/ Skin: causes. What if the skin is flaky?

Scaly skin: causes. What if the skin is flaky?

Problems with the skin can deliver a lothassle and discomfort. Scaly skin is one of the most common troubles that occur in the way of many women, and sometimes men. Having ascertained the true reasons for what is happening, you can correctly choose an effective method to eliminate this cosmetic defect.

Why does the skin peel?

It is established that dry skin is flaky more often than other types. This is due to the insufficient intake of natural moisturizers - oil substances, which are produced by the sebaceous glands.

Scaly skin on the body

Flaking flakes and a feeling of tight skin can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Improperly selected means for cosmetic care and cleansing of the face and body.
  • Allergic reaction to washing powder, laundry rinse, dishwashing detergent, cosmetics.
  • Too often taking a bath or shower.
  • Climatic conditions (high air temperature, wind, direct sunlight).
  • Overdried air in winter.
  • Bad habits.
  • Insufficient intake of liquid.
  • Effects of medication.
  • Dermatological diseases.

У мужчин тоже достаточно часто шелушится кожа на body or face. The cause of this can be alcohol abuse, smoking addiction and malnutrition. Sensitive skin type with mechanical action reacts with the appearance of redness and the formation of scales, so rubbing and the use of coarse cleaning agents is not recommended.

Peeling is a sign of illness?

Such a symptom may indicatedeveloping skin disease. One of these ailments is psoriasis, the spots in which have a pink-red hue, scaly and itch. The reasons for starting the process are currently unknown. The same sign appears seborrheic and contact dermatitis, lichen pink, lupus erythematosus, scarlet fever (infectious pathology), fungal lesions. Hereditary diseases in which flakes form on the skin are ichthyosis. The irritated surface of the dermis does not tolerate the effects of detergents (shampoo, soap, gel), and the unpleasant symptoms intensify.

With a lack of vitamins A and B2 much flakesskin in the forehead, nose and ears, may appear cracks in the lips. During menopause, many women face a change in the state of external integuments for the worse. So the body shows a lack of hormones, especially estrogen. Wrinkles, flabbiness appear, skin elasticity is lost. To find out the causes of peeling, you must seek medical help. The specialists in this field are a dermatologist, an allergist, an infectious diseases specialist, a surgeon.

The first signs of dry skin

Characteristic features of the dry skin type are:

  • Constant feeling of tight skin.
  • Matte shade.
  • Thin skin.
  • The frequent occurrence of redness.
  • Itching.
  • Peeling.
    Strongly peel off skin

If the skin of the face is dry and peels off, it is necessarycontact a beautician who will select the appropriate means for restoring water balance. This type of skin is prone to the early appearance of wrinkles, from which it is not so easy to get rid of, and rapid aging.

Dry skin (xeroderma) may be associated withmetabolic disorders in the body and diseases of the thyroid gland. The dead particles, accumulating on the surface of the epidermis, begin to peel off. Dermatitis can cause itching, so first you need to consult with a dermatologist.

In severe cases, very dry skin starts to crack, and ulcers appear. It is fraught with infection.

Flaky skin: treatment

Finding the main cause of xeroderma, you canstart to eliminate the symptoms. If the problem is insufficient moisture or rapid evaporation of moisture from the surface, it is necessary to choose cosmetics with a high content of fatty components. To the aid of medicinal drugs apply only on the recommendation of a doctor. Such funds should have hydrocortisone (0.5–2%) in the composition.

If the skin on the body peels off, it is necessary to changegel, soap. They can give such an effect in the first place. It is better to wash the face with clean water or decoction of herbs. Lotions and tonics for cleansing should not contain alcohol, which causes dryness and tightens the skin.

Proper care for dry skin

Beauticians recommend owners of the dry typeskin to take water treatments no more than 2 times a day. This will help the sebaceous glands to work properly and produce the necessary amount of natural moisturizing substances. Dry skin "loves" slightly warm or cool water, but by no means hot. After washing you need to gently blot the surface of the dermis with a soft towel. Rubbing will cause reddening and irritation of the skin.

Dry skin flakes off

После принятия душа всегда используют увлажняющее milk or cream. For very dry skin, try cocoa butter or coconut oil. Thanks to the components that they contain, the epidermis receives nutrients, minerals and vitamins. All sorts of peels, scrubs for face and body should be applied no more than 1 time per week, so as not to injure overdried skin.

What can a beautician offer?

Beauty salons offer the following procedures to eliminate dry skin:

  • Biorevitalization - is currently the most popularway to saturate the skin with moisture. With the help of various techniques (reinforcement, micropapule), hyaluronic acid is introduced, which will start the process of natural formation of collagen. The skeleton created from hyaluronka, collagen and elastin, will retain moisture and help smooth deep wrinkles.
  • Ionophoresis - if dry skin flakes off, then this method canrestore water balance and relieve discomfort. The procedure consists in treating the skin on which the preparation is applied with a low-voltage galvanic current. Active ions transmit a signal to the central nervous system, and the body begins to update.
  • Mesotherapy - is carried out at various indications:acne, dehydrated skin, wrinkles, couperosis, etc. The preparations are injected and needle-free (pulsed iontophoresis). The task of the procedure is to increase the activity of fibroblasts. These cells are responsible for the production of elastin and collagen.

