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Dry shampoo for hair. Customer Reviews

dry hair shampoo reviews
The cosmetics market has recently appearedproducts such as dry shampoo. It should be noted that in the old days there was already a prototype of this tool. Our grandmothers used flour, starch, ground oatmeal, cocoa powder, table salt, and talc. After all, such bulk substances perfectly helped to neutralize the fat without shampoo and give the hair a proper look. The composition of modern tools also includes white clay, rice, oats, but, of course, not in a shredded form, but as an extract. Clean hair, updated hairstyle in minutes - this is the result that gives dry shampoo for hair. Reviews about it make women pay attention to the tool also because it not only removes excess fat, but also cares and strengthens hair. The fact is that dry shampoo contains:

  • menthol and mint, which relieve itching and refresh hair;
  • Panthenol - moisturizing and regenerating component;
  • triclosan, guaranteeing antibacterial protection;
  • extracts of various essential oils that provide care for the scalp and hair.

In fact, this shampoo is very practical. After all, sometimes in life there are situations where there is simply no time or opportunity to bring hair in a few minutes in order.

Dry shampoo for hair reviews received as a very simple, convenient and quick to use tool. It does not take much space in the bag, which is quite practical if you are going on a long road.

dry hair shampoo Price
Perhaps the basic rule of using shampoo -it can not be applied to wet and especially to wet hair. Shaking the bottle, it is necessary to distribute the product evenly over the entire length. Spray should be at a distance from the head (about 20 cm). Do not overdo it with shampoo. From this hairstyle will not look neater. After applying, you should massage your scalp and comb out the remaining dry hair shampoo. Customer feedback suggests that after using the product, the curls take on a neat appearance, gain volume and shine.

You should also be aware that dryshampoo is not worth it. After all, it can lead to itching and dandruff. Also, the tool, even with all its attractiveness, can not replace the washing of the head. From which it follows that you need to wash your hair at least once a week in the traditional way.

dry dove hair shampoo
There are many manufacturers whoworthy of attention. But dry hair shampoo, the reviews of which are really impressive, is Dove shampoo. It has a unique formula consisting of silk proteins and green tea extract. It instantly refreshes hair, gives an incredible amount and removes excess fat. Dry Dove hair shampoo will surprise those who decide to buy it.

So let's summarize.Dry shampoo can be said to have only virtues, if used correctly. It is a kind of "magic wand" for modern girls. Since, due to the dry shampoo, the intervals between shampooing significantly increase, it becomes possible to prolong the effect of straightening and preserve the color of dyed hair.

Dry shampoo quickly get rid of stylingmeans. For example, if you overdo it with wax, then dry hair shampoo will help to remove it. The price of such a tool is also pleasantly surprised. It can begin on average from 100 rubles.