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A festive dress for a girl of 3 years: a pattern with a description

What a joy to have a little daughter!With her appearance, there are many ideas with outfits and hairstyles. Mommies relentlessly dress up their doll in beautiful lush dresses. To dress a child in beautiful outfits is not such a cheap hobby. Buying a luxurious ball gown for the matinee once again, many moms have a question: can I sew something like this on my own? Sometimes a simple children's dress for the price is equal to things for an adult, what can we say about the festive exclusive outfits for the child.

dress for girl 3 years pattern

Festive dress simple cut

Если проявить фантазию и выделить немного free time, you can independently make an amazing dress for a girl of 3 years. The pattern is quite simple, it is basic for many models. Do not be afraid to sew such things. The main thing is to start, everything will work out with this model! My daughter will be proud of her new dress, it will be the most beloved, because her mother sewed it!

First you need to arm yourself with a measuring tapeand start creating patterns for girls dresses 3-4 years. When sewing things kiddies of this age do not need darts on the bodice and waist, other complexities of cut. In addition, you can show imagination and skill, adding to the model numerous ruffles, multi-layered skirts, decorating with bows, rhinestones as much as you like, without fear of overdoing. Girls in such dresses look amazing, and, the more jewelry on the dress, the more they feel like princesses.

dress patterns for girls 3 4 years

Building a Pattern

To sew a festive dress for girls 3Years, the pattern should consist of the top, which will serve as a yoke, and the bottom as a skirt. The skirt can be sewn with side seams or make a one-piece detail by stitching just behind. Also in the construction of the pattern, you can adjust the length, height of the waistline, the presence of sleeves, the type of skirt and much more. But the base of the pattern is the same for everyone - the bodice in the form of a T-shirt.

It is necessary to begin to take measurements of a child forconstruction of the basic grid. Details in width (such as back and front) should be equal to half the waist circumference, for this the full size is divided into two to get a half-grip. And the back consists of two shelves for sewing in a zipper.

  • Waist circumference / 2 = POT;
  • chest girth / 2 = POG;
  • back length to the waistline or to the overestimated waistline = DST;
  • the length of the skirt from the waistline to the bottom = DUN;
  • product length = DI;
  • sleeve length, possible without it = DR.

The girth of the hips is not required, the dress will be lush,therefore, it will not play any role in building the foundation. The pattern can be created on the reverse side of the rolled wallpaper or on a thick oilcloth. As an example, you can also use a ready-made dress for a 3-year-old girl and make a pattern on it, given the new dimensions. To do this, place the transparent film alternately on the folded parts and repeat the contours along the seam lines with a handle on the oilcloth. After building and cutting out the pattern of elegant dress for a girl of 3 years can be transferred to the fabric.

Patterns of dresses for girls 2 3 years [

Cut out need to allow for seams aroundcentimeter. Do not confuse the face with the wrong side, markup patterns do on the back of the material. If the fabric slips, you can use pins. After checking again the conformity of the parts, you can start grinding them.

Order of sewing operations

Parts are sewn on the sewing machine;the simplest, pryamostrochnaya. Edge processing is usually done with an overlock, but if it is not available, you can do with a zigzag stitch, or, after a direct rearrangement of the product, sweep over the sections manually. After all, patterns of dresses for girls (2-3 years) are small, and it will not take much time and effort to manually process the seams. The sequence of work:

  1. Side and shoulder seams.
  2. Side sections on the skirt.
  3. Sew the sleeves sew.
  4. Sew sleeves.
  5. Connect yoke with a skirt.
  6. Stitch lightning between the back halves.
  7. Throat processing.
  8. Processing bottom.

It remains to trim the remnants of the threads, iron out - and the dress is ready! Now you can implement ideas in terms of decorative additions. Separately sew a belt and tie the back of the bow.


For fluffiness, you can sew a separate petticoat andwear it with a dress. Into the bottom seam and in the middle of the underskirt, you can insert volume-giving, horizontal rings, they are in specialized stores. Or sew under the bottom puffed skirt of tulle, but such a volume, as with rings, will not work. Multi-layer petticoats for a child are not recommended: the space filled with a lot of fabric will constrain the movement of the legs.

Pattern elegant dresses for girls 3 years

Skirt sun

In a dress for the girl of 3 years the pattern of the lower partmaybe anything: the sun, a half-sun, a rectangular piece of fabric gathered from above can also be used. Looks more gorgeous, of course, the sun, besides, it will be great to spin in such a dress!

Pattern of New Year's dress for a girl of 3 years

To dress the sun was with smooth edges onbottom, you need to follow some rules when cutting. To build the patterns you need: POT and length from the waist to the desired mark. From the middle of the horizontal line down is perpendicular. Semi-waist is divided into four, this is the length from the center point to the beginning of the pattern. From her measure the length of the skirt and mark the point. Mark from the center to the bottom, using the bisector between the two formed right angles (shown in the photo). Connect the lower points to form a semicircle, do the same with the waist line.

Patterns still useful

Pieces should not be thrown away, they may yet againcome in handy. For example, with the onset of the New Year holidays, the time of matinees begins in the kindergartens. The basic pattern of a New Year's dress for a girl of 3 years can remain the same, just need to add the appropriate details to the image. Make Christmas-tree dress from green fabric, sheathe ruffles, frill and decorate with small Christmas balls and rain. Daughter will be irresistible! You can sew a Snowflake or Snow Queen dress from white fabric, put on a full tulle petticoat under a short sun dress, sew snowflakes and sequins, plus a crown! What is not the queen?

dress for girl 3 years pattern


So, what you need to sew a dress for a girl 3years old? Pattern, fabric, sewing machine and my mother's skillful pens. Because only mother knows how it should be: pink or blue, with a bow, a flower or with cats. After all, the dress can be decorated as your heart desires, one has only to start. And with the acquisition of experience on simple things, perhaps at the prom after graduation, you will be able to sew an already more complicated dress to your adult princess!