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Beautiful hairstyle braid on medium hair

Girls of the present love to experiment withtheir appearance and do it absolutely in all possible directions: clothes, shoes, make-up, nail art, tattoo, extensions, hair, their keratin restoration - a lot of different services are offered today by beauty service masters. A special place is allocated to luxury and health of hair. A huge number of outgoing procedures and modeling all sorts of hairstyles give the opportunity for current women of fashion to create an image that will match their principles and taste preferences. Not the last place in this chain is the registration of all known hairstyles for medium hair - braids.

Spit as a non-decaying trend

Русская коса славится своей красотой еще со times of the Old Russian era. Beauties of that time were distinguished by an expressive attractive appearance due to their long, dense curls braided in a tight tourniquet. With the passage of time and the development of the hairdressing industry, this type of hairstyle not only has not lost its relevance, but on the contrary - it has been transformed and modernized into a magnificent strand design that fascinates the society day after day not only on the long hair of the charmers, but also on the medium length. Today, this is one of the most common hairstyles - a braid on medium hair. A photo of all possible variations, reflecting the images of both ordinary girls and well-known celebrities, serve as a direct proof of this.

Trendy hairstyles with braids

Pros of the hairstyle in the form of a braid

Why do girls like to use different kinds of weaving on their hair? There are several reasons why they choose this type of hairstyle:

  • attractive appearance - neatly and carefully braided hair looks quite noble and pretty;
  • convenience - harnessed hair is well fixed in the braid, does not interfere with wear and is quite comfortable as a hairstyle;
  • universality - deliberately carelessly builtweaving from the curls will represent a romantic image and will fit for every day, and the composition in the form of a hairstyle for medium hair with oblique braids will ideally look at the secular evening for a dress elegantly dressed on the floor, so this kind of laying can be used for different occasions;
  • no age barrier - braids in variousTheir interpretations are perfect for both kids and older girls, and very adult ladies: for example, African braids perfectly reflect the image of childish immediacy, and a mature hairstyle in the form of a thin line of weaving bangs will be good for a stately lady in age.

So, the undeniable advantages of the described type of installationconfirm its uniqueness. A huge number of variations of hairstyles with braids on medium hair provide an opportunity for the representatives of the beautiful half to choose the most suitable type for each. Which ones are most preferred?


The traditional cone fell in love with many in qualitydaily hairstyles. A braid with a bang on medium hair or without a bang on long curls - in any interpretation the cone looks neat, restrained, noble. Thanks to the basal weaving, the strands look very well-groomed, tightly tightened, draw a beautiful pattern on the back of the head. This is the main difference between the spikelet and the usual Russian spit - picking up strands into a harness at the level of the area at the roots, and not in the free dangling state. This kind of hairstyle is especially suitable for girls with highlighting or highlighting individual strands with color, because in the spikelet weaving, highlighting some of the curls in a different shade looks very unusual, original and attractive. With a spikelet, you can go to work, to study, to interviews - his restraint and tidiness favorably emphasize the girl's diligence.

French spit

Another great hairstyle for medium hair- French braid. A very fashionable and relevant solution for today is weaving as if inside out, on the other hand. The essence of this type of braid technique is that the strands are not assembled inside the base of the bundle, as is done in the classic version, but on the contrary - are woven in the outer way. Due to this, the spit looks larger and seems visually larger. Even greater airiness and volume can be achieved by pulling out the extreme strands from the tow on both sides of the braid, which visually makes it wider and fluffier. This effect looks very beautiful and gives the image of the girl romance and girlish immediacy.

Bulk French braid

Greek braid

The embodiment of femininity, grace, eleganceand refinement is an extraordinary hairstyle for medium hair - a Greek braid. Such a plan is often used for laying all kinds of ceremonial events and parties. What is she like? Often it is the strands gathered below the nape of the back, woven into a braid and framing the rounded contour of a simulated or in reality present in the hairstyle of a Greek rim. This composition is often decorated with a branch of small flowers or buds of opened roses. If the event, which was the reason for the modeling of this hairstyle, is a wedding, then the bride’s veil or a wedding wreath can be erected as the basis for the Greek design on the back of the head. In this case, the hairstyle will look very gentle, soft and subtle.

Greek braid

The reverse braid

In addition to the French and Greek weaving inrecent time actualized reverse braid. Hairstyles for medium hair at home as braids are quite easy to do without the help of a professional, but not all. The same Greek styling is not so easy to create yourself. But the back braid can be easily modeled by the skillful hands of almost any girl. What is the technique of its design? Weaving is carried out in several simple steps:

  • good combing of strands - not a single braid will work on matted, poorly combed hair;
  • lowering the head in front of you in such a way that all the occipital hair falls downward on the outside;
  • the creation of weaving, originating at the lowest point of the occipital zone;
  • modeling of the spikelet from the lowest point of the occiput area to the top down to the floor;
  • completion of weaving of boucles or gouls in the crown area.

This simple way is obtained reverse braidon medium hair. With your own hands, the hairstyle of such a plan is easy to perform, it looks quite unusual, resembles something like a lightning bolt as a spikelet with a lock on the top of the head in the form of a cone of hair.

The reverse braid

Waterfall on hair

One of the most romantic, most beloved andThe most gentle hairstyles with the presence of weaving is considered to be styling with a visualized waterfall on the hair. It is not only beneficial for its feminine appearance, but also very pleasant and comfortable to wear. What is the basis of the formation of this installation and what is the role in her braids?

Прическа на средние волосы в виде водопада begins its design with the division of strands into two zones: right and left. Each of them originates in the frontal area, where there is or there is no bang. The peculiarity of the described type of styling lies in the fact that weaving in the form of a braid, started with a bang, does not seem to end: every third strand is not woven into a common braid, as in all other types of braids, but is released in a free fall down to the common pile of loose hair . Thus, it turns out something like a simulated wreath around the head in the form of a scythe, and the residual strands visualized streams of waterfalls fall down. If desired, they can be tweaked on the curling, which will give the image an even more elegant.

Waterfall on hair

Fish tail

If we talk about beautiful hairstyles on mediumhair - a fishtail tail can be a great example. Admired by a wide range of female audience, this styling is considered the benchmark of femininity, nobility, elegance and identity. A fish tail can be created both in tight weaving and with light playful negligence, which gives the image of a girl carrying it lightness and charm. The fish tail looks very unusual with a bright satin ribbon woven into its base - this cannot but attract attention and not cause admiring glances of others.

Fish tail

Wedding braids

Very popular among the listed traditional options for weaving today enjoy wedding braids.

Wedding braids

Why do they occupy a separate niche among manykinds of all kinds of braids? Because such an event requires solemn interweaving in complex designs, the modeling of which on the head of the bride ultimately leads to a stunning effect. This hairstyle is unlikely to be able to create with their own hands a girl at home. Reinforced basal volume, air base, large lightweight curls, intertwined in complex ornate patterns in the form of flowers, shells, zigzags, all kinds of brains of braids create an ideal overall picture, suitable for the triumph. I can make the bride look more elegant with the help of various decorations. Wedding white wreaths, branches of flowers, clusters of small berries, a set of silk ribbons woven into the base, shiny tiaras or laced guipure veils all help the bride to look with a hairstyle as a braid irresistible on the main celebration of her life.