/ How to choose nail polish?

How to choose a nail polish?

What determines the style of a woman?Correctly, its appearance, selected accessories, clothes, hair, make-up and manicure. It is difficult to imagine a business woman in a classic gray suit and with nails painted in a poisonous green color .... Well-groomed nails are one of the signs that a woman cares about herself and her image. By what form and nail polish is preferred by this or that representative of the weaker sex, one can judge her character. What varieties of nail cover offer us the beauty industry?

Nail Polish, its types and characteristics

There are several types of coverage and each performs a specific function.

Nail polish

  • The basis - is applied to the nails and its main task is to align the nail plate and visual elimination of defects and irregularities.
  • Decorative lacquer - gives a shade and is used for various nail design.
  • Fixer - its application is associated withthe need to protect the previous layer from damage due to mechanical and chemical influences. For example, cleaning and cleaning products, as well as microscopic scratches and cracks, without which no homework can do.
  • Varnish for quick drying - this tool is usually used to speed up the drying process of the applied decorative varnish.
  • Varnish for strengthening the nails.

How to choose decorative nail polish

Varnishes for nails buy
As we have already said, decorative varnishUsed to give a nail plate a shade or to create a pattern. However, do not think that using the base, you can paint your nails with absolutely any varnish. Frankly cheap means will certainly harm, and the foundation will only partially mitigate this adverse effect. In case you do without the manicure does not work, then get nail polish at least the average price category. Surely puffing and brittle nails - this is not the limit of your dreams! Also pay attention to the size of the bottle. If you constantly change the shade, then it makes no sense to buy a large volume, it simply starts to drag on and will soon dry up. It is better to buy a few shades in a small package. Thus, you and the choice will be more, and money will save. Varnish for nails can be bought both in specialized stores, and in large supermarkets, markets and small retail outlets. Preference is still given to either cosmetic shops with a proven reputation, or supermarkets. At the very least, they receive a certified product, and therefore, you are insured against the purchase of poor-quality products.

How to choose a shade

Collections of varnishes
It all depends on where you're going withsuch manicure. Some lovers of dyeing their nails over time collects a whole collection of varnishes. If you plan a trip to a nightclub or a disco, then it is better to choose bright and eye-catching hues. Suitable nail polish 3D or holographic, as they create very interesting effects. At a business dinner or in the office, no doubt, the best solution is to choose either neutral shades or the French manicure. This is a win-win version of well-groomed nails and a neat appearance of the hands, independent of the style of clothing. On a romantic date, you can choose more gentle tone, and a friendly party or corporate - bright and extravagant. Everything depends only on your mood, attire and the environment in which the event will take place!