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Marketing research: definition and essence

A marketing research should be aimed at mapping

marketing research
versatility of this field of activity.As a result of these measures, the goods must be brought to the consumer with the satisfaction of the latter's needs. Functionally this term is represented by a hierarchically organized system for managing the functioning of a business entity on the market, as well as the regulation of various market processes with mandatory preliminary study of them.

A marketing research is based onmarket development requirements, such as transparency and predictability. For the effective existence of marketing requires the availability of reliable and timely information with subsequent analysis. It is when this condition is met that the subject's current direction of activity is able to fully satisfy the needs of customers.

analysis of marketing research
Proceeding from the above, we can conclude:marketing research is based on the collection of information with the possibility of further interpretation, as well as carrying out both estimated and forecasted calculations performed for the relevant services and management of the enterprise.

Some experts, considering thisconcept, are limited to enumeration of its main functions without specifying the essence. However, it would be more correct to accept Ilya Belyavsky's definition. So, "marketing research is the activity of specialists of various types, aimed at satisfying the analytical and information needs of the enterprise. In other words, it is an integral part of marketing, which forms a scientific and practical independent direction. "

The analysis of marketing research is aimed atchoice of the object, which can be taken as the entity itself, and the forces that enter the microenvironment (suppliers, competitors, consumers and customers). Also, the market (federal or regional) and the population can be selected as objects.

the purpose of marketing research

The purpose of marketing research is based oncreation of information and analytical base when making appropriate decisions, through which it will be possible to significantly reduce the level of uncertainty. A great variety of goals that marketers are able to deliver can be divided into four main groups:

- search, suggesting the collection of ancillary information (able to provide substantial assistance in the development of certain hypotheses for the purpose of their further study);

- Descriptive, providing a thorough description of certain phenomena and factors, taking into account their influence and interrelationships;

- experimental, which consists in testing the main hypotheses about the forms of existence of cause-effect relationships between demand, the proposed characteristics of the product and the consumer;

- exculpatory - are designed to strengthen objective information formed belief, opinion, point of view or position of the company's management.