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Manicure in blue tones at home

Only a few dozen years ago, blue was not consideredsomething that is ambiguous, but simply an unacceptable color for manicure. Not only the townsfolk, but even the masters of their work, convinced the doubters that nails of this color are only found in drowned women, urban madmen and those who do not know how to use a hammer. Later blue color began to penetrate into the nail art, but there could be no question of any dominance. It was used only as an additional nail painting.

manicure in blue tones

Today, everything has changed.Manicure in blue tones no one surprises. But in some ways his opponents were right: this color requires due respect. He does not tolerate any negligence. And failure to "your" shade from the palette is fraught with a complete lack of aesthetics. Does this mean it's better not to take chances? Perhaps it's worth keeping to the traditional beige and pink range? Not at all! Simply and when choosing a varnish, and when creating a manicure, one should adhere to simple recommendations. And the choice of design should be approached with a soul. And in this case, the manicure in blue tones will provide increased attention to your well-groomed handles. And the photos in the article will help with the choice.

How to choose a blue lacquer

manicure in blue tones photo

Choosing a varnish on the market, it is possible essentiallysave. But it is unlikely that a seller selling inexpensive cosmetics will provide you with a palette. And in quality, you can not be sure. Budget purchase, most likely, will fly to the garbage in the very near future.

Trust good manufacturers, it's alwaysis justified. It is not necessary to pay fabulous money for a bottle of lacquer, a good product is also in the middle price segment. Specialty stores and official cosmetics distributors always give the customer the opportunity to make sure that he gets exactly what he wants. Some even provide samplers. Never neglect this opportunity in the case of blue lacquer! For shades of this scale it is more than actual. Unsuccessfully matched blue can create an effect of soreness or simply look at the nails pale and inexpressive.

manicure in white and blue tones

If you do not have the opportunity to try on lacquer-covered tips or to cover the nail with a probe, follow the rule that it is better to apply warm colors to the skin and warm it in warm colors. And vice versa.


For many years, the French manicure does not leavepages of glossy magazines, podiums and topical portfolios of the most fashionable masters of nail design. It would seem that the topic is completely revealed: we saw white and beige classics, and colorful neon stripes, and painted part, and rhinestones, and piercings, and much more. But apparently, this is the case when you can talk not about the trend, but about the style. Yes, and make it simple. The French manicure in blue tones, the photo of which is located below, can be created independently and with the help of usual varnish, and with the help of shellac (of course, if you have a lamp).

manicure in blue yellow tones

To make the pattern neat, use special strips for the jacket, which are sold in nail design stores.

Bright colors of summer

Manicure in blue and yellow tones is a great idea forbeach, picnic, travel. These colors are associated with the sun, sand, a clean summer sky and, of course, the sea. If such a manicure is just what you are looking for, boldly get down to business! The shades of blue perfectly match with the yellow scale. Lacquers of these flowers can make a lunar manicure, paint your nails in random order, to play the idea of ​​a "special nail" or make a painting presented in the next photo.

manicure in blue blue tones

As you can see, nothing is complicated, but the result looks very impressive. To create a drawing, use thin brushes.

Blazing Neon

If your plans include going to a nightclub or a beach disco, do not miss the opportunity to shine in the rays of the spotlights! Neon manicure in blue tones can easily be done by yourself.

manicure in red blue tones

50 shades ... blue!

Very stylish looks manicure in blue and bluetones with the transition of color. This idea has been for several years, but such design does not lose popularity. To create it, you need a few varnishes of blue shades. Sort them from the dark to the light and apply them to the nails in turn.

manicure in blue blue tones

Подобный маникюр - отличная идея для everyday style, but this technology can be used for special occasions. Apply a varnish of gold or silver color over the stencil on the stencil, decorate with half-beads or rhinestones, glue the decals. In a word, painted with different shades of the same color nails - a great base for creative experiments.

Water manicure in blue tones

Technique of drawing on the nails of drawings with the help ofwater definitely deserves to try to master it. To do this you will need a shallow container with ordinary water, a varnish of 3-4 shades of blue, a needle and a sponge with a solvent. Drip a few drops of each varnish on the water in random order, mix the strips with a needle. Pry the lacquer with your fingers and allow it to dry. It remains to gently wipe the remnants from the skin around the nails.

manicure in blue blue tones

Do not be scared if the first time you can not reach your goal. Water manicure - it's not an easy task, but then everything is decided by practice.

Royal combination

Manicure in blue tones with gold is a great ideafor New Year's holidays, romantic date, corporate. So that it does not look vulgar, do not overdo it with gold and glitter. If you use such colors, think about what decorations will be on you. It is unlikely that the combination of gold varnish and silver or bronze rings will be successful.

manicure in blue tones

Blue varnish is not combined with any stones.For example, a gentle carnelian will look faded against the background of blue, and the color of turquoise can look dirty. Try on the rings beforehand so that on an important evening you avoid trouble.

Marine theme

Manicure in red and blue colors is a great idea for a party in a marine style. That's where you can show imagination, creative vein and taste!

manicure in red blue tones

With this classic combination it is difficult to overdo it.Color your fingernails in random order and paint an image of anchors, steering wheels, sea knots. If you are not sure about your own artistic talent, use the decals. They allow you to get an excellent result.

Forever fashion gradient

Coloring with the transition color is suitable for everyday style, and for creating festive images. Manicure in white and blue in the technique of "gradient" is easy to make.

manicure in white and blue tones

To do this, cover the nails with a layer of white lacquer, givedry it. Drop a drop of blue on the sponge and a drop of white lacquer, rub the border with a toothpick, attach to the nail. If the lacquer is outside the nail, remove the residues.

As you can see, the blue lacquer is suitable for creating a lot of interesting images.