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Dry shampoo Syoss: customer reviews

dry shampoo syoss reviews

Not so long ago a new product appeared on the shelves -dry shampoo Syoss. Reviews for this product also did not keep you waiting. According to consumers, this is a convenient and practical thing, ideally suited for emergency cases. Have you turned off the water or just do not have enough time to get your hair done? Will help dry shampoo Syoss, the price of which, by the way, is not high. It is ideal for trips outside the city, it is convenient for traveling.

The manufacturer has developed 2 types of shampoo: for hair weakened and thin and for those prone to fat.

The action of the agent is based on the adsorbing properties of oats and rice, which first absorb the fat and dirt accumulated on the hairline, and then they are removed.

Mode of application

So, you decided to try in the case of dry shampooSyoss. Customer feedback contains information on the need to pre-protect clothing. This must be taken into account, otherwise covered with white particles of shampoo shoulders upset you before you enjoy the result.

It would also be nice to cover the floor around - not having experience of use, at first you can spray the remedy not very accurately.

Before use, the balloon should be thoroughly shaken and spray the contents on strands from a distance of approximately 20 centimeters. In order for dirt to be absorbed by adsorbents, you need to wait a bit.

With a towel, rub the shampoo into strands and use the comb to remove the dirt and fat that has absorbed into it.

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Syoss dry shampoo: reviews for and against

Most likely, shampoo was developed forthe ability to tidy up the hairstyle when conventional means are unavailable. Therefore, those who apply it from time to time are satisfied with the result. Especially it concerns owners of light short hair. Among the advantages consumers note the affordable price and economical consumption (to bring in the proper form of long hair, enough 5-6 presses on the dispenser). At the same time, the absence of silicone in the composition, which is poorly washed, pleases in the hair, makes them heavier, and prevents the penetration of nutrients.

Negative feedback is more common. Among the shortcomings are the appearance of dandruff, the effect of an unpleasant film on the skin, and also that the hair quickly becomes soiled again and does not fit well.

Dark hair requires more thorough combing of particles, but this does not prevent brunettes from successfully using the remedy.

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On dry shampoo Syoss reviews were divided into two groups: supporters consider the tool convenient and practical, and the opponents pay great attention to shortcomings.

The hair of each person is unique in its own way.Sometimes you have to try some traditional means to find the right one. Presence of two variants of dry shampoo for different types of hair is an opportunity to choose the optimum product for yourself.

Сухой шампунь для волос Syoss – прекрасная alternative to the usual detergent for an emergency. It is not recommended to apply it every day, and if you still have to use it often, you need to restore your hair with masks or balms.