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How to lighten hair on hands

Often, the beauty of a girl (women) can spoilexcess vegetation on the hands. This problem is especially acute for women who have dark hair. Blondes are not particularly worried about this trouble, since blond hair is almost invisible on the skin. Girls who do not want to have dark hairs on their hands, begin to wonder the question: how to get rid of excess vegetation on this part of the body? The help will come epilation or lightening of hair.

Ways of removing hair on hands

First of all, it would be superfluous to considerMethods of hair removal, with which you can remove hair on the hands of women. To carry out this procedure, there is a considerable amount of special tools and devices. You can buy them at any cosmetic store. Those who do not want to spend time doing hair removal on their own, turn to the salons for help, where the master will clean the hair in a few minutes.

So, to date, all methods of hair removalare divided into mechanical, chemical and laser. The mechanical method is the most common and also fast. But it has a significant drawback - the removed hair on the hands can grow into the skin. And the procedure is quite painful.

No less popular is the chemical methodgetting rid of vegetation. Usually it consists in the use of certain creams, the composition of which is capable of destroying the hair structure, which facilitates the removal of hairs. The action of chemical epilation is longer than in the case of mechanical epilation. However, the disadvantage of this method is its adverse effect on the female skin: the risk of allergic reactions increases. And if you overdo the remedy for epilation on the surface of the skin, you can get a small chemical burn. But the chemical method is absolutely painless.

Good competition with the two previous methodsdisposal of unwanted vegetation is laser hair removal. It is held only in specialized salons by a specially trained craftsman. This procedure has practically no contraindications. However, it is characterized by high cost, therefore not every woman can afford such a service.

Lightening of hair on hands

Those who do not want to remove hair on their hands cantry to lighten them. To date, there is a huge amount of funds to perform such a procedure. Usually a special cream or other substance is proposed, which must be applied in the correct proportion to the skin with dark hairs. After a certain period of time, the consistency from the surface of the hand is washed off with ordinary water. After carrying out of clarification it is recommended to put on a skin a humidifying cream. It will help to avoid irritation.

How to lighten the hair on the hands of the house?

In addition, you can lighten the hair on your handsfamiliar to us all means. It will be enough to buy in the pharmacy hydrogen peroxide, chamomile broth or ordinary hydroperite. To lighten hair on hands with peroxide of hydrogen, it is necessary to make the following:

- mix a little substance with water, add a little soda and alcohol to the liquid;

- the surface of the hand is treated with the prepared solution.

It should be noted that it should not be rubbed into the skin. After a few minutes, the solution is washed off with water.

Chamomile will also be a good helper inlightening of hair on hands. This method has come to us since antiquity and does not lose its popularity even now. A decoction of chamomile is applied to dark hair. From the first time, they can not be fully clarified, therefore it is required to repeat the procedure after a while. But it has no side effects.

These several methods are available to help solve the problem with excess vegetation on the hands.