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What are tattoo names? Is it worth it to do?

All owners of tattoos and those who onlyis going to decorate his body with an image, can be divided into two categories. The first are people who do this for the sake of beauty, to the second - those who want to draw a drawing that contains a special meaning. In this tattoo, the names are very popular with everyone. How to choose a sketch and what exactly to write?

Whose name deserves placing on your body?

Tattoo Names
In the first place in popularity aretattoos with names of loved ones. If you believe the statistics, it is these inscriptions that are later often corrected or reduced. Before you go to the master, it is worth considering how strong your relationship with the person whose name you are going to fill, and are you ready to continue to wear it if the relationship ends? There are also more universal inscriptions, for example, quotations and aphorisms about love. Eccentric couples fill and do paired tattoos. And it is convenient enough - the feelings will pass, the paths of the lovers will disperse, and on the body there will be a sign that is understandable only to you, and what to do with it is a personal matter. Often tattoo names are called by someone from the relatives of the owner, more often children or parents. You can also fill your own name or nickname. In any case, before choosing a font and developing a picture, weigh the pros and cons.

Choose a language

Beautiful tattoo names
To stuff a tattoo in native Russian - toouninteresting, is not it? Quite another matter is the English text or eternal Latin. You can choose and Arabic ligature or Chinese characters. But remember, if you are going to do a tattoo in a language you do not know, to consult about the correctness of writing is with a professional translator or a native speaker. This is the case when the Internet and even the best tattoo master are not your helpers. Imagine how ridiculous you will look if your drawing is mistaken or meaningless, and on the life journey you will get a person who knows the language perfectly. It is necessary to translate correctly not only phrases, but also tattoo names. Sometimes even with English letters it is not easy to write a long Russian name, what can we say about Oriental languages?


Once the text is ready, it's time to start choosingfont. There are many programs that allow you to look at the same word in different spellings. If you already have tattoos, the new one should at least somehow be combined with them in style. Is not anything suitable from computer fonts? Try to draw by hand on paper. Sketches of tattoos (names and not only) create and many artists, as well as ordinary artists. It is important to understand what you want - to maintain maximum readability and simplicity, or to create an encrypted inscription that not everyone can read?

Beautiful tattoo names

Sketches of tattoo names
Whichever font you choose, remember thata tattoo with a name does not need to be monophonic. Any color is allowed, letters can be outlined or emphasized. It is interesting to look at the inscriptions with smooth transitions from one color to another. You can add letters and a thematic picture. It does not have to be big and bright. Enough and a small image. A picture that reveals the essence of the chosen name or associates with you with it will do. Try to avoid patterns that are a temporary characteristic. For example, if you are typing the name of a child, discard the image of a nipple or rattle. Such a picture will not look quite appropriate in 5-7 years. It is better to sketch out your favorite toy or choose a neutral floral pattern. Tattoos (names, small details) do not necessarily have to be located separately. A skilled master can easily enter them into a large enough drawing. It is interesting to look at sketches, in which the text size is approximately equal to the size of the picture. You can put a name inside of a shape or make a separate ribbon or cloud for it.