/ Shampoo for horses: why not?

Shampoo for horses: why not?

Restore badly damaged hair is very difficult. But some girls found a simpler and more unusual solution than expensive means. This is a shampoo for horses.

Fashion magazines argue that this tool has long been recognized by women around the world and many stars have long used it for their hair to withstand constant loads in the form of stilts.

Те, кто уже использовали шампунь для лошадей, argue that this is just a godsend. Hair becomes thick, grows faster, becomes strong and shiny. That styling is much better. Someone says that in this way one can be cured of the section of any degree of neglect. However, not everyone is so happy: there are also those who say that horse shampoos terribly damage the hair itself, as well as the scalp. And there is a point of view that such a shampoo is no different from ordinary human shampoos, only not very expensive and famous. As you can see, shampoo "Horsepower" for people's reviews is quite decent.

If you ask experts and experts onhair, then opinions diverge. Hairdressers say that everything depends on the hair itself: it will go or will not go to learn, just try it. But generally it is not recommended to use shampoo for horses, as it is very concentrated and can, making hair thick, without the need to weight them. And if the hair is heavy, then they will necessarily be brittle and will have a bad effect on the scalp and the bulbs themselves. But sometimes, about once a month, you can use it to strengthen it. Doctors-dermatologists have a different point of view. The skin of a person's head has a completely different structure than a horse's. Human skin performs very different functions and has an excellent pH level. And in general, no one knows how the means for caring for animals can affect a person, because shampoo for horses, its composition and properties are not tested in humans. If you have very sensitive skin, then you can easily get a rash, irritation and even serious problems with the scalp. Also such shampoos strongly dry hair, depriving them of protective hydro-lipid film, since their concentration is very high. If the properties of horse shampoo were so good for people, would not cosmeticians do the same shampoo for people? In any case, even if you decided to use it, you need to carefully monitor your condition and in case of the slightest discomfort immediately stop washing your face with this tool and go to a specialist for a consultation. The result in any case will not be instant, but be vigilant.

When washing your head with horse shampoo, adhere to the following expert recommendations:

- dilute the shampoo with water to at least soften its concentration. Proportion 1:10 will be just right. Do not pour shampoo on horses immediately on the head, and first beat to foam in the palm of your hand.

- do not use it every time you wash your hair. It is better to alternate with the usual means for hygiene.

- going to rest on the sea, where it's always hot,Do not take horse shampoo with you. Changing the climate and so negatively affect the hair, and with this stress in general, it is impossible to predict the reaction.

The composition of shampoo for horses is often natural.And it is contained in ordinary shampoos, only in a different concentration. Natural ingredients often become, if not attracted to customers, then at least reassurance. You can buy this shampoo in specialized stores at racetracks. There are also many online stores with similar products.

Выводы можно сделать следующие:if there is no particular need, it is better not to risk your own hair's health and not buy a product that is not intended for your use. But on the other hand, many girls confirm the healing and regenerative properties of these shampoos with their chic hair. The choice is yours, but you still need to be cautious.