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Wide shoulders of girls: what to wear?

It is difficult to find a woman who will be completelyhappy with her body. There are many problems, because of which it is difficult to find the ideal figure for the clothes, one of which is the broad shoulders of the girls. Unfortunately, it's impossible to change such a figure, but it's realistic to try and hide the flaws.

Top common mistakes: this can not be worn

There are things that make the shoulders wider, it is better to remove them immediately from your wardrobe. These options include:

  • models with a large cut-out type of "boat";
  • things with a neck in the form of a horizontal rectangle;
  • Variants with narrow shoulder straps opening the shoulders;
  • things with eye-catching patterns in the shoulders;
  • dresses with horizontal drapery;
  • models with a deep decollete;
  • shiny bodice;
  • shoulder straps, epaulettes or other ornaments on the shoulders;
  • Dresses and jackets with knitted stripes (stripes), passing on the sleeve;
  • Variants with horizontal stripes in the upper part of the trunk;
  • things with coquette along their shoulder;
  • wide, free models;
  • Raglan sleeves;
  • too tight-fitting sweaters (for example, turtlenecks);
  • long flared sleeves;
  • variants with wide collars.

Wide shoulders of girls

Wide shoulders of girls: what to wear, photo

One of the main tasks in choosing an image is notclose your shoulders, and choose clothes that will balance the image and allow it to look stunning. The ideal figure is considered to be the figure when the legs are slightly longer than the upper part of the trunk, the upper part is slightly wider than the hips, the waist is about 25-30 cm narrower, and the neck is of medium length. You can achieve the image of such a figure by combining different outfits.

Play with contrasts:Do not wear too tight trousers, do not combine skirts with volumetric tops - this will give your silhouette a disproportionate. Visualize the image visually by combining different colors. For example, the dark top and white bottom will hide shortcomings, and completely monophonic clothing will not change anything in the figure.

wide shoulders of girls that wear a photo

Choose the top

If you are a lover of blouses, pick upoptions with a V-neck, this will switch attention from the shoulders to the neckline, will give the image lightness and femininity. Remember: the cutout should not be deep, it will only give your shoulder belt additional centimeters. The shoulders of the blouse can be both closed and open, there are no restrictions. You can compare the top with the bottom with a wide ruffle, which is sewn to the fabric at the waist level - this detail of clothing is called Basque.

Wide shoulders of girls will help to hide correctlyhand-picked shirts. It is better to give preference to variants in the style of "bat". The name of this model was due to a special cut sleeve, which resembles the wings of the wings of a small nocturnal animal. It is better to forget about models with tightly fitting sleeves.

Choose elongated sweaters, T-shirts and tunics.For lovers of drawings, models with vertical or diagonal lines are ideal. Draw a silhouette will help a small round neckline. In choosing outerwear, give preference to things without cups - these options visually expand the shoulders.

girls with narrow hips and broad shoulders

Choose the bottom

Wear skirts?Feel free to choose models that add volume to the thighs and buttocks - they level your figure. Skirts can be combined with playful topics and lush blouses. To emphasize the waist, wear lush skirts of any length. Ideally fit "skirts in the floor" for such a figure. Girls with broad shoulders will be beautifully decorated with flared models, and it is better to forget about pencil skirts.

Buy pants and jeans with a medium landing.On the hips and buttocks can be placed overhead pockets. If you like tapered jeans, choose color models, and admirers of wide trousers should better buy single-color options. Equip the figure and visually increase the hips free shorts of medium length.

Overalls and dresses

When choosing overalls, carefully look at the bottom of the clothes - it is better to buy options with loose trousers.

What dress suits a girl with broad shoulders?You can choose a long or short, loose or tight dress, color, monophonic or with a pattern. It will look good option with a puff skirt and open top. Waist can be emphasized by a fashion accessory, for example, a belt.

girls with broad shoulders photo

Choosing the right model, observe harmonybetween the bottom and the top, play with the outline of the waist. For example, a dress with a high waist will balance the broad shoulders and narrow hips, and a low waist will stretch your figure. Shallow V-neck cuts the shoulders, and add the image of femininity will allow a wide frill along the waistline or a stylish belt.

Choose a dress that reveals one thing: neck, neckline or shoulders. Otherwise, all the attention of others will be directed to the upper part of the trunk.

At present, the problems of choosing clothes that cause wide shoulders in girls are very common. What to wear? The photos presented in the article will help you to choose the dress.

figures of girls with broad shoulders

Choosing the right accessories

All kinds of jewelry - favorite additions toalong with all the girls. But they also need to be selected correctly. With the right choice of accessories will help to adjust the type of figure. Get bright and large jewelry.

In order to divert the attention of others fromshoulders, you can use colored bracelets, long necklaces and chains. They narrow and lengthen the silhouette. Do not use accessories in the shoulder area - shawls, straps, drapes.

When choosing a bag, give preference to bright, "pot-bellied" models, which will add volume to the hips. You can also use small clutches in a neat chain, and forget about backpacks.

Distract your attention to your hands - put on small,but elegant gloves. To emphasize the waist, use a beautiful strap: the narrow one will fit perfectly to the trousers or the coat, and the wide one should be worn with a dress or skirt. Wide shoulders of girls will help to cut off a stylish scarf. Suitable model with long, lowered ends.

When choosing accessories, remember that abundancedecorations will not make your figure better - you need to know the extent in everything. Do not overload the image, put on one or two items that are combined with clothing, and success will be provided to you. A properly selected accessory adorns the figure of a girl with broad shoulders. The photo can be seen below.

which dress will suit a girl with broad shoulders

Choosing Shoes

For a girl with narrow hips and broad shoulders (the figure of an "inverted triangle"), the next shoe will do.

  1. Shoes. Slender legs can be decorated with high heels. Such shoes will lengthen the silhouette, the main thing is to choose a color in the tone of clothes. It is not recommended to wear a thick heel, which will weight the image.
  2. Ballet shoes. This shoe fits girls with any type of figure. In order to look a little higher, give preference to light shades.
  3. Ankle boots. Wonderful demi-season shoes for girls with slender legs. If you have full legs, wear pantyhose under the color of shoes, wear with jeans or skirts just above the knee.

Summing up

We were born different, not like each other, andIf your figure has any flaw, you do not need to worry and sound an alarm. Do not torment yourself with debilitating diets that are not always healthy. Remember that the broad shoulders of girls are not a verdict. One of the most important principles of beauty and happiness is to love yourself the way nature has made you. And to hide the shortcomings of the figure and turn them into dignity will be properly selected clothes.