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Couchon: reviews, varieties and rules of use

All the brightest cosmetic novelties by traditioncome from the East. So it happened with a new tonal makeup tool called kushon. Reviews for this product quickly flooded forums. Bewitigliki around the world with interest and not without pleasure test the novelty and share their opinions. Let's also consider this new eastern medium with a western accent.

cushion reviews

What is the kushon?

Translated from English, the word cushion sounds like"Pillow", and it is the basis of this corrective means. Cushion looks like a powder box: a round jar with a mirror containing a tonal base and a special sponge for its application. What does the pillow? And despite the fact that at the bottom of the jar is the same pad, soaked in a liquid foundation. With the help of the sponge, it is necessary to easily touch the pads in order to transfer the product onto it and distribute it over the skin of the face. The tool is very economical, sponge does not absorb too much and gives a good product in contact with the skin.

Cushion has a light weightless coating, moisturizes and mattes the skin at the same time, and since its birthplace is Korea, it has a high degree of protection from UV rays.

The tool became so quickly spread that they began to produce several more cosmetic products with “pads”:

  • Blush. Thanks to the spongy applicator, the pigment is gently applied and easily distributed.
  • Gloss, colored lip balms and lipstick. The pad provides comfortable application of liquid textures.
  • Liquid eyeshadow. It is easy to apply and immediately shade the product over the surface of the eyelids.
  • Concealers. Delicately distribute the product around the eyes.

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To whom does it suit?

As noted earlier, this tonal tool has a light coating, which means that it will not block strong eruptions and pigment spots, in all other cases the product works very well.

Owners of oily skin and enlarged poresthe Asian couchon is more suitable. Reviews of Korean products confirm that they matte better, hide pores and even out facial relief. This is due to the fact that the skin of the Asian type is more dense, oily and porous, in contrast to the European. Europeans often have dry thin skin that needs moisturizing and nourishing. If your skin type is exactly that, then European manufacturers of cushions are ideal for you. They maintain the water balance, contain nourishing oils, vegetable components and perfectly protect from the harmful effects of sunlight.

How to use?

Like any tonal framework, the couchon needs toapply on the prepared skin, after the ritual of cleansing and moisturizing. Sponzhem lightly press on the pad, we collect on it a product and apply on the skin of the face with patting movements in the direction from the center to the outer part. If there is a need to make the coating layer more dense, apply the product again. It happens that for some reason it is inconvenient to apply the product with a sponge, then the tone can be distributed in any way you are familiar with, for example, using a tonal base brush or fingertips.

As a rule, if the couchon is matched correctly byskin type, it does not require dusting, but if your skin is prone to fat, you can put powder on the T-zone, and wear a matting cloth in your purse just in case.

Makeup removal is done in the usual way.If the tonal tool is Korean-made, then makeup removal is best done with hydrophilic oil. European tone can be removed with micellar water or milk.

Now consider the most well-known brands that have produced a cushion, customer reviews and manufacturers promises

foundation cushon reviews


One of the first from European manufacturersappeared cushion "Lancom". Responses to this tool also appeared before others. Miracle Cushion, which is the name of this tonal framework, offers a high degree of protection against ultraviolet radiation (SPF 23), a covering in the form of a light veil with good overlapping of skin imperfections and an ideal complexion. The tone can be applied in several layers, without fear of the appearance of dark spots and uneven coating. This tool is ideal for owners of dry and normal skin, as it can hide the peeling and has a powerful moisturizing effect.

Customers speak well of MiracleCushion Especially like the weightlessness of the coating, beautiful natural shades, the feeling of moisture throughout the day, the lack of stickiness on the skin. But if there is a tendency to oily skin, then the shine characteristic of it will very quickly appear on the face, and the durability of the remedy decreases significantly. Another disadvantage is the high price, from 3 000 r.

cushon lancom reviews

Yves rocher

Cushon "Yves Rocher" has good reviews at leastbecause this tool is much cheaper than the first, and much can be forgiven for it. The manufacturer offers a composition enriched with babassu seed oil and many other skin-nourishing ingredients. This product leaves a trendy, moist effect on the face that does not require a highlighter. Pure Light has several shades with pink and yellow subtones for almost any skin type, unfortunately, except for the lightest “porcelain”. For such a rare beautiful shade, either Asian tonal bases or from other European manufacturers are more suitable.

Buyers love that the product doesn’t condoneskin well moisturized. Owners of dry skin appreciated the sexual wet effect, but those whose skin is prone to fat content did not have enough durability, and the glossy finish does not add any advantages to the tool.


Another means of mass production inaffordable price segment - couch "L'Oreal". Feedback on this product is also controversial. The manufacturer promises a dense, but at the same time, weightless coating, moisturizing and saturation of the skin with nutrients. This tool has a rich palette containing 12 shades. Now your ideal tone is much easier to find.

The big plus of this foundation isskin moisturizing and good covering power. The tool can be applied in several layers and block almost any imperfection or, having covered with one layer, create a light, refreshing complexion of the veil. The disadvantages include insufficient firmness and the need to dust the forehead and nose.

cushon loreal reviews


This tool has a higher cost thanproducts of brands of mass production, although Cushon "Sefora" reviews has not only positive. Buyers are divided into those who buy this tool again, and those who no longer take it. In this case, dry skin owners were unhappy, as the tonal framework may emphasize desquamation and imperfect relief. The skin is prone to fat, the tonal framework does not overload, hides imperfections and behaves well in persistence.

Sephora produces not only leveling couchons.the tone of the face, but also cushions-rouge and lipstick. These products are very popular with customers, they note ease of use, compact packaging formats and rich "delicious" shades.

cushon sefora reviews

Positive reviews

To summarize: Is the tonal cushion worthy of attention? Reviews prove that definitely - yes! The obvious advantages of means:

  • Light, natural coating without a mask effect.
  • Skin highlighting: from unobtrusive healthy shine to fashionable strobing.
  • Moisturizing and nutrition.
  • UV protection.
  • Leveling facial relief.
  • Alignment of complexion, correction of skin imperfections.
  • Convenient application of the product: there is no need to purchase a special brush or a beauty blender.
  • Packaging with a mirror that can be easily put in a handbag and at any time correct makeup.

Thanks to these qualities, this tonal tool is worth trying and deciding whether it suits you or not.

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Negative feedback

As with any cosmetic product, cushion (reviews confirm this), it cannot be equally suitable for everyone. Therefore, buyers have noted some drawbacks:

  • Lack of stamina. After a few hours there is a need to correct makeup.
  • Means does not mask strong rashes and dark pigmentary spots.
  • Adds excess shine, prone to oily skin.
  • It can emphasize peeling on very dry, dehydrated skin.
  • Some believe that applying a tone with a sponge is not the most hygienic way.
  • Price. The cost of some products is quite high.

If your skin does not need a thick coating,It does not have enough moisturizing and nutrition, then you should try the Cushion concealer. Reviews, of course, create a product of a particular reputation, but, as they say, it's better to see once!