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Bronzer - what is it? Tips for applying bronzer (photo)

Regardless of the season that stands in the yard, many women of fashion wear a bronzer in their cosmetic bag. What is it, know not all. In this article we will reveal all the secrets of the trendy means.

Why do I need a bronzer?

A well-groomed woman is by no means the one that regularlyobserves personal hygiene, uses masks for various parts of the body, makes a beautiful styling and visits the nail salon. A well-groomed woman should have a glossy gloss. To give the image aesthetic completeness, modern multifunctional cosmetics are needed. So, bronzer for the face just fit into the category of multifunctional. With the help of these cosmetic products, produced in the form of ordinary powder or foundation, you can give your face a radiant golden hue, as well as hide noticeable flaws on the face. Correction of the shape of the face and giving the appearance of a glamorous shine - that's why the beauties instantly loved new cosmetics.

Bronzer what is it

When should I use a bronzer?

If you already know what bronzers are for a person,and believe that you need to use them exclusively in the warm season, when the natural sun's rays caress your skin, you are deeply mistaken. In fact, you can use the presented cosmetic product successfully in the cold overcast season. Do not be afraid that the tool will contrast in color with the rest of the body, but just pick a lighter shade. On the contrary, after a long and harsh winter, the daily application of the bronzer will help to give the face a healthy, radiant and blooming look.

Important caveat

You are not familiar with a product such as bronzer,what is it, do not know? Then we want to make one small warning for you. Going to the store, it is important not to get lost in all the richness of the assortment and choose exactly what you need. Some inexperienced beauties in this case confuse the presented remedy with bronzers, which are applied to the entire body to achieve the effect of sunburn and last for several days. Bronzer (photo of the product we provided in this publication) does not have penetrating into the upper layers of the skin amino acids and is kept as a normal make-up for several hours.

Bronzer reviews

Product Varieties

The most popular are bronzers, produced in the form of powder, as well as funds with a cream texture.

Friable is best suitedowners of oily and combination skin, especially because of the ability to matte greasy shine. In addition, the product, produced in the form of compact powder, does not require professional skills of application.

Best bronzer for women with dry skinIs a product that is available as a liquid creamy texture. In the winter season, when the skin of many women is especially prone to dryness and peeling, the use of liquid textures is more appropriate and effective. The presented means are also issued in the form of a stick, but without mastering the special skills, their application seems very problematic. We can not fail to mention bronzers with reflective particles and sparkles in their composition, which are ideal for going out to light, for example, for a festive party.

Effects of use of funds

Besides the fact that you can give the face a littleTanned radiant look, with the help of a bronzer you can achieve great results. Thus, the tool helps to successfully mask freckles, wrinkles, the presence of a double chin, too long nose and high forehead. If the blush alone is not able to give the cheekbones the desired volume, then in this case it will come to the aid of a bronzer. Reviews of the tool indicate that with it you can easily adjust stretch marks, microcracks, as well as give the face a healthy and radiant look.

How to apply bronzer

Choose the desired shade

Each cosmetic company produces a series ofbronzers. And the choice, depending on the manufacturer, is entirely determined by the taste preferences of women. But when choosing the perfect color, we advise you to listen to our recommendations. In fact, the palette of shadows varies from the lightest to the darkest. First of all, be guided by your natural complexion and do not allow too much contrast. The same nuances relate to the choice of such cosmetic products as bronzer for the body. Light-skinned women need to pay attention to natural shades, and owners of dark skin - chocolate and brick. In large stores, testers are always on the shelves with cosmetic products, and in case of doubt, every woman will be able to apply a layer of product on the outer side of her hands.

How to apply bronzer: practical advice

We begin to apply the tool in small portions,if it is liquid, brush off excess paint from a brush, if the composition is dry. Remember that an excess of funds on the face can play with the appearance of a cruel joke: it simply gives the appearance of unnaturalness. And in some cases, an excessive layer of bronzer on the face can visually age a woman. We do not need such effects, especially when the hand is not yet full under the perfect application. Therefore, let us firmly clarify the golden rule: minimum means and careful shading.

Bronzers for face

Professional Tips:never apply the selected composition immediately to the whole face, even if you are lucky enough to be the owner of the perfect oval without any shortcomings. In this case, focus on the most entering parts of the face. And if you want to model the perfect oval, get a three-color palette, where each of the shades (light, pink and bronze) should not be mixed. In this case, each color is superimposed exclusively on "its" area, creating the necessary glare on the face.

Sculpting technique

You do not know how to use bronzer?Then master one of the most common techniques of applying this cosmetic. It is called sculpturing and will help mask all the obvious flaws that are present on your face.

  1. First, the agent is applied to both cheekbones,when drawing a thin line in the form of a letter C. It is necessary to ensure that on both cheeks there is approximately the same amount of means used. You also need to ensure that the lower part of the line does not reach the border of the lips by 2 cm. The applied line on the cheekbones is immediately carefully shaded.
  2. We continue to apply the composition. Now we emphasize the forehead and apply a small amount of product along the hairline.
  3. To give the nose the desired sophistication put thin strips on the sides and again carefully shade.
    Best Bronzer

Neck and decollete

The face is not the only part of the body into whichput bronzer. Customer reviews indicate a sharp contrast with the neck and décolleté area and imparting some disconnection to the image if the funds are not used in all open areas close to the face. We are used to the fact that the foundation does not need to be applied to the neck, and this number will not work with the bronzer. Apply to the neck very fine lines in the perpendicular direction from the chin. Again well shaded. In order to give harmony to the evening look, a bronzer is also applied to the neckline and shoulders.

What can emphasize the radiance of the face?

To underline the radiance of the skin is necessarystock up with a highlighter. For the same purpose, pink powder or gentle blusher in tone will fit. Apply pink highlights should be on the chin area, the middle of the forehead and the upper part of the cheekbones. Now you know how to apply bronzer, but if you are confronted with incomprehensible moments, then focus on our illustrations, hints.

Bronzer photo

How to apply the tool?

На самом деле это средство непривередливо к drawing. Therefore, for crumbly bronzers, use wide brushes of different sizes, use sponges for liquid creamy textures, and use fingers for more thorough shading. Tip: mastering the technique of applying tools, rely on proven tools and methods, because the main thing is to learn how to perform smooth transitions with invisible boundaries from the applied line to your natural face tone.

Some recommendations

By choosing a liquid product that suits yournatural skin tone, do not ignore the application of a tonal framework. Now we know a lot about such a composition as bronzer. What it is, how to apply the tool, we have already figured out. And we can state with confidence the fact that we do not want to give the face a brown tint. Our goal is a beautiful shine. This goal can be achieved if you do not neglect the application of conventional foundation.

Bronzers, produced in a liquid consistency,may contain some pigment dyes, so direct contact with a clean face may cause unwanted irritation on the skin. This is another factor in favor of applying the composition solely on a basic base.

How to use bronzer


You may not immediately find the perfect one.bronzer. What is it when the tone on the face looks unnatural, orange or yellow? Such unnatural appearance only disfigures. Follow our tips and recommendations, do not be lazy to conduct tests of various manufacturers, do not save money on the tool, and you will definitely find your ideal composition.