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Chanel Fragrance No. 5: Description of the fragrance, features and reviews

The world of smells captivates, every year giving allnew and new flavors and pleasing a finicky shopper variety. It would seem that you can still come up with a not so large stock of components: sandalwood, amphora, musk, squeezed out of floral arrangements, vanilla and more? It seems that all possible combinations for the whole history of perfume have long been worked out and tested, to wait for something new is not possible, and hardly anyone will be able to create an aroma that goes beyond the framework of generally accepted ideas. Sometimes it is not necessary, because neither art, nor beauty, nor smart perfumery can grow old, the listed simply does not have this right.

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Perfume Chanel № 5 fully corresponds to the rankthe best and fully justify that the world considers them to be truly time-tested and not subject to it. Today we would like to talk about this fragrance, to tell the reader about its main components, the history of creation and to mention the truthful feedback of buyers who choose Chanel No. 5 for their entire existence.

A bit of history

The fragrance of the perfume house Chanel was created infar back in 1921. Specialists consider spirits to flower and aldehyde classes. Ernest Beaux (Ernest Bo) was engaged in development of this variety of the well-known brand. It was thanks to the efforts of this man that the world could see Chanel No. 5. By the way, Coco Chanel herself highly appreciated these spirits. They became her avatar, because exactly at her request work on the project was launched and after a while the world saw the fragrance that passed through time and was preserved in its original form. It is noteworthy that the creator of the French spirits for a long time worked in tsarist Russia, making for the members of the emperor's family unique flavors. In 1917, after the revolution and the overthrow of Nicholas II, Bo was forced to flee to save his life. This fateful escape from Russia to Paris glorified the perfumer throughout the world.

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The legend that is pure truth

Coco Chanel asked Ernest Bo to providefor her personally, such a fragrance that he was an individual, reflected the femininity. According to her idea, the perfumer had to present her with a choice of several compositions in which the essence of the famous Frenchwoman would be fully reflected. Long experiments of the perfumer with artificial components in due course gave a tremendous result. The most interesting thing is that Bo became the first who managed to build a full-fledged fragrance using molecules of aldehydes. In the future Chanel No 5 (the description of the fragrance is given below in today's article) will become the favorite smell of many women. Koko herself highly appreciated the efforts of Bo, who offered her a choice of 10 absolutely different flavors. Coco stopped at what was the fifth in a row. That is why the famous name of spirits, known in Europe and all over the world, appeared. By the way, the choice fell on the fifth number is not accidental, because Koko never concealed that this is her favorite number. Once she admitted that absolutely all the fragrance compositions presented to her court by Ernest Bo, deserved the highest praise. However, Chanel's choice was obvious: any scent placed under her lucky number could become an elected one.

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Features of composition

Perfume has its own terms, many of whichwhich sound very poetic. This is logical, because the world of smells is a kind of creativity, sometimes its highest form. Chanel number 5 for many is a mystery, because, it would seem, its harsh and heavy flavor should have caused rejection, rather than appeal. To understand why this is happening and why millions of people around the world consider spirits to be unsurpassed, we need to consider the main components of its composition:

  1. Starting notes:exquisite bergamot and fervent lemon. Also, ylang-ylang, neroli and aldehydes form, the so-called top of the magnificent smell. Something light, with a taste of the beginning of a palpable flow of the main components.
  2. Heart notes: voluptuous iris, tender rose, fresh lily of the valley, and also mysterious jasmine, which is appreciated in the East. It is a special palette, embodied in smells.
  3. The base notes include amber and musk, sandalwood and patchouli, civet and vetiver. Yes, and a nice vanilla with oak moss for women, enclose the base notes.

How all these elements are handled, in whichproportions are mixed - a secret known only to the creator and the firm that owns the rights to produce it. The real Chanel No. 5 is recognized even by amateurs. Too difficult to fake them.

