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What is a chignon and how to make it with your own hand

All women want to have long beautiful hair,They attract the admiring glances of others. To this end, they use a variety of courtship-focused caregivers. But what about if you want to make your hair dense and beautiful as soon as possible? You can use such a method as build-up, but not every girl he can afford. In addition, you have to maintain your hair, periodically updating it. Therefore, many ladies remember what a chignon is.

Solution for short or thin thin hair

In hairstyles for special occasions oftenuse natural overhead strands. This is done to create an additional volume, to give the image a flavor. But by themselves, long thick hair is already talking about the beauty of their possessor. If nature has not endowed with such wealth, there is a wonderful way out. After all, what is a chignon, how not salvation for girls who do not want to expose hair to the procedure of building up? Using a chignon, you can turn a small bundle on the back of the neck into a chic tail of thick and long hair. In addition, after acquiring it, it becomes possible to make a beautiful hairstyle daily, without harm to your own hair.

Brilliant, well-groomed hair has always attractedAttention. The whole appearance of a woman by and large depends on the hair. And if the strands are very short, you do not need to wait until they grow back. Women have long used a hairpiece (a haircut from the hair gathered on the back of the head, which can be overhead). Also, such an accessory is ideal for owners of thin and thin hair.

what is a chignon

Accessory that transforms the hairdress

Women can use false strands,which are attached with hair clips, elastic bands, ribbons. After all, what is a chignon for many modern women, as not an excellent solution, which makes it possible to turn solid hair into melted hair, change their length and volume? Moreover, using interesting accessories of different forms (tail, bow, spit), you can create amazing images every day.

First you need to decide which hairstylesit is planned to create more often. Also it is required to select tails, made of natural hair. Their color is uniform in any case, and the species is natural. If you prefer natural hair, it is much easier to understand if the shade matches.

how to make a chignon

Importance of color matching

It's easiest to choose this accessoryowners of hair, painted in a homogeneous color. After all, what is a chignon? This product is made of natural or artificial materials, but must be dyed.

Pick up a chignon with curls or torn strandssomewhat more complicated. Because of the glare, which look different in artificial and natural lighting, it is not easy to find the necessary goods. For example, during the day it may seem that the coincidence is perfect. And if in the evening time new shades open, it will be noticeable that the part of the hairstyle has an alien origin.

Buy a chignon is preferable in the afternoon. And to make a final decision, you need to ask the seller to turn off the light in the store. In this case, it will be clear whether the hair colors match perfectly.

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How to make a chignon yourself

Many beauties are interested in making chignonsand the ability to make an accessory with your own hands. In any case, you should know that this activity is quite painstaking and time-consuming. To create really beautiful accessories, you need certain skills.

Usually, for the production of a chignon,hair, the length of which is 20 cm. It should be borne in mind that the product obtained after work is shorter. The difference goes away when weaving. And if you want to make a hairpiece from short hair, it will take much more time and effort.

Specialists distinguish hairpieces on a specialtissue basis and without it. Products can be made in a variety of variations. When manufacturing a chignon on a monture (cloth), a mesh-base with a ready-made crack (thread with hair) is used. For the second method of making a chignon, the truss must be stitched.

chignon with their own hands

Preparation for weaving of a chignon

The technique of weaving a chignon resembles a "frivolite"in other words, hand weaving. It was practiced by women about 40 years ago. Then the high hair was very fashionable, and on sale there were no wigs and hairpieces. If you managed to get yourself one, then it cost a lot. We weaved them on the basis of a thread called "tress". And as the material could use horsehair. How to make a tress for a chignon or a wig?

You will need natural hair, strong threads, water, an old chair, a hammer and nails. These tools must be found in every home. Procedure:

  • On the right side of the chair back, you need to drive in a row at the same distance 3 nails, and opposite them - one.
  • Prepared thread wrap around 1 nail, fasten. Stretch to the opposite side of the backrest. After this, fix the thread on one of the three nails.
  • The same thing needs to be done with the other two fasteners on the chair.

production of hairpieces

Technique for making an accessory

Threads on the right side should be tensionedstretch to the nail on the left. And then you can start making the chignon directly. It is difficult to make it with your own hands, everything can be learned. The work stages look like this:

  • Hair should be tied in bundles and put near the container with water. In the process of working they will need to be slightly moistened. This is done to facilitate work.
  • From the total beam, you need to detach 10-15 hair, moisten them with your fingers moistened in water.
  • This strand should be stretched to the middle between 1 and 2 threads, and then - over 2 and 3. The figure shows how this is done.
  • Twist the strand behind the top thread and stretch over 2 and 1. It's also better to follow the photo.
  • Then you need to start a strand for 1 and 2 yarn, pull it, move it to the side.

In the same way, all the available hair should be stitched step by step to the thread. And attach to the tape ribbon or hair band is quite simple. This is usually done by hand in very small stitches.

After a little practice it will be possible to show,how to make a chignon, to his girlfriends. After all, many are interested in this technique. But the product will turn out qualitative and ideally suited to the color of your hair.