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Gel nail extensions on forms at home

Gel nail extensions on the forms is oneof the most popular types of building. With the help of a gel, a qualified master will be able to give the nails of the client the most natural appearance. In such cases it is almost impossible to distinguish natural nails from artificial nails. The article will tell about the build-up of nails with gel on forms and describe the process as much as possible. Also here you can find information about the items (manicure brushes, varnishes, primers, gels and so on) that you will need for this procedure.

nail extensions with gel on forms

Pros and cons of nail extensions with gel on forms

Many people are interested in the following question:"And what, in fact, implies the buildup of nails on the forms of gel?" This is an increase in the length of the nail bed using a special chemical. After such an extension, the nails acquire additional strength and a beautiful, well-groomed appearance. Now consider all the positive and negative aspects of nail extensions with gel. The pluses include the ability to give the nails a beautiful shape, make them shiny and more natural in appearance. And the cons is that if a crack appears on an artificial nail, then, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to repair it. Another very unpleasant aspect is the removal of the gel from the nail plate. The fact that this material can not be washed with special means and only the file down the surface of the unnatural marigold, and such a procedure may lead to the fact that the plate becomes thin and brittle (for incompetence mother's manicure).

technology of nail extensions with gel on forms
The process of recovery after such an unsuccessfulExtensions can take from you from a month to six months (depending on the severity of the damage). But this will not threaten you if you responsibly treat the choice of the master. Now, having weighed all the positive and negative qualities of such a procedure, you can decide whether it's worth it to make yourself nail extensions with gel on forms or not. Let us proceed to the procedure itself.

Technology of nail extensions with gel on forms

How to make this procedure at home?Read it! To increase you will need: a vacuum cleaner for manicure, a lamp for drying nails, a primer, a natural pink camouflaging gel for modeling, a gel-base, a white gel with a brush, an upper reinforced coating for unnatural nails, an antibacterial agent, a liquid for removing the upper sticky layer, for cuticle, antiseptic, dehydrator, quadrilateral polisher, nail file for artificial nails, file for natural nails, brush for gel modeling.

nail extensions on gel forms
Before you start, the hands of the master are processedand the client with antibacterial gel to prevent infection in the places of possible scratches or cuts. Using a file, shape the natural nails. Sand the plate with another nail file. Prepare universal one-time forms for extension and attach them to the edge of the nail. Apply the primer without getting on the skin around. Then apply a gel-base. Dry your nails in the lamp for three minutes, after which add a modeling gel of pale pink color to the plate. Put the hand under the lamp again. Remove the sticky layer with a special tool. Remove disposable forms. Give the desired shape to artificial nails and sand them. With white gel, draw a line at the top. Apply reinforced coating. Dry in a lamp. Again remove the sticky layer. Done! That's all you need to use to make nail extensions gel on forms.