Description of the fragrance

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Some critics may say that the Frenchthe brand of perfume will smell like the past, the trunk of the youth of actresses. However, this is a great error. If you do not take into account the year of creation of the legendary fragrance, then there will be no naive associations. It is a fateful and mysterious, luxurious and enveloping scent. He carries away into special worlds, gives joy and attracts men. A bit tart, but very pleasant aroma Chanel No. 5, according to users, is able to leave a train from 3 to 6 hours. Everything depends on the specific weather conditions and even on the characteristics of the person's clothing. As the great Coco said, the spirits created by Ernest Bo, smell like a woman. The smell is individual, perceived by each of its carriers in its own way. This is the beauty of good noble scents.

Beyond time and seasons

Мы уже упоминали о том, что духи, отражающие the essence of Coco Chanel, Chanel No. 5 has been almost unchanged for almost a hundred years now and incredibly in demand. They can be considered out of time. Many lovers of the French perfume house and the aforementioned fragrance in particular notice that "Chanel" is good for all ages and any time of the year. But at different times of the day he reveals himself in his own way. Here are some examples:

  1. Chanel 5 eau de toilette gives smell in the morningvivacity and desire to stand out. It is noted that in the early hours of the day's work, the spirits are completely unlike their fragrance for the one that will gradually unfold to the lunch break. Those who choose it, consider this feature unique, because the game of shades and the whole blend with subtle, varied notes gives a feeling of uniqueness and perfection, depending on the mood and time of the day.
  2. В обед французские духи обретают силу, становясь tart (to some extent the aroma of the day is too heavy). Perhaps the floral accents of "Shaneli No. 5" were not without reason chosen as the heart of the whole composition, because as a business woman using such perfume, tartness, bordering on anti-sexuality, is more likely to be on hand. It is known that many transactions are made during lunch, so it will be superfluous to divert colleagues by themselves with romantic flavors.
  3. In the evening and at night the spirits are revealed to the fullest extent andin all its palette, exuding the smell of a true woman. Perhaps this is just the poetry of aesthetes, but there is still some truth in it. Perfume, created by Ernest Bo, incredibly long grows to fully show itself in all its glory. According to customers, Chanel No. 5 bribes its permanent admirers, whose ranks are multiplying year after year.
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Statistics based on hundred years of observations

Perfumery issued under the auspices ofMadame Coco, always used by women of different ages. At the very beginning, of course, the fifth issue of Chanel was preferred by married ladies and those who are slightly over 35 and 45 years old. After a while, the age category of representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, who preferred to exude the smell of luxury and fashion trends of that era, was significantly rejuvenated. According to numerous opinions of experts, this happened not accidentally. Using the spirits of the authoritative house "Chanel", the girls could show their solidity, and women demonstrate a refined taste and passion. It is noteworthy that almost every flavor is appropriate to say that it is revealed on each person in a special way. But to the perfume perfume house "Chanel" this view is more suitable, because being inherently a bit harsh and bold, on some individuals they "sound" incredibly thin and easy. In short, the magic of Ernest Bo continues to amaze, conquer hearts and excite people's sense of smell, almost a hundred years after successfully mixing the components into one composition.

"Letual" and duty-free shops

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Earlier (in the early 19th century and in the era of perestroikaSoviet Union) French perfume was worth its weight in gold. To get the original foreign perfume was almost impossible, but now it is public. For example, in Russia you can buy your cherished bottle Chanel No. 5 in Letual, a chain of stores that provide quality perfumes for every taste. Many men and women who travel the world, choosing airlines for these purposes, are happy to spend waiting hours to land in duty-free shops. There, too, it is possible to buy for yourself or as a gift the perfect perfume of absolutely any manufacturer, including the products of the French perfume "Chanel".