Flaky skin

Salon procedures can be carried out only by specialists with an appropriate education (cosmetologists, dermatologists).

How to choose a moisturizer?

Very dry skin on face and body needsconstant and proper care with a moisturizer, lotion, milk, tonic. This will help protect the thin epidermis from the adverse effects of the environment - strong wind, cold air, ultraviolet radiation. Particular attention should be paid to the skin of the hands and face.

Oil-based remedies perfectly eliminatelack of moisture. Apply grape seed oil, almond oil, shea butter to the face. For washing it is desirable to use milk, for example, Lait Demaquillant Absolu (Vichy), Natura Siberica. The problem areas on the body where there is scaly skin can be oiled with olive oil.

Among cosmetic preparations it is better to givePreference for brands that are presented in pharmacies: Vichy (Lipidiose Nutritive), Bioderma (Atoderm). Natural components and proven action through research will help restore skin's freshness, firmness and elasticity. The disadvantage of such funds is their cost, which is significantly higher than that of those that are available in cosmetic stores. When buying a moisturizer, you need to pay attention to the incoming components. For skin, the one containing hyaluronic acid, vitamin E is better suited. The price will depend on the manufacturer and the naturalness of the ingredients. Sometimes the tool can be chosen incorrectly, so it is best to seek the advice of a professional beautician or dermatologist.

Face skin flakes: what to do at home?

At home it is quite possible to cookproducts that moisturize dry skin no worse than expensive ready-made preparations. The advantages of popular recipes include the availability of the necessary ingredients, natural origin and confidence in the naturalness of the product.

Shelled skin on the body

Most popular in home productionskin care products are masks. After the first use, the result will be visible if you take oatmeal steamed with milk (1 tbsp.) And add a spoonful of homemade cream to them. There are more options with honey, butter, fat cottage cheese (with the addition of milk).

Dry skin is suitable mask with tocopherol (vitaminE). The price of the solution in the pharmacy - 35-45 rubles. (for 20 ml). Cocoa butter (1 tbsp. L.) Must be melted in a water bath, add 1 tbsp. l liquid vitamin E and the same amount of sea buckthorn oil. Also tocopherol combines well with lanolin (1: 2). The masks are kept on the face for no more than half an hour, after which they are washed off with warm water or with the help of a wet sponge.

Scaly skin? Home cream to help!

Vitamin E Recipe

  1. Brew the pharmacy chamomile (1 tbsp. L.) With boiling water, insist and strain.
  2. Add half a teaspoon of glycerin to 2 tbsp. l chamomile decoction.
  3. Combine the mixture with camphor and castor oil (1 tsp each).
  4. Finally add 10 drops of tocopherol solution.

This cream can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Cream for very dry skin

Deep Moisturizing Recipe

  1. The pulp of medicinal aloe (2 tbsp. L.) Mixed with glycerin (0.5 tsp.).
  2. Add a few drops of olive oil.
  3. The resulting composition is diluted with any essential oil (no more than 7 drops).

Beeswax recipe

  1. Coconut oil (3 tablespoons) is mixed with pure water (3 tablespoons) and a teaspoon of almond oil.
  2. Beeswax (1 tsp.) Melted in a water bath and mixed with the previous components.
  3. Then add olive oil (2 tablespoons) and half a spoonful of borax. Ingredients must be constantly stirred during cooking.

Nutrition and Diet

Шелушащаяся кожа говорит о нехватке полезных trace elements, vitamins and fluids that enter the body primarily with food. Therefore, the diet should be as much as possible healthy foods. Vitamins E, A and B necessary for the epidermis are found in various vegetables and fruits. But from fatty meats, lard, smoked meats, canned food, fatty dairy products will have to be abandoned. Meat is generally better to eat in minimal quantities, including chicken.

Face skin flakes off what to do

If the face is dry and flaky, it may notenough vitamin A. In this case, you need to increase the number of carrots, apricots (dried apricots) and green vegetables in the daily diet. Natural vitamin E is found in nuts, liver, seeds, eggs (can cause allergies, so you should not lean on them). Hypoallergenic diet should be followed, if the cause of dryness, itching and peeling of the skin is a disease.

Prevention of dry skin of the face and body

By adhering to some tips and advice you can quickly get rid of problems with overdried skin:

  • Try to take a shower no more than 2 times a day.
  • Soap, replace the gel on a cream base.
  • Moisturizers for the body is best applied to wet, clean skin.
  • Use protective cream if scaly skin appears in winter.
  • During the heating season in the house it is necessary to humidify the air with the help of special devices.
  • On hot, sunny days, apply a cream with UV protection on the face.