/ How to style hair properly

How to style your hair properly

Today available to modernFashionable hair styling methods allow you to give even the most naughty locks absolutely any shape. For example, straight hair can be wound, and curly on the contrary - straighten. Depending on the hairstyle, they can be combed not only forward or back, but also up.

There are several basic types of styling - thishot and cold styling, air laying, styling with curlers and hair dryers, combing and tufting or permanent, otherwise called thermal wave.

If the question of how to properly stackhair that they do not spoil it seems difficult, then you can use a cold styling. This kind of laying is the safest. With this method, hair roots are not damaged. This is done using a conventional comb. You can do without it, changing the depth and width of the waves arbitrarily with your fingers. Before making a cold styling, the hair should be washed and slightly dried with a towel. Any cold hair can be laid cold, but it is best suited for wavy and curly hair.

Owners of straight hair often doair-styling, using a hair dryer and comb. But probably not everyone knows how to properly style your hair, so that they seem more magnificent. To achieve this effect, the hair is first dried from the bottom up, after which another drying method is applied - from top to bottom. Thanks to this drying, the roots of the hair straighten well and now you can safely lay your hair in the right direction.

Probably not everyone knows how to properly layhair so that they are magnificent without using a hairdryer. This can be done in two ways: combing and tufting. These two methods are very similar and differ in that the combing is done from two sides, and tuping - only from the inside. And how correctly to stack hair that the hairdress was kept some days? To hair retained shape longer, use hair curlers. Especially good is such a styling on obedient hair.

Today, hot styling has become a fashion, in whichusing forceps. With their help hair can be straightened or put a corrugated pattern. So that the hair does not lose its lively shine and does not become too dry and brittle, do not often use this kind of styling. For the protection of hair, it is recommended to apply a special thermal protection immediately before styling.
Permanent or, as they say, thermal perm is done on special equipment that automatically maintains the heating temperature. The permanent can be steam and electric.

An important attribute of the hairstyle is the bangs.It not only emphasizes the dignity of a person, makes him younger, but also hides his shortcomings. The bangs can be very different - long and short, straight and oblique, and also - geometric. If the hair is straight, then bang simply. Another thing if the hair is hard or curly. Incorrectly laid bangs can spoil everything. Do you know how to style a bang?

For work, it is best to take a hairdryer with a brush. There are several ways of styling that are suitable for any hair.

An important rule to remember is notuse to lay bangs a lot of gel, mousse or varnish, otherwise the hair will stick together. You need to use special modeling spray for styling. To lay a long oblique bangs, spray hair with a varnish and smooth the comb. The bangs laid in this way will have a shine and will not crumble. You can lay and wet bangs, but that it is well laid, a stream of air directed from top to bottom. Short or lacerated bangs need to be stacked so that they have slight negligence.

If you know how to properly make hair styling, then you can at any time make an excellent hairstyle at home and always look your best!