Cost of Chanel perfume and 5 in 1 sets

The price of French perfumes is quite high,but do not forget that for only one quality in conjunction with the name, which has won fame and received the highest score around the world, the manufacturer has the right to demand considerable money. So, for example, for a bottle of perfume with a volume of only 7.5 ml, a connoisseur will have to shell out 10 thousand rubles, and for 15 ml to give up about 17 thousand. A good alternative can be a gift set Chanel 5 in 1 or toilet water, sold separately, because the price for such products is several times less than for the perfume of the French manufacturer. By the way, the cost of toilet water or a spray of 50 ml varies in the range of 7 thousand rubles. It should be said that the sets are not equipped with the aroma at number 5, but they contain not less attractive elements for modern women of fashion:

  1. Black mascara and red lipstick.
  2. Black eye pencil, equipped with a special eyebrow brush.
  3. Aroma of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.
  4. Eau de toilette Chanel Chance.

Such a gift set will cost the buyer a ridiculous amount equal to 6 thousand rubles, and taking into account the holiday discounts and stocks of stores, often it can be purchased at half cheaper.

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The dynasty of perfumers, making their own adjustments to the favorite fragrance

It is clear that almost 100 years of historythe existence of the fragrance "Chanel" in the perfume market, it was slightly improved and modernized. The first principle, invented by Ernest Bo, always remained the same, but additional adjustments were made, for example, to increase the time of firmness or to create a completely new fragrance based on Chanel No. 5. In the French fashion house, which produces stunning fragrances, there were always only professionals of the highest level . After Bo, there were only two of them: a father and a son named Polezh. So, the senior Poles, whose name was Jacques, created the flavors of the floral-aldehyde series "Chanel" at number 5, but with the original annotation of Eau (De Premiere and De Parfume). And his son Olivier confined himself only to the idea of ​​his father in the Chanel region No. 5 Eau, which we will discuss below. True, Olivier Polje also wished to become famous, so his aromas are easily recognized by the soft L "placed ahead of the whole name.

Opinions and Feedback

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Ladies appreciate Chanel for what is in themwhole epoch. At the same time, there is no "antiquity" in them to be found, only endurance, like an expensive cognac. You can not say that the flavors of Chanel No. 5: Eau Premiere, Eau Parfume, L "Eau are liked by everyone without exception, on the contrary, they have quite a lot of opponents who do not accept women's perfume spirits bordering on the men's series and inherent to a greater extent By the way, only those who do not once dare to put on their skin the magic composition of the fragrance that would open up after some time as no one expected it, by the way, is considered only by this main step (the first application of perfume to the skin ) separates a person from immeasurable love for the fragrance Ernest Bo. According to the reports of women who did not hesitate to plunge into a whirlwind, at first glance, heavy and swiftly enveloping, changing the "Chanel" to something else is simply not possible. Each of its bearers describes its own bouquet, differing in fragrant parameters from the exact the same, but with another woman.This effect of unpredictability and mystery was probably not expected by the creator himself.

For stylish and luxurious women defending their independence

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Many know that Coco Chanel was legendarypersonality, purposeful and with an inner core. She was a trendsetter in fashion for trouser women's suits and elegant black dresses in tight. She is a kind of provocateur of the era, which many contemporaries tried to imitate and admire. Even now there is probably not a single person who does not know the name of this great Frenchwoman. The motto and the main goal of Madame Coco can be considered equality between a man and a woman. Probably, that's why the face of the perfume line of Chanel No. 5 for women is very thin and passes next to the male fragrances, to some extent reminding them. These are the spirits of stylish ladies who have a natural charm and want to emphasize their independence. They are a sign of true luxury, they show a high aesthetic taste of their bearer. Scientifically proven: both women and men subconsciously judge a person not only by his appearance, but also by the smell emanating from his body.

Worth recommending

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There are things that everyone must door certainly try in your life. To them it is possible to carry a lot: travel, birth and upbringing of children, building your own home, career, the realization of creative ideas. Everyone in this world has his own goals and priorities. However, the aesthetic side of the question and the selection of a suitable fragrance for oneself - things are also very painstaking. It is possible to recommend and advise much, but the opinion of the elect will always be decisive. Chanel No. 5 is a flavor that has been tested by time and appreciated by consumers. It should be considered already only because it is a legend in the perfume market for almost 100 years, and this number can not boast of all.