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Public relations - what is it? Public relations system

Modern PR technologies are able to impose their opinions on the masses, and for this it is necessary to master the intricacies of communications. Let's figure out more: what is this and how to manage this process.

Definition of PR

Let's first understand the essence of the concept of publicrileyshnz. What it is? This is primarily communication, that is, communication between people. As an independent science, this phenomenon began to function several centuries ago, but the principles and methods of that time are significantly different from today.

PR as an object of study, as a set of methodsthe delivery of "correct" information in its current interpretation began to be applied at the beginning of the twentieth century. Today it is a way of communicating with people on behalf of this or that business, a kind of management tool.

public relations what is it?

Public relations - what is it?This is also the use of feedback levers, asking opinions from the user and the masses as a whole. Based on the data received, the so-called PR people build the existing picture of consumer preferences, indirectly change the company's policy towards them. The most important thing in public relations is to bring information about these changes to the masses, to let them know that these reforms are favorable for them.

What is the basis of PR?

As already mentioned above, the fundamentals of public relationsare primarily in the exchange of information from both companies and potential customers. Therefore, it is important to make this communicative process optimal and fruitful.

public relations specialty

There are some secrets thatPR, because their main task is to unobtrusively convince the masses in their point of view, representing the interests of the producer. Actually, it will become much easier to persuade, if the firm adheres to simple bases:

  1. The potential buyer loves the eyes. Therefore, it is important to choose a correct and easy-to-perceive picture for a product or service, which eventually becomes a logo.
  2. Correct name. The company should have a simple and memorable name both by modern young people and pensioners.
  3. Personal contact.The masses are much easier to contact a person who has a name, and if you can establish a visual connection with him. It is unlikely that anyone will have a desire to pay attention to emails, which we are all used to refer to as spam mailings.

Secrets of a successful PR

The public relations system is extremely multifaceted andmore complex than it seems at first glance. In order to successfully manage the opinion of the masses, it is not enough to convince them, it is also necessary to anticipate the events in advance and be able to beat them so that they happen for the benefit of the company.

sam black public relations

But for a successful PR company, it is not enough to keep abreast of what is happening, it is also necessary to plan how circumstances can develop, while still not letting offensive positions.

Ведь помимо всего вышесказанного, паблик рилейшнз - what it is? This is a constant control not only of the information received, but also of the information provided. Therefore, under the constant control of PR people, the media receives only those data that the company deems it necessary to issue.

In addition, each employee who has access tothe media, should echo its predecessor and follower, in journalism this concept also has the name of a one-part provision of information.

How to become a PR man?

At the moment at the Faculty of Journalismthere is a direction called "Public Relations". The profession as such does not exist independently, and is closely connected with such areas as sociology and oratory.

public relations system

Currently, many modern universities are learningmastery to receive and process the necessary information, as well as competently present it. However, it is worth noting that the PR man is more like a state of mind, and this can not be taught in five years.

You can read the literature andto study the subtleties of the art of PR, but it is important to be able to feel the opponent and be able to convey to the masses of people the right and the information you need.

Therefore, to become a PR master does not mean to succeed in mass communications, this is not enough.

And now about how to become a good PR man

As we have already seen, this is not an easy task - to learn the intricacies of communication with the public, the specialty is in itself complex, and there is not enough pure theory in it.

the fundamentals of public relations

There are several secrets that will help a beginner to establish close contact with the masses:

  1. If you are provided with any information, never hesitate to insist on its completeness and reliability.
  2. It's not a secret for anyone that people are attracted to ordinary people. Therefore, sincerity is your main weapon.
  3. None of the events is worthy of being boring and monotonous. Therefore, its fascination is only in your hands.
  4. Do not express your point of view in the event that it is negative. A successful PR man is a benevolent interlocutor.
  5. Public opinion is the most important for you, so never neglect it and always find the time to find out.
  6. A good PR man never stops. While you are resting, a successful master lures people to his side.

The best masters of the business

А теперь давайте поговорим о том человеке, which formulated the above postulates and united them into a single whole. This is Sam Black. Public relations would not have such popularity and importance in business today without his works.

A huge contribution to modern PR became weightylectures of a well-known sociologist. After all, in modern Russia public relations - what is it? It's the fruit of Sam Black's work. It was he who in his time opened for the post-Soviet space the theory of brand communications in order to promote business. Although no less interesting is the fact that the roots of the maestro public relations originate in Russia, but in 1912 his parents emigrated to England.

Russian PR

The organization of public relations in the post-Sovietspace - the soil is new and so far quite profitable. Despite several decades of development, it is too early to say that modern domestic promotion of mass communications is at the peak of its perfection.

organization of public relations

The main tool for public relations onthe Russian market is banner advertising. It is too early to talk about the successful and continuous receipt of feedback from the consumer, whether he likes this or that product and what he would have changed in his discretion. The task of the current post-Soviet buyer is to consume what the advertisers kindly provided to him.

It may take several more decades, andvarious activities for disadvantaged children, orphans, pensioners, disabled people with disabilities will be held not only on the eve of political elections in the post-Soviet space, but simply for the people to taste this or that tea. But so far this is far away, and we are content with what they give.