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Correct facial features and their meaning

Probably every woman seeks to make her ownface as beautiful as possible. But what is needed for this? It is considered that the most pleasant are the right facial features. This is a common opinion. How do people with the right features look? Plastic surgeons are convinced that the beauty of the human face is the observance of certain proportions between the cheekbones, eyes and lips. These three parameters must be of a certain size and be at the appropriate distance. And then the face will look perfect.


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The shape and severity of cheekbones depends a lot, sohow they directly participate in shaping the face. They represent a clearly defined line, which is some part of a large circle that frames the face. It is generally believed that the most beautiful are the cheekbones below. But there must be harmony. If the face has a pronounced round shape, the cheekbones are barely noticeable. If the face is thin, then they can stand out too much, which, too, will not create a beautiful face with the right features.

The correct line of cheekbones can radically change the face. If by nature a person does not have a pronounced line, then one can get it through several simple tricks.

How to distinguish the cheekbones?

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For the development of cheekbones on the face must be visuallypull it out. This can be done thanks to the right hairstyle. Cut "ladder" or cascade will give the cheekbones a more distinctive appearance, especially if the hair is straight. But light waves will also remove excess volume. Correctly trimmed bangs can help visually lengthen the face. But it should be direct, therefore such variant will approach or suits the possessors of obedient, heavy hair from the nature, or to girls who will straighten and weight a bang, for example, with the help of special hair oils. But it's worth to be careful owners of a round or square face, as a bang can have the opposite effect. So before that, you should consult a professional.

Also there is a very common and alla well-known method - cheekbones can easily be distinguished thanks to make-up. To do this, you will need a bronzer or powder of dark color and a beveled face brush. Here the important point is the correct selection of the shade of the remedy, which you will allocate cheekbones. It should be of the same color as the natural shadow on your face. This shade is easy to recognize. It's enough just to lightly press your finger on the cheek, and the shadow that forms around the finger will be the color you need. Create a shadow should be neat, as it is easy to overdo it and make this line sloppy and unnatural, which immediately ruins the makeup.


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Eyes are also an important component.Their beauty depends not only on color and shape, but also on the location and depth of planting. Ideally, the eyes should be located in such a way: the index finger should be placed from the iris towards the temple through the corner of the eyebrow entirely. It is also important that the skin around the eyes is in a state. The impending eyelid or even minor wrinkles noticeably change the general appearance.

How to properly emphasize the eyes?

Eyes - this is usually the first thing that wewe draw attention. Therefore, they require special attention. Symmetrically located, having a beautiful shape and normal size of the eye, in fact, make up the right facial features. Photos, on which a person has an expressive look, always attract a lot of attention.

If there is such a problem as hangingeyelid, it is better to avoid a large number of shadows, especially on its upper part. This will make the eyes heavier. It is better to give more importance to the eyelashes, emphasizing them with black mascara or using overhead.

If the eyes are too far apart fromfriend, you can change the situation by emphasizing the inner corners of the eyes. You can do it with a pencil or a special pencil. When applying mascara to the eyelashes, we should not forget about the inner part of the eye, and when using false eyelashes, it is not recommended to choose options with an elongation to the edge of the eye, as this visually divides them even more.

With close-set eyes foldsthe situation is exactly the opposite. Do not focus on the inner corners. Approach the right facial features help isolate the outer corner of the eye with the help of the arrow of dark shadows applied to the edges of the century. When applying the carcass, it is necessary to lightly remove the eyelashes to the outside with a brush, and when attaching them, pay special attention to the edges.


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The most attractive are full lips. And the top should ideally be about 25% smaller than the bottom one. Thin lips are considered less feminine and take away the person's softness and tenderness.

Care of lips

The right facial features will go to the background,if the lips are in a deplorable state. Such a problem as dry lips with cracks is familiar to everyone, especially in the cold season. Therefore, it is extremely important to be able to look after them. The most banal is to regularly use moisturizing shine or hygienic lipstick. Simple application of such a tool will make the lips much more attractive and pleasant.

Many women, before applying lipstick,outline the lip contour in pencil in tone of lipstick. This helps to make the lips visually more complete or correct their shape. But do not get involved in this, because if you go beyond the lip of the lips a little more than it should, then it will be already noticeable and immediately spoil the appearance. Do not conduct fat lines - everything should be neat and smooth. It is also best to slightly shade a pencil so that the outline is not so obvious and completely unnatural.

Correct facial features in men

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As for the male facial features, everything is mucheasier. The most attractive are considered to be rough lines. The right features for a man should show his manliness and strength. For example, wide eyebrows and pronounced cheekbones look very attractive. Also, many representatives of the male are wearing bristles and a beard. The right facial features of women are more clearly defined, since it is not a secret for anyone that the fairer sex devotes more attention to their appearance, so the question of the ideal proportion of the face for them is more pronounced.

Relationship between facial features and character

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It turns out that the appearance of a person can say a lot about his inner world. There is even a separate science called physiognomy. She studies the relationship between the facial features of a person and the character.

For example, large facial features mean thata person has willpower and Nordic character. Such people usually stand out for their purposefulness and quick success. They are more reliable.

А вот правильный прямой нос говорит об открытости and sincerity of a person. Pug-nosed people are more cheerful and prone to excitement. A small nose is most common in pessimistic people, and hooked - in quick-tempered people.

The round face shape characterizes the optimisticpeople who are constantly enjoying life. They are always ready for change and hardly any difficulties can frighten them. The oval shape of the face speaks about purposefulness, and the square one - about modesty and tranquility.