Crochet on leg

Kare for many years is the choice of stylishwomen. This hairstyle will be in vogue forever, because it has long been recognized as a classic. However, despite the classical nature, it is not static. There are many elements and details that stylists constantly supplement the classical basis to get a more perfect hairstyle.

Crochet on the leg - one of the varieties of haircuts,which looks great on the representatives of the fair sex of any age: from stylish girls to elegant representative ladies. The original form of haircuts sets the nature of the styling, making it fairly simple and quick. Therefore, the hairstyle is very practical, although it requires, of course, a lot of attention.

This effective short haircut well highlightscheekbones, prolongs the neck line, making the face more expressive and attracting special attention to it. At the same time, it should be taken into account that the classic hairstyle of the square on the leg visually makes the face a little wider, also emphasizes the nose. Therefore, this haircut should be chosen for women with a beautiful nose and not too broad face, so that it looked harmonious.

This haircut is very convenient, because it's prettyeasy to fit. In addition, the very creation does not bring much trouble. It should be understood that it is better to perform such a haircut on straight, even hair, because curly to lay will be very difficult. In advance, no one can accurately say exactly how curly hair behaves, cut in the shape of a square. They may well curl up, and the whole hairstyle will change its essence. To this you need to be ready.

Kare on the leg: how to shear?To begin with, the hair needs to be washed and slightly dried. Then comb them and divide into four sections. It is easy to make a comb with a sharp handle, having spent two lines through the middle of the head: one - horizontally, the other - vertically. At each site, chop the hair.

Start the haircut from the back of the head.To do this, first remove the clips from these parts of the hair. Make parting at the level of the ears, the remaining hair above it, kill. Cut the lower part of hair in the form of a cape. Then separate the hair layer about 1 centimeter from the top portion, trim similarly, but slightly shorter. Moisten your hair as it dries. The back of the head is slightly profiled to give it a better shape.

Now you can proceed to the formation of the"Caps" square. The hair left on the back of the head is divided by horizontal parting. Cut the bottom layer at a height that is selected as the length of the square on the foot. Then take each layer of hair in the thickness of a centimeter and cut it at the level of the one that was taken as the basis. The length of the strands must be kept extremely precise.

Then you can proceed to the design of the temples.Separate a layer of hair 1-2 cm thick from the line of their growth and cut, extending from the face. Alternatively, you can not extend, but round the strand, to give the carat on the leg a slightly different shape. Just cut all the hair on both sides of the face, making sure that the line between the occipital and temporal zone is smooth.

After the haircut is completely completed,hairstyle should be given the necessary shape and volume. It is best to use a hairdryer and a round hairbrush. The result can be fixed with a small amount of stowage.

An excellent way of laying is done this way.It is necessary to conduct an asymmetrical oblique parting, then turn the hair with the help of a hair dryer down, some of them with hands thought out "confused" and fixed with an easy styling product. This hairstyle looks unusual, romantic and feminine. You can experiment with more unusual ways of laying, picking up for yourself the ideal option. Success in creative work!