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Survey of addresses of shops "The Seventh Continent" in Moscow and its areas

Infrastructure of Moscow is growing rapidly - newSupermarkets open almost every day in all areas of the city. In a store of this class, you can buy almost everything you need - from food and household chemicals to appliances and accessories for the home. Many of the outlets conduct permanent promotions and sales, thus attracting more and more buyers. Do not get lost in a huge number of super- and hypermarkets and choose the one in which you really sell high-quality goods at an affordable price, advice and recommendations of the article will help.

the seventh continent of the address of stores in Moscow

Important points

  • The cleanliness of the premises is of great importance forstore. Dirty floors, dust, unpleasant smells near meat and vegetable departments may indicate a violation of sanitary norms and rules for storage of food.
  • The location of the shelves should be convenient, the goods are laid out accessible and neat.
  • Of great importance is the regularity of updating the assortment. If the goods are imported infrequently, then there is a risk of purchasing expired and substandard products.
  • Sellers should have information about the promotions and, if necessary, advise the buyer.

If the supermarket complies with these rules, then shopping will be enjoyable and useful for any potential and loyal customer.

Pros of network outlets

Advantage of network supermarkets in front ofthe ones are obvious. They carefully monitor the freshness and quality of products, as well as conduct various actions for buyers, which allows you to buy good goods at an affordable price. Employees of the store are trained and can always advise the client on all emerging issues.

the seventh continent of the address of stores in Moscow in the western district

Guaranteed quality and reasonable prices

One of the popular supermarkets of the capitalis the "Seventh Continent". Addresses of shops in Moscow are many, because the network is constantly growing. Round-the-clock operation, a wide choice of products and profitable offers attract more and more customers. Large distances between the shelves allow you to avoid congestion around the goods. Between the rows can go quietly and moms with strollers, because it is not always possible to leave the baby at home.

the seventh continent of the address of stores in Moscow list

For those who do not have time for shopping, "The SeventhContinent "offers to purchase products on its website. This allows for a more detailed approach to the selection of goods and to acquire really necessary things. After all, many people are familiar with the situation when most of the purchased products turn out to be bought in vain.

Such a service is convenient to many:both young mothers, and people who devote a lot of time to work. You can pick up the order yourself in the store or arrange delivery by courier. And the time saved on trips to the supermarket can be devoted to your family, hobbies or other important things.

The history of the network began back in 1994,when the first store "The Seventh Continent" appeared in Moscow. The address where the supermarket opened its doors to visitors on April 17 - Leninsky Prospect, Building 61, Building 1. After a while, there were two more points - on Bolshaya Lubyanka and Miklukho-Maklaya Street. Thus, the "Seventh Continent" became the very first network of stores in Moscow.

Shops in NEAD

the seventh continent of the address of stores in Moscow pile
To date, in the Northeastadministrative district supermarkets network operate at 9 addresses. Stores "The Seventh Continent" in the NEAD of Moscow - a rescue for the residents of the district. All of them are conveniently located and have a huge selection of goods. Various profitable promotions and discounts make it possible to purchase a good product at an adequate price. The proximity to the metro makes the shops convenient for those who use underground transport and do not want after work to look for supermarkets far from it. At present, the following addresses of the stores "The Seventh Continent" in Moscow (in NEAD) are relevant:

  • Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya street, house 23, building 3 (metro station "Dmitrovskaya");
  • Belozerskaya street, house 11G;
  • Emerald Street, house 3;
  • Engineering street, house 3;
  • Kargopolskaya street, house 11, building 1;
  • street Decembrists, the house 15 (m. "Otradnoe");
  • Kosmonavtov st, house 4 (metro station VDNKh);
  • Yaroslavl highway, the house. 115;
  • Leskov Street, Building 16.

Shopping in Kuntsevo

the seventh continent of the address of stores in Moscow in Kuntsevo
Сеть постепенно охватывает и район Москвы Кунцево.Addresses of stores "The Seventh Continent" are not very popular with local residents, so there are only three. One of them is located quite far from the metro, on the Mozhaisk highway, 39. You can reach it by land transport or on foot, having walked about two and a half kilometers. The other two points have a more favorable location, next to the m. Krylatskoye. The nearest supermarket to the subway station is on Osenniy Boulevard, 8. From the metro is about 200 meters. The other is located a little farther, on Rublevskoe shosse, 52A, about 300 meters from the metro.

Network in the west of Moscow

ЗАО также не может пока похвастать большим number of outlets "The Seventh Continent". Addresses of shops in the Western District of Moscow: TC "Petrovsky" on Borovskoye Highway 35 and Barvikhinskaya Street, 6.

However, the network is growing rapidly and is gaining popularity.The list of addresses of stores "The Seventh Continent" in Moscow is constantly replenished. Therefore, it is likely that in the near future in the area there will be several more supermarkets.

Wide choice - great opportunities

Moscow is the largest metropolis in the world.Thousands of people come here every year to work, rest or just to visit. Therefore it is not surprising that new supermarkets open with enviable regularity. It is no exception and has today more than 120 stores in Moscow "The Seventh Continent". The list of addresses of all points in the city or in the desired area can be easily found on the company's website. Although most of the stores are located in the residential areas of Moscow, it is not difficult to choose a convenient one. And the round the clock mode of operation greatly facilitates the process of shopping for most of us.