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Ash-blond hair color: photo, description, coloring recommendations

Now everything is natural, includingnatural shades of hair. Someone does not like the golden pigment, which appears through the main tone. Therefore, aspiration correctors and shading tinctures are required, which dampen bright colors. Many grow their previously painted hair and tend to smooth a noticeable border. In all these cases, the hair color "Ash-blond" will be the salvation.

Natural hair of this color is foundrarely. Usually there is always a yellowish or orange tint, which is clearly visible in the sun. Moreover, the dyed hair with each washing lose its brightness, while simultaneously displaying an undesirable reddish tint.

At children light hair darken

Nevertheless, many people like the ash-brown color.women. It goes well with skin tone, looks noble. Almost always blond in childhood puberty darkens under the action of hormones and turn into this color. If you stay long in the sun, such hair will burn out. It turns out natural ombre. It is not surprising that this color has so many fans.

Three shades of one color

On household paints there is usually a picture thatShows three options of coloring depending on the initial hair color. If you take shades that are close in range, then you can see that a similar tone is obtained not only with the selected paint, but also with two more - one tone lighter and one tone darker. In professional colors there is no such picture, but the principle remains. It should be taken into account.

Three ash blonde shades

Photo ash-blond hair color clearlydemonstrates the three main varieties of tone intensity. It is dark, medium and light. All of these options can come from three models that dyed their hair with the same dye. The final result will affect the original hair color. If this blonde, like Marilyn Monroe (she, as you know, was painted in platinum color), then you get a bright version. The brown-haired will have dark blond ashy hair color.

Paints that are marked 6.1, 7.1 and 8.1, - these are the three variants of fashionable color. They can be made by different companies, but professional numbering determines this color very accurately. The discrepancy may be only in the nuances.

What does marking on professional paint mean?

On carton pack professional paintnever print a photo of ash-blond hair or anything else. The colorist will be told about the paint characteristics by an international label. Increasingly, it began to be used for household paints, which women tint at home. It is necessary to disassemble it in more detail.

Ash Brown Blonde Estelle

In hair coloring, there are two mainconcepts - the level of depth of tone and the number of colors. First indicate the level of depth of tone. To make it clearer, you can submit a black and white photo and remember how colors will be displayed on it. Black will remain black, white - white. The rest will take their places in between.

Eumelanin is present in the hair, consisting of red, yellow and blue pigments. It is brown in color, and the depth of tone depends on how much hair is in it:

  1. The black.
  2. Very dark brown, almost black.
  3. Dark brown.
  4. Dark chestnut.
  5. Chestnut.
  6. Dark blond.
  7. Medium blond.
  8. Light blond.
  9. Blond.
  10. Light blonde.

Если на тюбике стоит одна из десяти цифр, а через the second digit is 0, which means we have a natural row. It matches the natural hair found in nature. The second digit indicates the basic tone, the depth of which is shown by the first digit. The third digit is a subtone, or a complementary shade (not always):

  1. Blue-violet.
  2. Green.
  3. Gold.
  4. Copper.
  5. Red and purple.
  6. Violet.
  7. Red brown.

The video explains how to determine the color index of the paint.

How to make ash-blond from dark dyed hair: photo

Since the paint does not lighten the paint, you have tomake discoloration (remove artificial and brighten natural pigments). By this procedure, the depth of tone becomes lighter. For example, black hair has a tone depth of 1. It is to be raised to 6 in order to have dark brown ashy hair.

Dark hair discoloration

In the process of discoloration may be neededrepeat the procedure if the result did not work right away. This is done in a few days to save hair. At the same time, intermediate tones are obtained, which are composed of natural destroyed pigments (these are different variants of red and yellow). They are called background clarification.

Brightening Background

To determine the hair color, which will be obtained by a single bleaching with a powder or gel, the following table is compiled:

Determination of natural pigment during clarification

The depth of tone of the original hair Lightening background resulting from decapsing
1 Dark brown
2 Dark red brown
3 Dark red brown
4 Red brown
5 Red
6 Red orange
7 Orange
8 Golden
9 Light yellow
10 Citric

Red pigments are neutralized by a green corrector, and yellow ones by blue-violet. It is important not to shift the blue, because it can turn green.

How to get beautiful pure color

Пепельный оттенок получается добавлением синего the pigment, in the case of correctors, is the number 0.11. As can be seen from its color code, this is a basic blue tone, enhanced by an additional blue subtone. When coloring it neutralizes the yellow shade of light brown hair. Therefore, if the natural hair color is light brown, it is enough to apply the corrector to give it an ashy tint.

Fashionable color 2018

If yellow and red pigment are also present in the hair, then the corrector should be used anti-orange, its number is 0.22 (in the “Constant” brand).

Some use for this purpose a corrector fromEstelle 0 / G (graphite). It is added when coloring, make a color bath. Its color is gray, the corrector guarantees a strong shine of hair. According to reviews, the paint “Ash Brown” 7.1, when 3 cm of this corrector is added to it, perfectly copes with neutralizing an undesirable golden shade. If the paint number is different - 6.1, then add 4 cm corrector.

If the hair was previously painted, then when washingthere may be areas with a more pronounced yellow tint, and at the ends - with orange. In this case, different correctors are used: anti-yellow and anti-orange. If you apply only one of them, then the hair may be greenish.

Why is it sometimes better to turn to a professional?

