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How to make shampoo with your own hands: recipes at home

В последнее время приготовленные своими руками Natural shampoos became very popular and competed with brands of well-known brands. After all, this composition does not contain chemical components, which has a beneficial effect on the hair and effectively copes with hair problems (fat, brittle, dry). In this article, effective shampoo recipes with their own hands will be presented.

Principle of preparation

В приготовлении домашнего средства для мытья head is nothing complicated. To the base (what it is, we consider below in this article) simply add useful ingredients, such as herbal decoctions, fruits or essential oils. Since the shelf life is not large, it is recommended to prepare homemade shampoos with your own hands in small portions literally, so that you have to wash your hair a couple of times. The prepared detergent is poured into the prepared container and sealed tightly, it should be infused for several hours, after which it can be applied.

Shampoo base

In special stores (soap making) or inthe pharmacy can buy a ready-made basis for detergent composition. As a rule, it has a jelly-like consistency, without color and smell, and as part of only natural ingredients.

But you can also prepare your own liquid soap for this (it is better to take the baby without additives) slightly diluted with distilled water and thoroughly shaken.

Shampoo DIY

How to make shampoo from the base?

Before you make a shampoo with your own hands, let's get acquainted with what useful supplements are best to use.

Essential oils:

  • Dry strands - rose oil, orange, rosemary.
  • Oily hair type - mint, lemon or grapefruit, almond, grape seed.
  • Normal curls - needles, tea tree, bergamot or lemon.
  • From falling out - lavender, rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus.
  • Anti-dandruff - castor or cypress oil.

Recommended decoctions of herbs:

  • For oily hair type: nettle, bay leaf, oak bark or wormwood.
  • For dry strands: chamomile, dandelion, lemon balm or plantain.
  • For normal hair: a train, sage.


  • And - contributes to the acceleration of metabolic processes and nourishes the curls.
  • C - helps to avoid brittle hair.
  • E - eliminates dandruff.
  • B - eliminates oily shine, namely, normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands.
Natural shampoo do it yourself

Step by step instructions (shampoo do-it-yourself at home):

  1. Preheat the base of the product to a warm state in a water bath, the heating temperature should not exceed 35 degrees.
  2. Then add just a few drops of essential oil, which is suitable for the type of hair.
  3. Carefully pour in 20 milligrams of herbal decoction and mix thoroughly.
  4. After the liquid has cooled, it is poured into a special container and stored in a cool place for no more than a week.

DIY shampoo recipe for normal hair type

№1.You will need bread flesh (it is better to take it from rye flour), it is poured with boiling water and infused for about three hours. Then you should beat with a mixer and you can put the finished mixture on curls.

№2. No less effective recipe shampoo do-it-yourself with banana pulp. It is crushed and mixed with beaten egg yolk, as well as with a couple of tablespoons of fresh lemon juice.

Number 3.0.5 tablespoons of gelatin is poured over 50 milligrams of hot water, stirred well and waiting for swelling (about 30 minutes). Then it is heated to a warm state on the steam bath and filtered, there is added beaten yolk of the egg and mix thoroughly.

Shampoo DIY Recipes

For fatty strands

This type of hair needs special care, so the shampoo prepared with your own hands must be deeply cleaned.

№1. In 50 milligrams of lemon juice, gently pour in a couple of tablespoons of vodka and as much almond oil. Then add the beaten egg white and mix all the ingredients well.

№2. 50 grams of ordinary peas are finely ground and filled with hot water to cover the mass. Insist means should be about a day, after which you can use.

Number 3. A couple of tablespoons of crushed pomegranate crusts is poured with half a liter of water and put on the fire, after boiling the liquid is boiled for another ten minutes.

For dry hair type

For such curls cooked shampoo with their own hands should nourish them as much as possible.

№1. 100 milligrams of base shampoo mixed with 50 ml of warm distilled water. After the mixture is stirred, a couple of tablespoons of warm olive oil is added there.

№2.250 grams of nettle, half a liter of water and 100 milligrams of vinegar are mixed in a special container. The resulting composition put on fire and boil for another twenty minutes after boiling. Strain before use.

Number 3. The selected cosmetic clay to liquid slurry diluted with water. There also add a little olive oil and thoroughly shake.

Shampoo do-it-yourself recipes at home

Recipes for strengthening hair

№1.For firming shampoo you will need: one capsule of vitamin E and D, one hundred milligrams of the finished base, three tablespoons of rosemary tincture and several drops of castor and burdock oil. All components are mixed in a prepared container, and the mixture is stored in a cool place. The finished shampoo can be used a couple of times in seven days.

№2. 50 grams of dried burdock (available at the pharmacy) are poured with half a liter of water and 0.5 cups of vinegar. Components are put on a small fire and cook about 40 minutes.

Number 3.For this recipe, you will need several types of herbs, namely burdock (root), hops (cones), calendula blossoms and birch leaves. One hundred grams of herbs (in total) is poured with a glass of light-flavored hop drink and left for about an hour, the beer is preheated.

From falling out

Especially popular is washing composition for hair based on sea buckthorn oil. But there is a nuance, in this tool it is poorly washed off from the strands.

№1. So, to prepare a remedy, in equal proportions take oil (sea buckthorn), brandy and the basis for shampoo. Apply to shampooing is recommended no more than a couple of times a week.

№2.One tablespoon of mixed cinnamon and bee nectar. Egg yolk and 10 milligrams of grape seed oil are added to the finished consistency. After washing, rinse curls with lemon water.

