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MAC cosmetics stores in Moscow: addresses, reviews and assortment

MAC Cosmetics today is prettya popular line of professional cosmetics. But its distinctive feature is that every woman can use every woman without any problems - so the collections of the brand are arranged. In the lineup there are various types of decorative cosmetics, as well as brushes and other tools with which applying makeup will be much easier. Where can I find a MAC in Moscow?


MAC cosmetics stores in Moscow are engaged inrealization of means for a make-up of the brand with the same name, which, in turn, is a part of the world famous (and not less popular) brand Estee Lauder. Today this professional ruler is known all over the world and is very in demand among the beautiful half of humanity. As they say, the rating can not be bought for any money, and therefore we can say with confidence that MAC is one of the best brands of professional cosmetics among a huge number of brands.

MAC cosmetics stores in Moscow

MAC cosmetics stores in Moscow: addresses

Ознакомиться с брендом можно на официальном сайте manufacturer. In the Russian capital, cosmetics are easy to find - it is in any part of the city. However, as in other large settlements. Here are the detailed addresses, which will simply find the store of your favorite brand:

  1. "Metropolis" on the street. Leningrad highway, 16 A, Art. four.
  2. "Atrium" on the street Zemlyanoy Val, 33.
  3. Aviapark: Khodynskoye Pole, Aviakonstruktor Mikoyan, 10.
  4. SEC "Mega": the 23rd km of the Leningrad highway.
  5. Mega shopping and entertainment center: 21st km along the Kaluga highway / 41th km along the Moscow Ring Road.
  6. "Mega": the city of Kotelniki, passage 1-st Pokrovsky, 5.
  7. "Vegas Kashirskoye": the 24th km of the Moscow Ring Road.
  8. TRC "Pike": Schukinskaya, 42.
  9. Okhotny Ryad, located on Manezhnaya Square, 1, Building 2, middle level.
  10. TsUM: located on the street. Petrovka, 2, 1st hall, 1st floor.
  11. TH "Spring": New Arbat, 19.
  12. SEC "European": Kievsky Station Square, 2.
  13. Yerevan Plaza Center: Big Tula, 13.
  14. SEC "Afimoll City", located on Presnenskaya embankment, building 2.
  15. TC "Capitol": located on Vernadsky Avenue, Building 6.
  16. Gallery "ARTICOLI": Red Square, 3.
  17. Center "Festival": Michurinsky Avenue, 3.
  18. TC GoodZone: Kashirskoye, 14.

From 18 stores located at different pointsMoscow, it is very easy to choose the address that is close to your place of residence or work. Therefore, to find the desired cosmetics in his hometown is not difficult.

MAC Cosmetics

What is in the range of the network of stores MAC?

In the manufacturer's catalog there is literallysense of everything that only beautiful women dream of. MAC cosmetics stores in Moscow offer to buy any of the necessary tools for applying makeup. These are powder, mascara, eye shadow, creams, tools, lip gloss, pencils / eyeliners / felt-tip pens for eyes / eyebrows, as well as various nail polishes and much more. You can be sure that in one of the above MAC stores there will be exactly what a girl needs for daily makeup.


Reviews of MAC shops in Moscow

If the brand itself reviews in most casespositive, then write about the outlets different. MAC cosmetics stores in Moscow work under the guidance of consultants and makeup artists, who will vividly demonstrate the abilities of various face products. Now there are more and more complaints about employees of some outlets. That makeup artist could not find the right tone of powder, the consultant was in no hurry to help the client.

Disappointed shoppers MAC workers in“Okhotny Ryad”, TsUM, “Spring”, “Afimall City”. Good reviews about the employees of the store in “Atrium”, “European” and “Yerevan Plaza”. But, again, in this matter it is difficult to argue: someone likes that outlet, which did not like another, and vice versa. Therefore, it is impossible to make a final conclusion - you need to "conduct an experiment" yourself.