child wears at the moment (such a gift can only be done when the parents ask you to do so). It's better to be safe and buy clothes "for growth". Soft toys and educational toys are also frequent gifts. You can also consult the parents of the baby, what to give to the christening. Perhaps they will need some kind of children's furniture (a riding-chair, a changing table or a highchair for feeding) or children's dishes (all kinds of bottles and bowls).

If you still did not come up with what the originalor a useful gift can be made, there is such an emergency option - to give money that the child's parents can spend on what they need at the moment most.

However, the main gift that can be given to a child for baptism is made by parents, choosing worthy godparents, who should become the second mother and father in life for the child.