/ / Means "Nizoral" (shampoo): instruction and purpose

Means "Nizoral" (shampoo): instruction and purpose

Nizoral shampen instructions

Dandruff, disturbing a lot of people,is manifested by irritation of the scalp, as well as by the acceleration of exfoliation of its cells, which are caused by too much fungus. The phenomenon is not fatal, but very unpleasant. To combat it there are many different means, but the most effective, perhaps, is considered shampoo for dandruff "Nizoral", which is confirmed by its effectiveness in the fight against seborrheic eczema, psoriatic peeling and pityriasis.

The composition of this drug includes ketoconazole(fungicide), which is widely used in medicine. It is effective in combating yeasts, yeast-like fungi and dermatophytes, removes itching, peeling associated with seborrheic dermatitis and multi-colored lichen. Means "Nizoral" (shampoo), the instruction to which without fail is present in the box, retains its active component for a long time on the skin and thereby protects against the recurrence of dandruff. It should be noted that conventional cosmetic shampoos do not wash off this medicinal substance, so you can safely wash their head. The drug "Nizoral" contains a mild washing base, so it does not irritate the skin even when used every day. There are practically no side effects, so there are no reasons for limiting the use.

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Means "Nizoral" (shampoo) the instruction advisesuse depending on the disease. With pityriasis, it is necessary to wash their head every day for a week. In the presence of seborrheic eczema and dandruff - twice a week for a month. For the prevention of diseases, it is sufficient to use the medication once a week or two. It must be said that for preventive maintenance depriving to wash a drug a head it is necessary every day within three days. There is no contraindication to shampoo. The only point to be remembered is that there were no tests on pregnant women and lactating women at all, so perhaps one should not risk their own health and the health of the baby.

Against the background of the use of the "Nizoral" (shampoo)the instruction notes the possibility of the appearance of an allergic reaction in especially sensitive people. It can be local skin irritation, contact dermatitis, itching, in some cases - increased fat content of hair or, on the contrary, excessive dryness.

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If a person is chemically damaged or grayhair, then the shampoo can cause a discoloration. In very rare cases, there may be urticaria, hypersensitivity, alopecia, irritation and dry skin, rashes. Of course, in the case of such reactions, the drug should be discontinued immediately. And if the allergy is not eliminated, you need to visit a doctor.

About how much the shampoo Nizoral costs is betterfind out in the pharmacy - in ordinary cosmetic stores it should not be sold. Approximate cost of 60 ml of the bottle is 500 rubles. The drug is stored for three years, the storage requirements are quite standard (in a place inaccessible to babies, at temperatures up to 25 degrees). If the treatment is chosen "Nizoral" (shampoo), the instruction should be kept very clearly. This will cure the disease, rather than do much more harm.