How to make shampoo do it yourself

For painted

This recipe helps not only to restore curls after dyeing and preserve shade, but also suitable for people with sensitive skin.

The first of the inflorescences of chamomile is donedecoction, for this, 100 grams of plants are poured with boiling water and infused for about an hour. Then, three tablespoons of glycerin and 50 milligrams of base are carefully added. After everything is well mixed, pour in some fresh lemon juice. Means it is possible to wash a head every other day, and it is stored in the cool place no more than three days.

With mustard

It is used for hair growth, but this shampoo is used with caution, as it contains a burning substance.

In the ratio of 1: 2, the finished mustard is mixed (not powder) and tea (must be firmly brewed), then one beaten chicken egg is added and everything is thoroughly mixed.

Rice shampoo

Данные состав поможет наладить кровоток, что не Little important for bulbs. 50 grams of cereal is poured with hot water (but not boiling water) so that it covers rice. It is necessary to let it brew for a couple of hours and then strain. In rice water gently injected beaten egg and mix well.

Vitamin Shampoos

№1. I grind one banana to make gruel. Three tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and one egg are added to it (it must first be whipped into a foam).

№2. Take one kiwi, lemon and orange, as well as several strawberries and chop up the slurry using a mixer. Then, carefully add one egg and a teaspoon of liquid honey.

№3.Another effective recipe is easy to prepare. For shampoo, fruits are taken in season and crushed. One hundred grams of mashed potatoes are mixed with one chicken egg and a few drops of lemon juice. And also add liquid vitamins B6 or in12 to choose from.

Yeast Shampoo

It is not recommended to use for this recipe.in dry form. Take ¼ packs of pressed yeast and carefully fray with two tablespoons of liquid honey, and then add one egg.

Coffee based

Cognac and coffee are mixed in equal proportions.finely ground, then add the egg yolk and mix everything in the prepared container. This composition is perfect for oily hair type, but is not recommended for owners of light curls, as coffee can give an undesirable shade.

Shampoo do-it-yourself recipes

Based on brandy

This shampoo with your own hands will help get rid of oily shine.

№1. For one chicken egg you need three tablespoons of brandy. The product is whipped to a creamy consistency.

№2.One hundred milligrams of brandy is taken in one tablespoon of sea salt and liquid bee honey. After all the ingredients are well mixed, the product is placed in a special container, covered with a lid and in a dark place for about five days.

Oak bark

This shampoo, created with its own hands, not only perfectly nourishes the curls, but has a regenerating property.

50 grams of bark (hercan be purchased at the pharmacy), put on fire and boil for ten minutes after boiling. When the liquid has cooled, it must be drained, a little warm up before use.


The advantages of recipes shampoos for hair with their own hands from dairy products made, is to protect against the negative effects of the fatty film that they create on the hair.

Fermented milk products are suitable for washing the strands.namely sour milk, yogurt or kefir. For forty minutes, grease the hair profusely, cover with a towel, then carefully wash them.

If kefir is used, it should be diluted slightly with warm water.

Make a do-it-yourself shampoo at home


It will help get rid of dandruff and eliminate itchy skin.

For preparation, you need the following products:

  • one yolk;
  • a couple of tablespoons of vodka;
  • three drops of rose oil and chalea.

Pre-beat up the foam yolk. Then dissolve the oil in vodka and put it all together.

Dry shampoo do it yourself

Consider a few recipes for this type of hair cleanser.

№1. 0.5 cups of oatmeal mixed with a teaspoon of sea salt.

№2. In equal proportions combine the powder (baby), baking soda and talc.

Number 3. They take 50 grams of oatmeal and finely chop, and add one tablespoon of baking soda.

№4. Two tablespoons of starch (better to take corn) will need five grams of violet root and the same amount of crushed corn grain.

Mode of application. The finished composition is applied to the curls and massaged for a couple of minutes, and get rid of the remnants with a comb.

Some tips

In order to make shampoo with your own hands at home was more productive, you should follow the not complex recommendations:

  1. Before use, the detergent must be well shaken to avoid lumps and all components are mixed.
  2. The compositions are applied with massaging movements, this action is done for about three minutes.
  3. If the recipe uses chicken eggs, the tool is recommended to be heated no higher than 35 degrees.
  4. It is best to wash off the shampoo with a decoction of herbs or diluted with lemon juice.
  5. All ingredients must be fresh.
  6. It must be remembered that homemade shampoos are not stored for a long period of time (it all depends on the ingredients), because the tool quickly loses its beneficial properties.
  7. For a uniform consistency when mixing components, it is best to use a blender.
  8. Before using the new composition, a sensitivity test is mandatory.
  9. If the shampoo contains burning substances (vodka, brandy, mustard powder) in its discomfort with a burning sensation, immediately rinse off the hair.
  10. Always remember to keep hairhealthy look helps not only medicated shampoos, but also the right care. Therefore, whenever possible, it is recommended to use heating devices and fixing devices less frequently. Dry hair is the best natural way. If a hair dryer or an iron is used during styling, the hair is treated with thermal protection to protect it from high temperatures. Important is the correct combing, careful movements from the tips are moving towards the roots.

Everyone knows that depending on the structure andhair color is selected means to care for the hair. There is a wide variety of such compositions for the head, which perform different functions, namely, help to get rid of dandruff or prevent loss and much more.

All the above recipes shampoos do it yourselfin the home are created from natural products, which has a beneficial effect on the hair. Regular use will help give your hair a healthy look and enrich them with useful substances.