/ / French braid on the contrary - how to weave? Step-by-step instruction, description, historical information

The French spit on the contrary - how to weave? Step-by-step instruction, description, historical information

Any hair deserve not only the dailycare, but also chic hairstyles! Why not please yourself with an interesting French scythe on the contrary? At the same time an unusual and simple pigtail, capable of interest in its features.

French spit on the contrary

What is the French spit on the contrary?

The French braid is a huge field forvarious ideas. If you express the term more accurately, then it is braided into 3 rows of braids, followed by the addition of strings. The weaving should be tight, it can be reduced to either side of the head. It fits every girl, regardless of the type of face and skin tone. The braid will look elegant both with a strict suit in business style, and with an easy summer dress.

French braid and business style

The braid opens the thin neck, it gives out the forehead. Capable of hiding the volume of the head.

It is interesting that the braid, depending on the event, can be any: in a "ragged, careless" style; magnificent; free or tight.

The history of the origin of the French spit

The French spit on the contrary is a derivative of the usual French braid, so in the historical reference the main method of weaving will be considered.

The first information about this method of braiding hair was known about 6 years ago in the south-east of the world, in Algeria. Girls decorated their hair in a similar way.

A little later in the ancient Greece were found rock paintings with a similar technique of weaving.

As you can see, the scythe does not have a closerelations with France. Why is it called "French"? Even the weaving technique was borrowed in America and was first published in the magazine "Domashniy". Some stylists hypothesize that the braid was invented in France by an unpopular make-up artist as opposed to English scythes.

It is worth noting that France is a country of fashion, chic,croissants and rolls! Perhaps the French pigtail was not invented in it, but is traditionally designated as "French." This means that the braid looks elegant, looks great in any style, has simultaneous tenderness and severity!

Scientists believe that the spit appeared long before our era.

Interesting ideas with a scythe

Who will use the French braid?

It is a universal option, which is perfect for any girl.

  • But still more tempting hair will belook at long or medium hair. To the image you can add sparkles, ornaments. Short strands (mouse tail), you can also braid in the reverse French braid and finish the weaving by increasing the volume of strands. Hair will look more magnificent.
  • French spit on the contrary will fit under strictstyle business character, will be an excellent decoration for a gala event or party. It works well with clothes that open the shoulders and neck.
  • Hair color can be absolutely any.It is worth noting that when weaving it is possible to use artificial multicolored strands or to color the hair in advance. This game of color looks very creative and modern!

Step by step instruction on weaving

All the actions to braid the French braid can be divided into several parts. As a result, you will get an excellent French spit on the contrary and a step-by-step instruction on weaving!

1. Hair cleansing and styling.To begin with, rinse your hair thoroughly under warm water and after drying, comb it. The main thing is that, as we weave, they were smooth and without any confusion unpleasant for the master or you. Next, use a varnish, mousse to add a spit shine.

After you need to figure out which side you want to weave the braid and where it's better to finish. It can be located behind or go to the center of the head, just above the forehead.

If you want to braid the braid from behind, then take 1a wide strand should be forehead and divide it into 3 equal parts, as well as when weaving the usual braid. If you decide to weave on the other side, then take a three-dimensional lock in the chosen place.

2.Take the hair in both hands to further weave tight. In the right hand, hold 1 strand, put the remaining 2 in the left hand. Weaving should be on this principle, as well as braiding the ordinary braids. Take the string from the right hand and hold it under the middle one, then add the section from the left hand to the formed opening. The middle strand will move to the right hand, and the weaving can be successfully continued.

3. Do not forget to check the tightness of the weave. After the last strand from the left hand came under the right, pull up the hair.

4.Do not know how to weave the French braid on the contrary, because the ordinary braid is coming out? Time to stop and change the location of the strands. Take one strand in the right hand (or, as weaving, it should be in your hand) and pick up the left, stretching it through the middle. In fact, you will also weave a regular braid, but it will pass from below. Strands look the other way!

5. Now gradually, as weaving, add strands to the braid from the left and right side of the head. Add them to certain sections, which can be calculated visually.

It should be noted that the hair must be addedbefore the strand fell into the weaving. First, using your hand, "pull off" the curl and continue the weaving with it. The same is done with the left hand. The middle strand remains empty.

6.The final stage will be adding extra volume. Gently fan the braided sections, but do not overdo it. Pull the eyelets from the curls of the braid carefully, holding it with your left hand, otherwise the braid will simply disintegrate. Hairstyle can be fixed with hairpins, "crab".

French spit on the contrary

Two French braids on the contrary: how to weave?

What if there are several such braids?How to plait a French braid, on the contrary it became much clearer, but if you want to experiment? It is necessary to do exactly the same weaving, but with some changes:

1. Choose strands on one side. It is necessary, as in the usual weaving of 2 braids, to take 3 strands and weave them alternately.

2. Try not to reduce the braid to the middle and weave around the edges as much as weaving.

3. The principle, the technique of weaving is exactly the same.Take one lock from the right hand, hold the left under the middle, in the resulting opening substitute the rest. As we weave, add the remaining strands to the hairstyle in the hair style.

Two French braids on the contrary


The French spit on the contrary fits absolutely any girl. Her weaving can not be called difficult, but the result is definitely capable of surprising!