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Bezsufatnye shampoo after keratin straightening: a list, choice, reviews. Hair care after keratin straightening

Keratin straightening uses a largepopular with modern women. What could be better than perfectly smooth, flowing and shiny hair? However, after the magic of the hair, special care is needed. To the effect of glossy hair is preserved for a long time, experts recommend that they be cleaned properly. Today we will talk about such a novelty of the beauty industry, like non-sulfate shampoos after keratin straightening. The list of the most popular products will be discussed below.

These funds act on the curls very gently, notwashing out valuable keratin from them. As you know, it is this substance that restores the structure of the hair, has a therapeutic effect on them. Meanwhile, it should be noted that before daily use of styling products, non-sulfate shampoos remain powerless.

non-sulfate shampoos after keratin straightening list

Features of hair care after keratin straightening

It is very important to follow the advice of a master inthe first three days after the procedure. In these 72 hours you can not wet your hair. Taking a bath or shower, you need to protect your head with a special cap. Also you can not swim in the sea, go to the pool or sauna. It's also worth forgetting about ironing and hairdryers. You can only gently comb out.

To not leave the so-called hair on your haircreases, you should not lay curls with the help of hairpins and hairpins. Only after three days you can wash your hair. Use for this purpose is necessary without sulfate shampoos.

Why use non-sulfate shampoos

Detergents, of which there are nosulfates, allow you to gently clean the curls and scalp. Bezsulfatnye shampoos, reviews of which can be found on any hair care forum, are designed for use after keratin straightening and contain the same ingredients that were found in the hair restoration product. According to experts, the best option is when there is keratin in shampoo. Such a rich composition at times enhances the effect of the procedure.

bezulfate shampoos reviews

Most modern shampoos contain in theircomposition of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). This substance is one of the cheapest foaming agents. However, regular use of such detergents causes many problems. So, shampoos with SLS, as well as with sulfates such as ALS, SDS and SLES, can cause allergic reactions, dandruff, itching and dry scalp. These substances destroy keratin, quickly "eating" the tremendous effect of the procedure for straightening hair.

Some cosmetic brands paid attentionon this urgent problem and began to produce shampoos without sulfates. Such remedies are safer for the health of hair and scalp, and also manage pollution well.

Best non-sulfated shampoos: reviews

Which non-sulfate shampoos after keratin straightening are the most popular among women? The list of the most popular tools will be considered right now:

  • product TM Logona;
  • shampoos from Aubrey Organics;
  • Weleda;
  • Organic Shop Shampoo;
  • Natura Siberica.

Below we will dwell in more detail on each of the points.

Shampoos German brand Logona

Logona products can be purchased for 300-400 rubles (250 ml of funds).

The composition of these cosmetic products can notCalled completely natural, but it does not contain sodium coco-sulfate. As polls show, the products of this brand are very popular among connoisseurs of organic cosmetics. According to consumers, shampoos foam poorly, but still perfectly clean. Products are enriched with useful components necessary to solve various problems with hair. They fully justify the statements of the manufacturer.

which shampoo to choose

Among the disadvantages of Logona shampoos, trichologists note the presence of alcohol in the formula, which can dry out sensitive scalp a little.

Shampoos American company Aubrey Organics

So, you have a question about whichshampoo choose? The average cost of production of this company is 700 rubles per 325 ml. Expensive. But! Unlike the products of the previous brand, the composition of these products is distinguished not only by the absence of harmful sulfates for the health and beauty of hair, but also by the presence of a huge amount of valuable vegetable oils and extracts.

According to reviews of women, shampoos from AubreyOrganics are in demand due to the natural composition, which does not weigh down the hair. The products of this company do not cause irritation, itching, and allergic reactions. The consistency of caring products resembles jelly. With it, girls who love to experiment with oil masks, great wash hair.

best non-sulfate shampoos

Shampoos German brand Weleda

According to consumers, good sulfate-freeshampoos are produced by the company Weleda. Means of this company cost from 500 rubles for 190 ml. Their rich formula cares for hair after keratin straightening, nourishes them, gives smoothness and shine.

Many women note that the head after washingstays clean for a long time. Curls are light and soft. Also from the reviews it became known that after using shampoos it is necessary to apply a balm on the hair, then they will not be fluffy and porous. When women are faced with the question of which shampoo to choose, they often opt for Weleda.

Shampoos Russian company Organic Shop

The cost of shampoos domestic manufacturermakes about 150 rubles for 280 ml. Despite the budget price, they have a lot of advantages. In the composition of cosmetic products there are no aggressive substances that can wash keratin from the hair. Shampoos do not foam very well, but eliminate the pollution the first time. As women write in their reviews, after washing their hair becomes soft and shiny. Among the minuses - the curls become a little electrified and relatively quickly get dirty.

sulfate-free siberica shampoos

Sulfate-free Siberica shampoos

Российская фирма Natura Siberica также считается one of the leaders of the domestic market of natural cosmetics. The manufacturer uses extracts of useful Siberian plants for its shampoos. Sulfate-free hair cleaners do not contain harsh chemicals. They can be used every day without fear of damaging the hair. The cosmetics market offers a variety of keratin-free shampoos after shampooing. The list of the most popular means of "Natura Siberika" is in front of you:

  • shampoo for all hair types "Volume and care";
  • shampoo for sensitive scalp "Neutral";
  • shampoo for oily hair "Volume and Balance";
  • shampoo "royal berries";
  • "Northern Lights";
  • shampoo for tired and weak hair "Protection and energy", etc.

Most consumers of brand productsNatura Siberica speaks well of her. So, girls say that after washing their hair, hair grows faster, becomes more voluminous and shiny. There are also negative reviews based on individual consumer preferences. In the words of some women, Natura Siberica shampoos dry their hair a bit and have poor lather.

We reviewed the best non-sulfate shampoos.after keratin straightening. The list of these detergents is very wide, so it is not possible to list them all within the framework of our article. Therefore, we stopped at the most popular. Summing up, it is necessary to highlight their advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of sulfate-free shampoos

Thus, we have identified the best shampoos without sulfates. In favor of these hair products say their the following advantages:

  • do not cause skin irritation, dandruff, allergies;
  • do not weigh curls;
  • less than usual shampoos, wash out coloring pigments and keratin from hair;
  • make the hair smooth, removing the fluffiness.

Disadvantages of sulphate-free shampoos

Despite a number of advantages, such means for washing hair, according to consumers, still have some disadvantages:

  • they do not always wash their hair and hair well; to clean hair from styling products, you may need several washings;
  • do not treat fungal dandruff;
  • due to poor foaming properties in sulfate-free shampoos, high consumption;
  • It may take about a month to get a steady result.

what shampoo after keratin straightening

Where to buy non-sulfate shampoos?

In regular stores that sell MassMarket, it is not always possible to find shampoos for hair care after keratin straightening. The easiest way to purchase such tools is in a pharmacy, an online store and, of course, in a professional cosmetics store. Remember that when buying keratin-free shampoos after keratin straightening, the list of which we have reviewed above, it is first necessary to pay attention to the composition. On a jar of sulfate-free product must be sulfate-free.

Now you know what kind of shampoo afterkeratin straightening choose and where to buy it. With proper care, your hair will always remain beautiful, and the effect of the procedure to restore the hair will last for a long time.