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CPA-marketing without attachments: examples, earnings, reviews

The desire to earn is growing in us every day.And not so much because of the high cost of living, but because of the reluctance to sit in the office from morning to night, getting a living wage. We are constantly looking for new and, importantly, relatively simple ways of making a profit. As one of the options you can consider CPA-marketing - not new and rather complicated in comparison with other ways, and therefore still working method of earning on the Internet.

CPA marketing

What is it?

The very concept of affiliate marketing is already knownlong. But right now the financial flow (CPA marketing is most often considered as receiving a constant income), obtained from attracting customers to the advertiser's site, is formed not by a simple "click-through", but from the position of the "presumed behavior" of the potential client.

What does this mean in simple words?If earlier companies paid for visits to their pages and displays direct advertising on blog sites, now the situation has changed. Sellers need effective targeted spending of budgets. CPA-marketing assumes payment for a specific action of a potential client who has come. Registration, subscription to the newsletter and commercial offers, application, registration of the purchase of goods (ideally) is a small list of those very conversion (desired) actions.

CPA Marketing Earnings Reviews

Modern Internet Marketing

If at the beginning of the development of the Internet we talked aboutthat the creation and maintenance of your site with the description of goods is 90% of success, today such advancement will not give absolutely nothing. The competition is so great, moreover, and is supported by the fact that the Internet literally knows no boundaries, that it is necessary to constantly stimulate potential consumers and direct them "on a given route". In general terms, this is Internet marketing. But what is the role of CPA marketing here? Reviews of advertisers about the effectiveness of the approach are simply mesmerizing.

For example, a travel company paysOnly registration on its website. If the client did not do this, the advertising agency does not receive a fee. And vice versa, the larger the database of the tour operator - the higher the profit of the promotion firm. Thus, the means of the allocated budget are much more efficiently distributed.

There are many names - one thing

So, performance, affiliate marketing,affiliated, CPA-marketing - all these concepts are used to determine the model of promotion of goods (services) on the Internet, in which certain actions of network users are paid. Specialists use such tools as direct and contextual advertising, SMM marketing, search promotion, etc. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that for the advertising side in each of these models will form its own financial flow. CPA-marketing (reviews of bloggers and active users of social networks sound very convincing) allows you to make profits almost from the first week.

The model is not new, but effective

Internet marketing is actively developing, andthe consumer is no less actively looking for ways to leave, to hide from obsessive direct advertising. Therefore, marketers have to look for more and more elegant ways to attract potential buyers.

Since loopholes are becoming less, businessbecomes confronted with the question of how to improve the effectiveness of marketing activities. And here the CPA model comes to the rescue. The return on investment is almost 100%. First of all, because the advertiser himself does not expect anything supernatural from the visitors of his site.

In this situation, the digital agency can significantly increase its profits.

financial flow cpa marketing

For what love affiliate marketing?

The most obvious advantage of the CPA-model isease of measurement. The client subscribed to the newsletter - paid, did not subscribe - sorry. It is this simplicity in the definition of efficiency that attracts all participants in the chain of advancement. But, of course, this is not the only plus that CPA marketing can boast of. Comments of experts allow us to single out such reasons for the popularity of this scheme:

- For an off-line this is a very profitable systemspending budget. Payment is made only for the desired (and useful) customer actions. In addition, there are practically no financial risks. After comparing investment in contextual advertising and SEO, offers know for sure that they will achieve the planned results.

- Marketers are also rewarded fortarget leads. Therefore, they are forced to invent new interesting incentives for the consumer. Since more often payment for conversion actions is higher than fees for traffic, clicks and impressions, advertising agencies are interested in using exactly CPA-marketing.

- Owner of the site (entertainment) sitewill also maintain its resource at a high level. After all, he needs a constant stream of readers who will be shown ads within the CPA-model. The higher the popularity of the portal, the more opportunities to earn (or simply increase the payment for a single action).

In general, each of the participants, in addition to the elementary financial benefits, receives additional bonuses as well - from the ease of planning an advertising campaign to the development of a resource.

CPA marketing without attachments

Possible options

Among all the variety of possibilitiesuse of marketing with payment for conversion actions we will choose and we will consider the most popular. Effective CPA-marketing, examples of which can be studied quite quickly, looks like this:

- Pay for Lid (CPL) - Product advertising is considered to be "held" if the potential customer has clicked on the link and at least registered (left an email address).

- Selling pages or websites (one pageor full resources with landing pages) - here the visitor receives full information about the goods and is redirected to producers, where he can make a purchase. The task of advertisers to qualitatively stimulate the consumer, so that he really had a desire to buy goods.

- Promotion with payment for actions is very similar totraditional content marketing, but CPA marketing assumes that payment will not be made for traffic or place in the results of a search query, but for specific actions of the network user.

- Survey sites - these resources havea lot of information about products, about their comparison, etc. Here are published user reviews, reviews and ratings. Each such description leads to the page of the advertiser (the manufacturer or the authorized seller) and, if the customer navigates by the link and buys the goods, the owner of the survey site receives a reward.

financial flow CPA marketing reviews

CPA chain members

Now it is necessary to understand who and howis involved in the chain of advance, which provides a reliable financial flow. CPA-marketing, which is very diverse, is conducted, at least, with the participation of three parties: the seller of goods - an advertising agency (full cycle or specializing in digital) - owners of blogs and popular sites. The first two are called offers, i.e. persons offering payment for attracting consumers to their site. But, as already mentioned, CPA-marketing without investments (without investment and payment for content) is not just traffic; this is payment for specific actions of a visitor to the site.

Therefore, owners of review sites or popularinformation and entertainment portals is much easier to earn. After all, tens of thousands (experts say that normal statistics - 15-20 thousand) visits per day will necessarily provide the required number of transitions. Another thing is that the consumer is becoming more demanding, and making him do something is not easy: you will have to make efforts and think over real incentives.

CPA marketing reviews

Where to use performance marketing?

Internet shops, couponers, enterprises of the sphereservices - these are the most suitable projects that CPA-marketing will help. Earnings (reviews of experts are encouraging) can reach high numbers. But only if the site owner correctly assesses his audience and places the offers of suitable offers. The product must be clear to visitors, meet its interests and financial capabilities.

Promotion of exotic, individual products using CPA marketing will not give the desired results. After all, buyers of such goods are few.

CPA marketing examples

A bit of history

For the first time about using the CPA approach topromotion of the goods told the US agency Fluent. According to the director, the company for the year increased its revenue to $ 40 million (this is 850% compared with the previous year). From this point on, experts started talking about increasing the effectiveness of social media promotion. What did Fluent do that later became known as CPA marketing? Learning begins with the fact that CPA is an abbreviation of English “cost per action”. Literally, this is "pay per action." And then it’s necessary to provide the advertiser with specific consumer actions: likes and sharing in social networks, listing of promotional coupons, newsletter subscriptions, etc. But this was already mentioned at the beginning of the article.