It often happens that the natural hair color wasblonde, then they were stained several times, the result was a black color. The roots grow light brown, and you need to return to the natural color. If you do a wash, then at the ends will have to apply it several times.

So that the achieved level of discoloration does not distort the subsequent staining with red-yellow pigment, calculate the amount of the corrector that neutralizes it. The master will successfully cope with this.

The master class of such coloring is presented in the video.

How to find the desired shade

Popular ash-brown tone produced by manybrands. However, it is necessary to determine the terminology, since it is a complex color, and each person may have his own idea about it. The nuances are as follows: a little lighter or darker, warmer or colder, more gray or radiating brown, with mother-of-pearl or platinum shimmer.

In addition, all people have natural hair color.different. The same paint will paint in different ways, so do not hope for an advertising picture. To get such a color as on the palette, you will have to completely discolour the hair (in the palette, synthetic strands are initially white), and only then do the coloring.

Of course, no one will be exposed to this.to the test. A competent colorist will take into account the pigment in the hair and build the formula of the most appropriate color. This is told by an expert trainer in the video below.

How to avoid unwanted tint after applying paint

In the hair there are natural pigments,which give it an individual coloring. These are blue, yellow and red pigments. When stained under the influence of oxide, blue is first destroyed, it is the most unstable. It is followed by red, and last of all - yellow. That is why when dyed in ash-blond dark hair, red, chestnut - red-orange, blondes - yellow shade. To remove the unwanted tone, you should use the correctors or the paint that contains them.

В красках для волос присутствуют искусственные pigments. Under the influence of oxide, they polymerize, increasing in volume, and occupy a place in the porous structure of the hair. Color becomes mixed: it consists of natural and synthetic pigments. How do you know which proofreader is required in a particular case?

Color circle

In color (the science of color) there is a conceptneutralization. This is a process whereby mixing two tones produces a beige color. For example, when mixing red and green you get dark beige, lemon and violet - light beige, orange and blue - medium beige. These laws are represented in every professional palette by Oswald’s circle. In it, the color opposite the given one is its neutralizer.

Proofreaders for paint

If there is a chance that you get green afterstaining, then add a red concealer - from Estel it is 0/55. Or take the paint, which includes the number 5 after the fraction. For example, 7/5. But it should be remembered that it is necessary only to neutralize the shade. Therefore, use one centimeter of the corrector or not more than half the volume of paint.

Brands that produce ash brown

You can find many brands in the palette of which there is this color. Here are some of them:

  1. Estel is a domestic brand that represents this color in four different lines:
  • DE LUXE - 8/1, 7/71, 7/41, 7/1, 6/41, 6/1.
  • SENSE DE LUXE - 8.1.
  • DE LUXE SILVER - 8.31
  • ESSEX - 8/1, 7/1, 6/71.
  1. Oriflame - 8.1.
  2. “Avon” - tone 8.1.
  3. Fara Classic - tone 528.
  4. L’Oréal Paris:
  • Préférence - 7.1. Iceland.
  • Excellence Crème - 8.1.
  • Casting crème

With what tone 7.1 is combined, Evelina Khromchenko will tell. The video shows the original hair color of the model and the one that is obtained after applying the paint “Ash Brown”.

How to keep brightness after coloring

Over time, even the brightest shades fade.This occurs due to leaching of the pigment. In order to preserve the intensity of the tone, the pigment is saturated using a small percentage of the oxygenating agent — 1.5% or 3%. This procedure is called a color bath. It is made when the undesirable color begins to appear. For ashen light brown it can be yellow.

Neutralizes yellow color corrector 0.11, which is mixed with shampoo and oxigent in a ratio of 1: 1: 1. For example, 30 ml in equal parts. This cocktail is applied to wet hair and aged for several minutes, but not more than twenty. The exposure time is controlled visually. Since the mixture is liquid, it is well distributed along the length by hand. But there is a downside to the medal - such a composition flows. In the barber this procedure is done in the sink. Home more comfortable while taking a shower.

The shampoo makes the mixture not as alkaline as whenadherence to technological staining or toning. As a result, the pigment does not settle, and the composition is suitable for fast work: no brushes! Technologists have come up with a motto for the color bath: “We paint quickly, keep a little, wear for a long time.”

Maintain color

When the desired color is achieved, you should considerfurther hair care. When washing, the pigment will constantly wash out, so it is better to use such shampoos that retain color as long as possible. The use of dandruff shampoos like Nizoral will lead to more intensive washing out of color, since its composition dissolves pigment.

Ash hair

Do not get involved in gray tint shampoos,they will eventually give dirty hair color. It is better to perform lamination, in which the hair flakes stick together and hold the pigment longer. You can successfully do this procedure at home, taking a neutral corrector for the color bath. An extraordinary shine will be added.

In the sun, most pigments fade;applies to ash-light brown. Reviews of girls walking in the summer without a hat or umbrella, talk about the rapid loss of ashy shade and yellowness manifested. In addition, the sun is very dry hair. They become brittle and dull. There is a tool with UV filters in the form of a spray that will keep the color you like.


In modern conditions, you can get any color.hair. Synthetic pigments can penetrate deep into the hair structure. However, they can constantly replenish the amount of pigment that goes away during washing. When hair regrowth, you can think of stretching the color, which is achieved by a zero offset to smooth the transition.

The most important is the constant care.Means for this set, the whole thing in choosing the brand you like. Try staining in this trendy ash-blond shade, and you will love it.