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Tattoos-polka tattoo - a real tattoo-provocation

Tattoos trash polka - this is a real protest,provocation and absurdity. And I must say, these words are able to convey only part of the emotions that this art calls. Aggressive, bold and unrealistically qualitative direction in the sphere of tattoo. Not surprisingly, this art has managed to win such popularity.

tatu thrash polka

Style to taste

It should be noted that the trash-polka tattoodoes not fit all people. This is a style for personalities with a special taste. They like calling and careless clothes, indistinct music, bright and abstract pictures. Even if it is not, then all of the above is also called trash. The homeland of this direction in the art of tattooing is West Germany. It was there that a married couple of masters began to work for the first time in this style. And they managed to create high-quality visual equipment. The object of the drawing was chosen portraits, faces, things with small details. So that the trash-polka tattoo is not enough for all masters. This requires a lot of experience and skills of this artist.

The main step in this direction is provocation. It does not matter whether the sketch storyline is unambiguous or not - to perform such work, you need a masterful level of performance.

trash polka tattoo photo


The trash-polka tattoo has a lot of distinctivefeatures. Anyone who understands this topic is able to learn the work done in this style. In general, the trash polka tattoo has incredibly powerful energy. That is why such work attracts the eye and fascinates. This style is the absolute opposite of glamor.

In order to understand some of the features of thisstyle, you should refer to its name. It combines two words. And this explains the attachment of the creators of the direction to German and Gypsy folklore. This style includes a variety of realistic stories, interwoven with graphic and geometric elements. In the traditional design, red and black colors are used. All this forms a very expensive, colorful, beautiful and fascinating drawing. The advantage of this style is that this type of tattoo will look great on almost any part of the body.

trash polka tattoo sketches


Many masters take as the basisgenerally accepted traditions of performance and supplement it with something different, original. Some supplement it with different color solutions and unusual elements. Strictly speaking, much more about this style can say the image, not words. In order to fully understand what this style is, you can study visually the topic concerning the direction of thrash polka. Tattoos-sketches, I must say, are very complex in their performance. And this is understandable, because we are talking about art. Perhaps, one of the most difficult in terms of performance is the style of thrash polka. Tattoos, photos of which show us a variety of options, clearly can prove it. The master needs to embody the smallest details on the body and do it qualitatively. If the expert is experienced, the result will surpass all expectations. Such a tattoo will look no worse than a picture of a famous artist. Looking at the pictures, you can understand this.