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Meaning of monkey tattoos

In ancient times, people made tattoos toto convey to the people around them important information about themselves: to which tribe they belong, what position they occupy in society. In some European cultures in the Middle Ages, the figure on the body, on the contrary, was considered impermissible.

Tattoos in our days

Currently, millions of people around the worldstuff themselves with tattoos. For some, this is a way of self-expression, because their body is "canvas", on which you can create whole pictures. Someone does a tattoo that carries a hidden meaning, understandable only to one person. It can be intricate images of different objects, figures or hieroglyphics.

Where to fill the tattoo

To fill a tattoo now does not make anyproblems: tattoo parlors are on almost every corner, and some masters sell their services at the lowest prices, promising a quick result. After the light saw an electric tattoo machine, the opportunity to decorate your body became even more accessible.

The process of creating a tattoo is quite uncomfortable, if not to say - painful. However, few people stop it.

As a rule, a tattoo is a deliberate step,which a person commits either in adulthood, or fully aware of the importance of the drawing. Symbols, hieroglyphs and images used as tattoos, carry a deep meaning and influence the fate of a person.

A monkey tattoo. Value

Monkey Tattoo

Monkey tattoos are a fairly rare image,which people choose as a tattoo. This is explained by the fact that the manner and style of the executed drawing of the animal determines the meaning of the tattoo and its influence on the further life of the person. In addition, the different interpretations are due to a multitude of religions and cultures that have their own, sometimes contradictory, opinion on this matter.

For example, in the West, a monkey's tattoo symbolizessin, deceit, cunning, deceit. In contrast, the eastern peoples firmly believe that the monkey is a symbol of wisdom, caution and good memory. The same opinion was shared by the ancient Egyptians.

tattoo monkey meaning

The most negative attitude towards monkey tattoos arefollowers of Christianity. In their opinion, the animal absorbed all the worst qualities of man: vanity, lust, stinginess, arrogance, deceit, laziness. For them, the monkey is the most vivid example of the loss of spiritual and moral qualities.

The people of Tibet regard the monkey with respect,arguing that it is the ancestor of man. In Japan there is an opinion that the animal protects children. Hence the image of three monkeys representing wisdom and caution is known.

The Mayan view of the monkey tattoes diverged. Someone considered this animal sacred, worshiping it. Someone saw in him the embodiment of deceit, treachery and evil.

Often, people when creating a tattoo with a monkey make images caricatured, while exposing all the ironic and negative qualities.

Monkey Tattoo. A photo

Monkey Tattoo Photo

It can be concluded that there is no unambiguous interpretation of monkey tattoos. It all depends on the style of the image, the skill of the performance, the composition and appearance of the animal.