/ / Segmentation of the market is an important characteristic for determining the competitive advantages of the product.

Segmentation of the market is an important characteristic for determining the competitive advantages of the product.

A market is a collection of consumer groups whosethe needs are very similar. Obviously, various group consumers want to purchase completely different services and goods. To meet these needs, the organization of merchants and consumers organizations seek to identify certain groups of consumers react positively on our products and marketing activities are oriented on these groups.

The market consists of segments that consist ofUsers whose needs differ from the needs of users of other subgroups. The market segment is a group of consumers characterized by the same reaction to the products offered. In order to qualitatively engage in the promotion of services to the market, it is necessary to identify the different groups of consumers that make up this market and which can offer various services, this process is called segmentation market.

The benefits of adopting such a concept assegmentation of the market, flows from the competitive advantage that lies in it. With this concept, the entrepreneur's products are addressed to a separate part of the market. This brings a real opportunity to expand the clientele and increase profitability through specialization on specific clients.
The benefits of market segmentation are confirmed by the following arguments:
1) A real understanding is provided both of the needs of the consumer and of what they represent (the nature of market behavior, personal characteristics, etc.).
2) A real understanding of competition in certain markets is provided.
3) There is a possibility to concentrate the use of limited resources on the most profitable directions.
Segmentation is also taking place todayinvestment market. The investment market consists of several types, offering real financing for various facilities. These include the market of privatized facilities, direct investment and the real estate market.

The main segment is the capital investment market, while investments are invested in reconstruction or construction, technical re-equipment of the enterprise.
The market of privatized objects is an enterprise that is put up for auction or completely redeemed by the collective of the enterprise or by third-party investors.
The investment real estate market isan independent element of the investment market. It represents the market of the most diverse real estate, investment of funds, into which it will be most expedient.
Segmentation of the marketbanking services. Usually in this case the segments of the investment financial market are divided into the following categories: income level, geographical location, balance reports of various financial institutions. Segmentation is conducted to find out where:
- The bank will be able to occupy the largest market share by increasing the capacity of the growing market, or improve the promotion of its own services, rather than the other bank;
- the bank will be able to offer new services and test the reaction of this part of the market, with its subsequent promotion in the presence of positive responses;
The collection of market information is based on the followingobjectives: the identification, forecasting and analysis of market factors that have the ability to influence the bank in various ways during the period under review.

The ultimate goal pursued by segmentationmarket is the increase in the effectiveness of methods and means of advertising, raising the competitiveness, price regulation, cost optimization and the development of a marketing strategy that will be aimed at maximum customer satisfaction.