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Laminating at home: using gelatin for hair

Роскошные, густые и блестящие волосы - это feminine and beautiful. In search of a unique drug, women of the whole world spend fabulous funds, driven by the desire to achieve the perfect result once and for all. Such searches only benefit the beauty industry, which every year pampers us with a new “magic bullet”. One of the relative novelties, which, however, has a very positive effect on the condition of the hair, is lamination. Treated with a special chemical composition, the hair splits less, acquires an incredible shine and smoothness. The fact is that the product “wears” hair into a capsular film, which protects it from the traumatic effect without disrupting the breathing process. The film eliminates the roughness of the hair and "solders" split ends. Significant disadvantages of such lamination: the high cost (from 1600 rubles) and the short duration of the effect (not more than a month).

However, not many people know that the salon procedurecan be carried out at home, not only without loss of quality and with substantial savings, but also with natural components available to every hostess. Of the available tools will need about 50 ml of hot water, plastic wrap, towel and ... food gelatin. For hair prone to dryness, stocking up as a nourishing conditioner or mask.

Why precisely gelatin?

Before you start making miracle products, you need to understand what is so good gelatin for hair and why it has become so widely popular as an analogue of the expensive procedure?

Gelatin is a product of animal origin.At the heart of it (at least 80%), the notorious protein is collagen, which is part of hair, skin and nails, the loss of which threatens hair with brittleness, dull color and slow growth. In addition, gelatin contains phosphorus, sulfur and calcium, which also have a positive effect on the beauty and health of the curls.

Making gelatin mask and application procedure

Lamination gelatin at home,except for the composition, the differences from the salon practically has not. To the gelatin dissolved in water, add a mask (for dry hair) or a balm (for normal hair) and mix the resulting mass thoroughly to a consistency of sour cream. When the gelatin mask is ready, the hair should be washed in the usual way, preferably using an air conditioner. Then apply pre-cooked gelatin for hair, having dried them a little with a towel. The maximum effect of the resulting mask is achieved when it is heated. It is possible to achieve a high temperature and a “steam room effect” by creating a construction of plastic film and a towel on your head. For those who like it hotter - to heat the hair with a hair dryer over the towel for no more than 10-15 minutes. After 40-45 minutes, the mask should be washed off, for which it is quite enough to rinse the hair with cool water. Wet hair allowed to dry naturally. The result will exceed all expectations: impeccably smooth and shiny, hair to hair, curls changed their appearance.

Why pay more?

Итак, судя по процедуре нанесения средства и the effect obtained, we can safely say that home lamination of hair with gelatin does not differ from the expensive salon analog. Using hair gelatin is not only cheap, affordable and effective, it is also incredibly eco-friendly. The composition of salon lamination products for the uninitiated often remains a mystery, while gelatin is absolutely transparent in terms of ingredients. In addition, the monthly maintenance of the effect of lamination in the cabin will cost a pretty penny, while the use of gelatin for hair does not hit the pocket.

To paraphrase a well-known advertising slogan: "Why give more money for an identical effect?"