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Lightening of the tips of the hair: how to carry out the procedure

Every woman, and it is not a secret, lovesto experiment on their appearance. She can change the style of clothes, hairstyle or the color of the hair. Moreover, experts say that at least once in their lives, each woman radically changed her hair color.

Женщина взяла в свои руки инициативу, чтобы самой design your perfect image. As a rule, she does it. Indeed, the change of color can transform beyond recognition, giving the charm of delicate softness during lightening, cold severity when dyeing hair in dark colors or bold notes when using red-red palette.

If you for some reason do not dareto change completely and change the color on the whole head to the opposite, there is an ideal way out - to lighten the tips of the hair. Today, this service is most in demand in beauty salons.

Brightening hair ends photo
Modern technologies that are used forhair dyeing, quite diverse, they help to achieve different effects. But if you want the effect on the hair to be the most gentle, you can only use brightening the ends of the hair.

Как называется эта техника?A very exotic word was invented for her - “balayazh”, although in reality it is just a kind of highlighting. When dyeing hair with this technique, the paint is applied only to individual small strands, and far from the roots. Painted curls look natural, well-groomed and natural, they do not require regular tinting.

lightening hair tips

Technique balayazh - quite simple, but veryan effective method of dyeing any hair, allowing you to refresh the image, but at the same time avoid radical changes. Lightening the tips of the hair (photos in albums in beauty salons confirm this) looks great on graded haircuts or short hair. Although many women paint such long strands in such a technique, which allows them to visit the hairdresser only a couple of times a year to renew the color.

How is this staining done?Lightening the tips of the hair is a simple procedure; it can also be done at home. But usually it is produced after all by professional hairdressers. To begin with, the hair is divided into small strands and tied with rubber bands. Then a brightening compound is applied to the tips. In this case, it is necessary to avoid getting paint on the hair in the root zone. Often, especially with elongated or semi-long haircuts, dyed tips are additionally wrapped in foil.

brightening the tips of the hair as it is called

If you need to brighten the ends of the hair onlong strands or haircuts with a clear contour, the master in this case applies a dye with a special brush or fingers. Here is the use of foil required.

When dyeing hair using the technique withperm hairdresser fine divided strands folds into a flat curl and clamps the cleat, leaving the ends of the strands loose. They are then applied clarifying composition.

A smooth transition of colored curls looks verynaturally. Despite the efforts of the master, lightening the tips of the hair on straight long strands will not look impressive. The fact is that the border between unpainted hair and their colored ends will be too clear. And no matter how hard the hairdresser tried to avoid it, one gets the impression of just regrown roots. Therefore, it is advisable to make a corrective haircut before dyeing: a ladder or a cascade. But on the wavy hair balayazh looks great.