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George the Victorious tattoo is a bold choice

Tattoos are a real art, and it's difficultto argue. Nowadays, art painting is gaining popularity. A lot of sketches, drawings, colors and shades are filled by salons, and even more willing to fill yourself with the image you like.

Reasons for popularity

Why is this art so popular today? There are several reasons for this:

  1. First of all, it is a way of manifesting an individuality. Creating an unusual pattern, which is applied to the body, gives each person a special individuality and uniqueness.
  2. The second reason is a way of expressing something. Often, they fill a tattoo for the sake of a loved one or to show the society something. Sometimes a person needs this for self-expression.
  3. It is beautiful. It is difficult to deny that a qualitatively made drawing on the body is a real creation, a fascinating sight.

However, the desire to fill a tattoo is a very responsible decision, which must be approached with the mind.

Tattoo "George the Victorious"

tattoo georgian victorious photo

Let's study the meaning of this art onan example of the famous tattoo of St. George the Victorious. Each image or hieroglyph has its own meaning, and before you type the chosen drawing, it would be nice to study its symbolism.

Tatu George the Victorious (photo above) hasdouble meaning: on the one hand - religious, with another - patriotic. Such drawings were made to stuff people who literally felt skin protection. Of course, in Christianity it is considered a sin to put the tattoo of St. George on the body. But very few people pay attention to this.

Therefore, the main task of this tattoois the protection of its carrier. Be careful - these patterns should not be applied to intimate areas. Tattoo of George the Victorious is best applied to large areas of the body - chest, back, arms.

Is it worth doing a tattoo?

tattoo of the victorious George

Before hurrying into the salon and choosing sketches, it is worth considering some aspects of this art.

  • Although this is obvious, but to remind once again notwill be in vain, the tattoo is forever. Of course, today there are methods for removing drawings from the skin, but this is very long and not always the most effective. Therefore, deciding to fill a tattoo, do not forget - you have to go through the chosen drawing all your life.
  • To make your drawing always look bright andAttractive, followed by regular care. Especially it concerns large drawings (as exemplified by the tattoo of St. George the Victorious). Basically, this is to update the drawing after a certain period, when the image colors fade and require a new fill.
  • Pay attention to your health, the levelpain threshold and the presence of birthmarks or moles. Before drawing the picture, you should contact the dermatologist and make sure that the tattoo can be applied to the skin.

Now you know much more about this art. And whether to join him - it's up to you!